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Love Playing Pokies? Here’s Why Reading Their Reviews is a Must!

Looking to play a new pokie game? Well, our first word of advice is to be sure to check out the reviews first, to see whether it’s worth splashing out some cash to play. Each game is different – so you need to be prepped with the right information to guarantee a fun time.

Discover the type of game

Not all online slots are made equal. From classic three reel slot machines to progressive slots, there are plenty to choose from. An in-depth review will tell you everything you need to know about the type of game and how it’s played. Not only that, you can gauge an idea of what to expect, without the commitment to having registered or depositing.

Reels, rows, and pay lines differ from game to game


Reels, rows, and pay lines change from game to game. While some people prefer the sleek, basic style of a three reel slot, others get a kick out of the dropping into place of more reels. Rows, on the other hand, refers to how many lines are displayed on the screen across all of the reels. Typically, this is three rows, although there are some instances where more rows are visible.

Paylines are the line configurations that win for each spin and can cover multiple rows and reels. For each game, opening up more paylines will increase a player’s chances of winning, but it’s good to keep in mind that it also costs more for each spin. Lower value games will give you the opportunity to play more across more paylines – even though your winnings may be more humble. But if you’re in it for the game – this variation should suit you just fine!

Learn about the features and how they work

Features are a huge drawcard for online pokies. They’re what breaks up a simple spin and win game. Features are usually triggered by combinations of special symbols appearing on the slots and will usually launch into an interesting video play and some killer sound effects.

Some features have their own special reels and ways to win, whereas others simply get you automatic free spins on the game. Some involve a ‘player’s pick’ where you can choose a certain type of game or path to go down.

When you’re reading reviews of a game, make sure to dig into the details of the feature to see what you’re able to win. And of course, if you feel that the review you’ve found doesn’t cover this in as much detail as desired, look for a better, more thorough overview.

With some games, the feature or features are more exciting just from a visual standpoint, rather than a way to really win more. By examining the fine print, you’ll see if you’re able to significantly influence your winnings or just see some cool special effects.

Find out the pros and cons of the game


Many only games comes with their own unique theme and mascot. It’s all about its story-telling charm. Some players may find this endearing, others, not so much. So, if you’re the type of player who hates long spinning reels or never-ending movie-style animations, here’s another reason you should skim through a review.

The reviewer will usually highlight any quirks of the game that may annoy some players – or delight others! While some people love to play the same style of games again and again, others will revel in the novelty of a new theme, type of game, animation style, or set of cascading features.

Potentially grab a bonus from the site


If you’re playing online and looking at a review site, chances are that the site itself is an affiliate partner of the casino where the game is located. Many of these review sites will offer sweeteners to play at that casino, based solely on you going through their website. What this means is that if you’re bonus hunting, you might benefit from looking at a number of different review sites in order to find the best deal.

But… if you’re feeling lazy and don’t consider yourself much of a bookworm, or simply aren’t in the mood to read through an entire game review, fear not, because AustralianCasinoClub has got you covered! Listing a myriad of different online games – all of which have been tried and tested by avid online gamblers – you know you’re searching at the right place…

Find out where you can play the game


While this isn’t covered in all pokie reviews, some will give an indication of where you can play the actual game. Since games are very often licensed to more than one provider, you’ll have the choice to shop around. Different providers might have different sign up or play bonuses which could convince you to jump on over to them instead of a competitor.

Review sites may also point you in the direction of free-to-play game sites for the given game. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to spin up a storm before you put down any money. This gives you a chance to explore the game and get a feel for it before you play with real money. If you’re risk adverse, this is a great way to check out whether you love the game before you dedicate actual dosh to it.

Concluding Thoughts

As with many things in life, doing some research is always a good idea. And yes, surprisingly, this applies to playing pokies too. Sure, you might have signed up to the casino for the fun of it and memorable gameplay – and not to win real money. Still, looking up reviews and gathering thoughts and opinions based on other people’s experiences won’t hurt.

It’d also be useful to go through a handful of reviews rather than just sticking to one – no matter how well-written or detailed it is. This will ensure you’ve gained a more comprehensive idea of the game in its entirety and will allow you to make a well-informed decision before playing.

Remember, there may be conflicting ideas about it, so it’s entirely up to you to decide which review to trust – if at all, or whether you’d rather look up another, more popular game with rave reviews. After all, the last thing you want to do is realize that the game you’ve chosen hasn’t lived up to the hype, and most importantly, your own expectations.