Top 5 Most Popular Small Receptionist Desks in 2024

They say first impressions matter the most, and that first impression is usually formed in less than seven seconds. Now, when people walk into your business, the reception area is the first thing they typically see. The reception desk is the centerpiece of your customer receiving and waiting area.

For this reason, you definitely want to pay extra for the kind of desk you buy or make. The right one will definitely positively influence your visitors’ opinions about your business at first glance.

But it is not just about your customers. You also want to make sure the small reception desk you pick is functional and comfortable for the receptionists, who are the first people to interact with your clients and visitors. So, are you furnishing your new reception area? Planning to revamp your reception with a new small receptionist desk and furniture? You definitely want to go for something stylish that still retains functionality.

Read on as we explore the five most popular types of small receptionist desks:

The L-Shaped Desk


These one are among the most common types in offices and business premises today. And that’s because they add a modern style to any room while also increasing usable space. They also fit a variety of office types, from very formal to not-so-formal.

That said, not all L-shaped desks are crafted the same. There are a variety of styles within this category for you to choose from. The first and most popular is the standard L-shape. This style features a longer straight section and a shorter curved section, making the shape of the letter L. It works well in smaller reception spaces than most other shapes, which makes it ideal for businesses looking to optimize limited rooms.

Aside from the standard L-shape, you can also find the curved L-shape and the reverse L-shape. The former features a curved shape and is not only elegant but adds a welcoming feel to your reception area. The latter is similar to the standard L-shaped but with the curved section being longer than the straight section. It creates a more open feel, which makes it ideal for larger spaces.

Desk with Drawers


A small receptionist desk with drawers can make for the perfect receptionist desk for your business. This type can take any shape, from round, to L-shaped. However, it usually features storage space in the form of drawers to store files, office supplies, and even the receptionist’s personal items.

The best thing about choosing a small receptionist desk with drawers is you get to free up the countertop space. And this gives you plenty of space to do other things. For instance, add pieces of décor to complement your premise’s theme, signage to direct visitors or even company advertisements.

Alternatively, leave this extra space tidy and clutter-free, to give your office a touch of elegance. Whatever the case, desks with drawers are super functional, and since the drawers are usually concealed on the inside, they don’t take up much space or affect the design of your office.

Round Desk


Want a unique, fun reception area? You might want to consider acquiring a round desk, another popular choice among clients.

Smaller than traditional receptionist desks, the round one is an ideal option if you have limited space in your office. It is also preferred due to its extra storage space, as you can fit more built-in drawers and shelves. As such, you can comfortably store all of your reception items, including stationary, keys, cards, and so on.

Now, the round design is already great on its own, but top it off with excellent craftsmanship, and you will have a breathtaking reception area. A round design is also more functional because it allows you to position your receptionist’s chair at the center. This makes it possible to access various points of your reception area with ease, making customer service work more straightforward.

U-Shaped Desk


If you are looking for a reception desk with easy-to-access pedestal drawers and a streamlined design, a U-shaped one might just be for you.

Also known as a wrap-around desk, a U-shaped one is perfect for corporate and small-business reception areas. It offers sufficient storage and surface area to enable you to create a well-organized and efficient reception.

U-shaped desks come in laminate and wood designs and often feature a pedestal or a storage cabinet. They also allow you to sit comfortably at the center of the reception area, putting all supplies, such as equipment and papers, within arm’s reach. These ones are also tech-friendly, featuring a ventilated section for your CPU tower.

To get the most out of your U-shaped desk, you need to have enough space in your office. This type has a large footprint, so you want to take measurements of your space before purchasing one.

Linear Desk


If your aim is to leave a lasting impression on your guests, a linear reception desk is a stylish and stand-out reception desk that can give your customer service bay character and appeal. Linear desks come in all sizes and designs, including contemporary finishes featuring a combination of clean lines and sharp angles. They have a spacious surface, offering plenty of room for all your reception supplies.

To ensure you get value for your money, you need to go for a linear desk made out of only the best quality materials. Take a closer look at the designers to ensure that you are getting your product from talented craftspeople.

Depending on your needs, you can choose a desk with cabinets or cable ducts. Moreover, you can opt between different laminate finishes for the front and top panels as well as various choices for the shelves.

Pick the Perfect Receptionist Desk for Your Small Business


Are you in the market for a receptionist desk but have trouble determining the right one? By understanding the different types of reception desks and comparing them to your needs, you can identify the ideal piece of furniture for your office space. While there are many options, these five desks are an excellent place to start.