5 Best Pre Workout Supplement Options for Vegans

Now is the time of year when most people start going to the gym and doing different types of workouts. The reason is very simple. Summer is getting closer and everyone wants to look great on the beach during all the warm months that await us. Also, after a long period when gyms and all training centers were closed due to the pandemic, the situation is slowly improving and sports facilities are reopening. So now you think about things that can help you get back in shape. If you have tried to Google, you are certainly overwhelmed by the amount of supplements that exist.

But we can tell you that most of them are useless. One of the few that really has benefits for your performance are pre-workout supplements. They are equally useful for beginners and for those who have been training regularly for years. The choice on the market is great, but if you are vegan, you are wondering which one is the right choice for you. Of course, you don’t want to ingest something of animal origin and the like. That’s why we’ve made a list of the best pre-workout supplement options for vegans, and we’ll also tell you a thing or two about that type of supplement in general.

What exactly is that?


It is a supplement, which, as its name suggests, is taken before a workout. Its role is to increases your energy, strength and concentration during training, and also give you an additional so-called pump, which is a visible increase in muscle size. Don’t expect to become a Hulk after you take it, but it will definitely help you do a rep or two more than usual or lift a little more weight. And both are very important for progress.

The most important ingredients

We’ll tell you a few of the most essential ingredients for pre-workout supplements, and what’s positive is that they’re all vegan-friendly. However, there are certain ingredients such as gelatin, which are sometimes used in the production of these products and then that particular supplement is unsuitable for vegans. So just make sure there is nothing of animal origin before buying.


Caffeine is something we definitely take in when we drink coffee and most of us need it every day to function normally. In order not to burden the stomach with too much coffee drunk daily, coffee is found in pre-workout supplements. It will allow you to overcome fatigue and be maximally focused on the workout.



Creatine also exists as a separate supplement and is often part of pre-workout supplements. It is a chemical compound that your body produces and serves to produce and transfer energy. When you take it, it increases your strength and is completely healthy.


It is an amino acid, which is also produced by your body, but it is certainly desirable to consume it in addition. It primarily serves to prevent cramps, that is, to save you from the accumulation of lactic acid. And lactic acid is the opponent of all strenuous workouts.


BCAA’s also exist as a separate supplement and are often part of pre-workouts. These are the three essential amino acids called leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Consuming them will bring you various benefits, especially muscle recovery, which is crucial if you exercise more than 3 times a week.

As you can see, all of the main ingredients are very natural and therefore healthy. So you don’t have to worry it will have some bad effects on your health.

Best ones for vegans


1. Naked Energy Natural Pre Workout

The primary reason why Naked Energy Natural Pre Workout is on our list is that it does not contain artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors, which is very important. All artificial substances should be avoided, and pre-workout is something we will consume daily. It has 10 ingredients that have all been proven to have a positive effect on performance. It also has various minerals and vitamins, which is especially important for vegans because they do not consume meat and eggs. Although the price is the same as most others, there are almost 30 percent more servings.

2. Performance Lab SPORTS Pre Workout

We told you that caffeine is one of the main, if not the main, ingredient. And that is why you should avoid consuming these products in the evening. But you wonder what to do if the evening is the only time of day when you can go to the gym? So simply consume a caffeine-free Performance Lab SPORTS Pre Workout. It contains other, 100 percent natural substances that will boost your performance, but without the side effects of caffeine. Also, because of this, it will not lose potency after a month or two of use, as happens with those products where caffeine is primary.

3. Powher Pre-Workout For Women

A product designed for all vegan ladies. Created so that it is ideal for the female body and will provide all the necessary energy for a hard workout. It is also, like the previous one on the list, a low-stimulant, so it is suitable for evenings. You won’t be experiencing insomnia because of the caffeine. You should definitely read more about Powher Pre-Workout For Women and find out what flavors are available, what the price is, and how it is specially formulated for women.

4. Vegan Sport Sugar-Free Energizer


We all know the dangers of consuming a lot of sugar. That is the reason why this is a great product that is completely plant-based. Even from the name, it is clear to you that it was created specially for vegans. So it contains green tea, extracts of various roots and much more. Although it is sugar-free, you will like its taste very much.

5. 4 Gauge 4 in 1 Pre-Workout

This is a supplement that is very potent and will help you in all those moments when you have no energy at all and are thinking of skipping training. Since consistency is paramount, then take one 4 Gauge 4 in 1 and feel the boost already within 15 minutes. If you care what ingredients it has, everything is very clearly indicated and everything is 100 percent natural and plant-based.


All of these products are vegan-friendly and of great quality, so it is up to you to choose which one to buy. Although they are completely safe and even healthy, we do not recommend that you consume them an hour or two before bedtime. Because of the dose of caffeine they have, you may not be able to fall asleep.