Top 5 Platforms for Learning Drums

If you are a beginner searching for different ways to learn drums online, you have come to the right place. Learning to play drums online can be challenging, so I created a list to help you along the way. Keep reading below to uncover the top 5 platforms for learning drums.



It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to drumming or an intermediate drummer because Drumeo has a way of helping you make progress. However, I recommend this platform mainly for beginners since it will be most helpful for people just starting. Jared Falk is an awesome teacher.

He does an excellent job of passing knowledge to new drummers. In addition, he is excellent at learning students how to play basic patterns, and his teachings are easily understandable. The interesting thing is they like to call their platform the “world’s largest collection of free drum lesson videos.”

We won’t dispute that, but they offer everything from premium-quality lessons and performances to challenges featuring some of the most legendary drummers and popular social media drumming stars. They even offer a great course perfect for drummers looking for personal instructions.

It is called the Drumeo Edge course and costs 240 dollars yearly. All students will be granted hundreds of lessons, courses, and weekly lessons. Overall, the course reviews are positive. Students claim it helped them enormously to progress and advance in drumming.

If you need additional info about Drumeo, be sure to check this link.

Drum Channel

Drum Channel is founded by Don Lombardi. In addition, Don Lombardi founded Drum Workshop in 1972, and Drum Channel’s interviews, educational content, live performances, and YouTube home offers lessons.

He managed to feature drummers such as Mick Fleetwood, Sheila E, and Neil Peart. Drum Channel offers a premium lesson library with great resources to help you along the way. You can learn all the fundamentals there and even do some advanced techniques.

Their premium lesson library starts at 10 dollars per month for a yearly subscription billed annually. All members have access to 12 musician courses and more than hundreds of lessons.

Overall, a great platform to cover all the necessary fundamentals of drumming. One of the courses is featured by Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I wouldn’t miss a chance to learn from such a big name. Johnston)

Source: is an excellent resource for learning how to play drums online. Mike Johnston is the owner of, and he is a Sacramento-based drummer, clinician, and teacher.

His YouTube channel offers some great free content. You can watch everything from demonstrating rudimental warmups to explaining how to play drum grooves. If you are confused about where to start, then mikeslessons is a go-to place.

There is an awesome drum lesson named “A Killer Fill That Anyone Can Do!” and I advise you to start from there. In addition, Mike has an awesome website that offers many premium lessons across 6 courses.

These courses cover everything from techniques and rudiments to hand and foot speed, fills, grooves, and limb independence. His subscriptions start at 29.99 dollars per month. However, you can purchase a six-month subscription that costs 149.95 dollars or a full-year subscription that is even cheaper and totals 269.90 dollars.

Mike Johnston has helped many new drummers find their way in the industry, and maybe you should be another drummer that advanced on his behalf too.

Drum Ambition


Drum Ambition was initially designed to be the best resource for beginner drummers. The whole curriculum is carefully constructed and is solely based on 20 years of teaching drum students. The curriculum has an emphasis on fun but also has a structure and attainable goals.

The program has more than 70 videos that feature on-screen music notation, full support, and downloadable sheet music. On their official website’s homepage, you can find a link leading you to 45 minutes of free content. You can check that; it is meant to give you a sneak peek into their paid program.

Subscriptions start at 19 dollars per month, and you have unlimited access to all 3 modules. The previously mentioned plan is called Solo Plan. However, if you want a more personalized experience, you can purchase the Pro Plan, which costs 29 dollars per month.

You will gain a once-monthly video check-in. In addition, an option is to choose an annual subscription for 199 dollars. Lastly, there aren’t any contracts; you can manage everything online and cancel anytime.

Source: is another excellent choice for total beginners. In addition, it is a free collection of over 500 video and sheet music lessons, so there isn’t a chance you will find something that won’t help you. Their free collection has to offer something for drummers of any level.

Even though the website is a little old-fashioned and difficult to browse, it’s still worth your time. You will find many lessons in PDF format, and they even have a YouTube channel if you fancy the videos more.

If you fancy their website more, immediately head over to their blog section and then choose the category “drum lessons.” Some topics they cover and have awesome content are drum fills, drum beats, song parts, rudiments, practice pads, etc.

However, there is much more than that; everything is explained in plain language so everyone can understand. They even have an option for online drum lessons with’s Steve Ley, who is great at teaching. Lessons are exclusively one-on-one and are held via Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime.

Pricing-wise, you can choose to pay 25 dollars (prepaid for 4 lessons) or 29 dollars(paid weekly). To schedule a lesson or ask them any question, send them an email which is to be found on the online drum lessons page.


There are many great platforms for learning drums.

Some are paid, and some are free, but the teacher’s ability to pass you the knowledge is the main difference.

The best platforms to learn playing drums online are:

  • Drumeo
  • Drum channel
  • com(Mike Johnston)
  • Drum Ambition
  • com

Let us know in the comments below your favorite platforms for learning drums.