Top 5 Online and Offline PDF Editing Solutions (Free Included)

May it be at work, in academe, or casual situations, we desire promptness in accomplishing PDF tasks. Nothing beats acquiring a PDF editor that brings all helpful functions on just a single shelf. Thus, arriving at a one-stop PDF solution plays an essential part in our efficiency. In this article, we will tour you to our top 5 picks for PDF editors that you will regret not learning beforehand.


UPDF allows altering text and images, annotating, and managing PDF pages through its desktop application. While it is free of charge, it does not take away your personal information aside from your email address.

Currently, UPDF is yet to be accessed via the web. However, this can still be used to view PDF documents online. This so-called “free premium” PDF editor can run on operating systems such as Windows, iOS, and Mac and Android devices. The features present in Android are different from the desktop version.

UPDF is a totally 100% free PDF editor. It means you get exactly all of its available PDF tools without any charge. Hence, you are enjoying its premium-like features while not shelving even a single centavo.


  • Free to use
  • Inviting and easy-to-deal user interface
  • Operational without internet connectivity (but make sure it is connected upon registering and activating the software)


  • It is important to keep a backup of your PDF documents as they are stored on the local disk. When the local disk fails, it may permanently lose them.

2. iLovePDF


The first on our list is the iLovePDF converter which is equipped with a large array of PDF editing tools. Apart from changing file formats to your preference, this enables you to split, combine, and manage pdf escape. What makes this ideal to use is its simple appearance which is a no-brainer to understand and navigate.

What makes iLovePDF worthy of a try is that it is accessible in any following eligible browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Explorer +10, and Safari. If you desire unlimited document processing, the ability to work on your PDFs on mobile and desktop computers, and much-needed after-sales service, subscribing to their premium plan can benefit you with the said features for an annual price of $48.


  • Tools are accessible through mobile and desktop applications via paid subscription
  • Prevents unauthorized access to your documents by automatically deleting them after two hours
  • Web-version does not require a massive memory space on your device; just the recommended browser can suffice


  • Irreversible removal of documents
  • A limited number of documents can be processed on the free version

3. SmallPDF


SmallPDF provides free access to its 21 PDF tools which enclose the most common navigation tools for PDF alterations. It covers typical activities on PDF documents like converting them to Word, Excel, or Powerpoint file formats. This PDF editor could steal the best free editor award if you can settle with its basic functions limited by its free version.

On October 1, 2024, SmallPDF halted its compatibility with Mac devices. It remains accessible on Android, Windows, and other iOS devices. For their premium access pass which values at $108 per year (technically at $9 per month), it attains you a conversion of scanned PDFs to Word as well as the seal protection on your digital signatures which guarantees fraud protection.


  • Enables free use of the mobile and desktop version
  • Ability to store files through the premium plan
  • Performs within Android, Windows, and iOS devices
  • Automated document removal after an hour for your privacy


  • Only one free document can be processed per day
  • Lesser time allowance before the automatic elimination of documents
  • Irrevocable deletion of files
  • Tops the most expensive PDF editor subscription cost

4. PDF24 Creator



Called the “Swiss knives for PDFs” among the rest of the online editors with its large selection of tools, this can fuse multiple PDFs into a single file, integrate a watermark or stamp on a PDF file, as well as encrypt and decrypt documents and signing them, and many more features. What makes this interesting is it helps you create PDF files out of a physical document using your smartphone camera.

PDF24 Creator can be accessed offline by downloading the desktop application through their website. Currently, this software only functions on Windows computers.

The good news is access to tools is completely free of charge.


  • Can be accessed without any subscription costs
  • Unlimited document processing without a paid subscription
  • Straightforward appearance with tools displayed on tiles
  • A desktop version is available that can be utilized offline


  1. Has an outdated and a pale interface design

5. PDF Candy


PDF Candy is a flexible editor that is jam packed with 47 tools needed to alter your documents. It puts more weight on converting PDF files into a specific file format of your choice and vice-versa. Moreover, business owners can benefit the most as PDF Candy can simultaneously endure converting large and numerous files.

If you want to work with PDF Candy offline, a desktop version supports several Windows operating system versions with a minimum of 1.33 GHz Intel or AMD processor. At least 1GB of RAM (random access memory) is encouraged for a better user experience.

Since PDF Candy permits one document for every 46 minutes on its free version, a lifetime of complete access to its desktop and web platform rings up at $99.


  • Modern menu design that is easy to comprehend
  • Quick document processing
  • Multiple file formats to choose from for PDF conversion


  • Only one document for every 46 minutes can be rendered on its free version
  • Not available for iOS and Mac devices

With guaranteed security and a no-sweat-to-read nature of PDFs, they have emerged as the most preferred document format by most corporations nowadays. We all strive to compete with the popularity of PDFs by taking advantage of their editors available online. With this top 5 list of online PDF editors, we hope we sustain you with the salient information for your future PDF tasks.