Pro Tips to Keep Your Prices Down for Streaming Services When Using in UK

With the rising prices of streaming services, it’s understandable why you’d have a hard time controlling your household expenses. As long as something is essential, you’d be willing to pay for it, but once you believe you can live without it, you’d ditch it any day. However, we bet that’s what you thought about cable TV and cancelled it, but look where you are now.

If you’re turning down the offer of a friend to subscribe to a Disney Plus Bundle now, we believe that’s a bit too hasty. You might want to hear the guy. Surely there are other ways of handling this situation instead of being so irrational. After all, Disney Plus helped you and your kids get through the hard times of the pandemic. Read more to get Disney Plus in the UK at a minimum cost.

So, allow us to share how you necessarily don’t have to cancel every streaming service subscription to cut down on monthly costs. 

Stick to one or two streaming services


You can’t possibly be using all 5 of the streaming services you’ve subscribed to. Sure, one offers quite a collection of reality shows, you are keeping Disney Plus to keep the kids happy and to relive your childhood, Amazon Prime Video houses shows like The Boys and Mirzapur whereas Netflix is used by the entire family.

That’s why you can’t possibly decide on which two streaming services you’re going to keep. Look take it from us, if you drop the streaming service you use the least, it won’t be the end of the world. Keep the ones you use on a regular basis and get rid of the rest. 

No worries, stick around and we’ll tell you how to work your way around the shows of the streaming services you’ve just quit.

Opt for a free trial before subscribing

Streaming sites offer free trials to clear any doubts users’ have about their services. Free trials are a great way to ensure whether you’d like to get in a long-term relationship with a streaming service or not. It’s like testing out a mattress for a month before reaching the decision that it’s worth the money to watch amazing content.

You can do the same with streaming services. When you opt for a free trial with Netflix, you’ll have to enter your credit card details, that’s only because the website wants to ensure that a credible user is signing up for their free trial of a month. On the other hand, when the pandemic started Disney Plus put an end to their free trial so that’s a shame. 

However, you can still opt for free trials of other streaming services. 

Go for commercially ad-supported apps


Another way to save up on streaming websites is by watching your shows on commercially ad-supported streaming services. But you’ll have to live through the ads in exchange for paying nothing, sound too good to be true? NBC and Hulu both offer ad-supported streaming services which include social media ads and short clips. 

If you find the ads a bit too annoying, you’re more than welcome to avail their ad-free option which comes with an additional cost of $6. The ads mostly are product placements or sponsored ones in the hopes of increasing their customer outreach. 

YouTube is another example of a streaming service that supports advertisements and a few paid subscriptions as well. 

Compromise on the number of screens

Sharing a single account across multiple screens is a practice upheld in many families. So, it might be a bit crucial when we ask you to cut down on prices by subscribing to a package that’s not a premium one. If your account is only used by you, then you’d easily be able to compromise on simultaneous playback of a show. 

On the other hand, if your family is freeloading on your Netflix account you may want to ask them to pay for their fair share of the subscription costs. You may want to ensure you don’t get kicked out of the house though. Pretty risky move so you should have a backup plan ready. Like your best friend’s couch or your college dorm. 

It’s either one of the two options. Now we’re sure you can decide what’s best for you in order to take handle your budgeting. 

Streaming bundles help save money


Another tactic that may help you in saving money is getting a subscription to a streaming service bundle. Most streaming sites offer a bundle through which you can access additional streaming channels other than the one you’re signing up for exclusively. For instance, you can pay $14 monthly and get Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney Plus, all within a bundle package of Disney.

Furthermore, you can also combine a streaming service with a TV channel to get the best of both worlds. For instance, with CBS All Access you can sign up with an antenna and get to watch shows using Showtime’s free trial. 

At least in this way, you won’t be paying for a streaming service you don’t use. 


Well, that’s all from us. Hopefully, you manage to learn a thing or two through this blog. Otherwise, we’d suggest you need classes on how to manage your finances. Fingers crossed as we believe you should be able to follow this tiny guide to the dot. Now, as long as you use your head smartly, you’d be able to watch your shows in peace.