What Questions You Can and Can’t Ask On a First Date?

The first date is the most important in any relationship. Making a good first impression makes a difference between failure and success. Learning how to stay relaxed and keep the conversation alive helps a lot. Still, some questions are forbidden on the first date, while others help decide if there’ll be a second. Don’t forget to enjoy it; it’s a date, not a police questioning.


Questions we’ll list help with learning more about your potential partner and discovering mutual interests. Find the right moment for all of them; include them in the conversation naturally, and your date will open like a flower welcoming a bee.

What Do You Want From Life?


Never forget to ask this one. It shows how ambitious your potential partner is. If they start talking about immature stuff, their life isn’t figured out yet. That’s a good way to test their honesty. You’ll have expectations if you’ve met them on one of the existing websites. Different answers in person and chat on a dating site is a warning. Deal with it as you wish. Expose their lie or let it slide to keep the conversation smooth.

Mornings or Evenings?

Night owls are happier in a relationship with people who enjoy nights more than mornings. Imagine you like staying up until 3 A.M., and your partner wakes up at 6 A.M. You have to be compatible there. It’s also a clue about the lifestyle of your potential partner. For example, partying all night doesn’t leave much energy to be productive in the morning.

What Are Your Hobbies?


People bond over hobbies. That reveals how they’d spend time together as a couple. If you discover that your date shares a love for hiking, memes, video games, or anything else, you’ll have an inexhaustible conversation topic.

Are You Romantic?

This is a test. Most people say yes, which opens a hole for the killing follow-up. “What’s the most romantic thing you did?” If they start stuttering, don’t expect many romantic dates with them.

What’s Your Favorite Place in The World?


This is a window to their soul. You’ll notice an immediate shift when they start talking about their favorite place in the world. People fall in love while listening to their partners talking passionately. Seek an explanation. They’ll share some of their memories, and you’ll get a good insight into their personality.

Who is the Most Important Person in Your Life?

This question has a similar goal as the previous. It reveals more about your partner, so you can decide if you’re a match. Hearing they are the most important person in their life is a warning. If it’s not a joke, it can mean you’re sitting across a selfish person. Being with a selfish person is fine if you don’t mind being second. Most people seek someone to whom mother, father, or friends are most important. That means they value other people, which is a good sign; you can expect the same in a relationship.


Now let’s move to forbidden topics.

Who’s Paying For This?


Asking this makes you look cheap. It creates an awkward situation and determines the whole date. You want to relax the other person, not make them calculate how much they’ll spend. Instead of focusing on money, focus on the person across.

How Many?

Asking how many sexual partners someone had is the stupidest question ever. You’ll never hear the truth. If you ask a girl that, she won’t tell you she slept with 362 men. She’ll say 5. If you ask a man the same question, he won’t tell you he had sex with three girls. He’ll claim at least 10. Some things are better when left alone; the number of sexual partners is one of those things.

How Big is It?


Another pointless question is asking a man how big is his tool. If he has an anaconda, you’ll notice it anyway. You’ll immediately see a spark of worry in his eyes, even if he’s well endowed. Some women do that on purpose to play with men. Those women don’t create many meaningful relationships. Asking this question has another negative side. If you’re on a date with a guy who has a small penis, and he admits it, you’ll lose interest. Instead of being painfully direct, wait and go with the flow. If everything goes right, you’ll get a chance to see how big it is anyway.

Do You Like Weird Stuff in the Bedroom?

Weird for you; normal for someone else. Asking that question puts your partner in a defensive mode and makes them think about their sexual preferences. It’s much better to avoid such topics; it ensures everybody stays relaxed.

Why Are You Single, Is There Something Wrong With You?


People who know they’re a mess won’t admit that. Nobody would admit to being a cheater or anything that puts them in a bad position. Go with the flow; look for clues. Time will reveal if there is anything wrong with your partner.

How Many People Are You Seeing?

You don’t want to know that you’re competing against five more singles. That would change your approach to dating that person. You’d want to be better than other people they’re seeing. Or give up after the first date because you’d think you have no chance. It’s better to enjoy the time you spend together regardless of how many people you’re seeing. If you’re a perfect match, other people won’t be there for long anyway.

How Many Kids Do You Want?


This is a great tool to make the other person run away. Asking how many kids someone has is a sign that you want to settle down quickly. It’s a clear sign of desperation that repels people. Keep it cool; don’t rush into anything.

Asking the wrong question can ruin everything. Asking the right questions can make your bond instantly. Save this list of questions, stick to it, and you won’t destroy a date ever again.