How Far in Advance Should You Plan an International Move

Going somewhere new always brings up many feelings, and depending on whether we are going on a holiday or are planning to move permanently, these feelings can vary. Moving to a new country and even to a new city is never easy, as there are plenty of things to consider, plan in advance, and research, and even when we think we have done it all and are fully prepared, somehow there is always something we will miss, but that’s just how things work.

On the other hand, going somewhere entirely new also brings that special feeling to our stomach, and the excitement is on the highest level, especially when we are moving to some country and place that really has plenty of things to offer.

What to do before planning an international move?


First of all, before booking a flight, make sure you have canceled all the subscriptions, cancel the old and add a new address for the mail, and, most importantly, that your finances are dealt with as no one wants to go into debt just because they forgot about the mortgage payment or some other bill or monthly fee.

Now, with this covered, we can dedicate our attention to other significant aspects of the international move, like checking whether the passport has expired or not is also a must. Also, it’s well-advised to make a copy of all of the important documentation, as you can never know when you will need some piece of paper.

That’s because since you are not in your home country, depending on the laws and procedures, obtaining those documents can take some time, or, worst-case scenario, you will have to go back to your country and get it in person.

Another thing that people often forget about is that they need to do much-needed research on the country they plan to move to and whether Visa is required or not. Moving abroad is a huge decision, and once you make it, you will want to organize everything and finish it without too much stress.

When it comes to international move planning, everyone wants to know how far in advance it is necessary to start it and how long does it take. Well, it is a question that is pretty difficult to answer because it depends on many factors, so we will mention some of them in the text below.

Collecting the necessary documents


We are all aware that it is not possible just to pack the necessary things and move to a foreign country without any document. Because of that, we need to take enough time to collect all of them to avoid getting back, or even worse, having legal problems in the new country.

You probably have an ID card, driving license, and health card with you all the time, but you will need much more documents if you want to move. As we already mentioned, the passport is a must, as it is not possible to apply for a visa or travel abroad without a valid passport, so make sure that its expiration date is not in the next three months, or, for some countries, six.

Besides that, it is always good to have all the medical records, insurance documents, drafts from a bank, birth certificate, and marriage one for those who are married. Keep in mind that none of these documents should be older than six months, and make a copy of all of them and notarize, so the originals can be kept in a safe place.

All these documents are necessary for the visa application, but make sure to have copies to bring them to the new home. All of this is on this list as procedures for getting new documents can take some time, so make sure to set aside a week or two in case you need to get some new documents.

Check your health


Going regularly to your medical appointments is a must, and this is even more emphasized before embarking on your journey. Depending on whether someone is suffering from some condition, they need to get enough medicine until they are able to get it in that new country.

Now some may ask why this influences the time needed for planning an international move? Well, getting prescriptions and doing all the checkups can also take some time.

The amount of stuff


It is pretty obvious, but we need to mention that the more stuff we have and plan to bring with us, the more the whole move will last. The reason for that is simple, and first of all, it is necessary to categorize all the items and find the best possible way to get them to the new place.

It can be a pretty difficult job, and it can take a lot of time because it is most likely that some of the stuff needs to be carefully transported because they are too delicate for regular transport. Sometimes it will not be possible to move all the things in one day, so make sure to pack them in time.

It can be pretty stressful to do it on your own, so probably the best solution is to hire professionals that will pack everything properly and transport it in the shorter possible time. In that way, you will be sure that all the items are safe and packed in the best possible way, so nothing will break and get to the final destination damaged.

If you do not know who to hire and where to find reliable movers, visit and arrange everything with them, so you can take time and finish other necessary things without worrying about packing at all.

Have a job, or looking for one?

Furthermore, even though most people move because of some great career opportunity, in case you don’t have a job, make sure to schedule several job interviews, just to make things easier, once you get there. Also, if there is some job opening for which you feel like the best person, it’s good to have all those things mentioned above dealt with in time so that you can act promptly.