Unlocking Paradise ─ Reasons to choose Sheraton Maldives for your Gateway


Maldives is considered one of the best international destinations in the world not only due to its fascinating beaches but also the high-quality water and five-star facilities their resorts are offering.

A memorable highlight for me was the Sheraton Maldives- a distinctive embodiment of flawless hospitality and indescribable beauty.

If you are looking for your next escape to this exotic island, these are seven reasons why Sheraton Maldives is the best choice for your ideal vacation.

Lofty and Exquisitely Architectural

The Resort nestled on the island of Furanafushi in North Male atoll Shire, Sheraton Maldives is unique with its setting in the lap of nature, the azure Indian Ocean surrounding it.

The best resort, blending mainly modern luxury with tropical charms, offers a creative palate of accommodation choices for guests as well.

Every room is unsparingly decorated to optimize one’s comfort while offering awesome views of water, greenery, or the island from every angle.

The water villas are particularly attractive, since here you can swim to the sea directly, to infinity pools and see the underwater life through the glass bottom floor.

If you’re looking for a romantic escape or a family vacation, Sheraton Maldives Resorts offers a range of accommodation choices to meet your every need.

Unmatched Dining Experiences


The Sheraton Maldives is an all-around and palatable paradise; it will take you on a spectacular journey of local but also magnificent international cuisines all through the year. Have a sumptuous breakfast buffet spread undoubtedly at Feast, the resort’s main restaurant facing the lagoon in the morning (start your day).

Space for more in-depth dinner it’s canned seafood and the grilled dishes at Anchorage Bar offering the full experience directly in front of the clean beach.

Among the standout features of the restaurant is the incredible underwater “Blue Hole” dining facility which enables you to eat surrounded by the exotic corals and colourful fish of the Maldives while contributing to an incredible sensory experience.

From Maldivian curries and Asian fusion dishes to the classics of the world cuisine, the Sheraton Maldives offers an enlightening taste of the island’s cuisine – and it will stimulate the taste buds of even the most refined.

Unparalleled Service and First-class How-to

At Sheraton Maldives, great hosts are developed which are more than just mere service providers. The resort itself is intended to be flawless and a large selection of professional staff are dedicated to making your stay here remarkable.

From the unique private expeditions that the staff at Sheraton Maldives meticulously customizes for each guest to the expression of their warmth and unwavering professionalism, which they constantly exhibit, the team does much more than simply provide an exceptional experience.

The luxurious resort has a reputation for high-quality service, and to go with that, it boasts a line of world-class amenities intended to make your stay even more enjoyable.

Come for the ultimate restoration bodyboarding into Shine Spa for Sheraton or dive into the sensations of excitement that are water sports of your choice like snorkeling, diving, and jet-skiing.

Kids will have fun with the Sheraton Adventure Club, which is the perfect adventure and a great way to keep children engaged. This is one of the exciting things that families with children will love.

Serene Natural Beauty and Marine Exploration


The Maldives is a paradise enjoyed by many for the perfect marine biodiversity it gives, and here at Sheraton, the diving and snorkeling adventures are exceptional.

The surprise at the resort’s dive center is its house reef, filled with many different shades of corals and underwater creatures, therefore, drawing many fans to snorkeling and diving.

Besides, Sheraton Maldives complements land seekers’ quest for relaxation by delivering a flawless landscape of white sand beach, and palms swaying at the coastline—a paradise that can be admired during sunbathing or enjoyed on romantic walks.

The resort also arranges twilight cruises, and dolphin convoys to give you a perfect chance to engage in the natural bliss of the Maldives.

Communication Between Sustainability and the Community is the Key


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Ecotourism goes beyond conventional tourism by offering a comfortable shelter and a sense of responsibility towards nature and the neighbors.

The resort adopts ecologically friendly approaches by implementing practices that include waste reduction, low energy use, and preservation of reefs that in return, maintain the environment in good shape.

Guests have opportunities to contribute to conservation efforts where they can engage in coral planting or else educate themselves about procedures that are underway in the Maldives.

In addition, the Sheraton Maldives actively participates in the community by promoting educational drives, health improvement interventions, and livelihood development projects.

Besides choosing Sheraton Maldives as your accommodation, you are enjoying an amazing vacation and also helping to establish a framework for responsible tourism which is very good for our environment and local communities.

Exclusive Leisure Activities and Entertainment


Sheraton Maldives is a resort that tops the traditional amenities list with a wide choice of recreational rather than entertainment activities. Indulge in reclining days at the infinity pool that is surrounded by palm trees decorated with orchids.

A sentence like this will allow you to cool down and sip on the summer’s best tropical cocktails made from fresh fruits.

The hotel also offers cultural events regularly, such as Maldivian native music and dance, which ultimately makes people more aware and fully understand the local culture and tradition.

The epicure and the one who is looking for exhilaration get an option around enjoyable adventures and excursions organized at the Sheraton Maldives. Pick your seafood dinner or take up an organized island-hopping tour to experience nearby unmanned isles.

Being at the disposal of an expert crew, you can choose activities and places that interest you, for instance, go to secluded shores, try water sports or just relax on the sunbeds by a palm tree with a favorite book.

Uncategorical Wellness and Relaxation


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Sheraton Maldives is a spa center that anyone can choose for health and relaxation lovers. Here you can find various treatments and individual programs for body and mind restoration.

Let yourself be pampered by holistic beauty techniques reminiscent of ancient healing rituals at Shine Spa for Sheraton, the place where experienced therapists are armed with special organic ingredients and artistic flair to offer you treatments designed specifically for you.

On top of usual spa services, the resort offers yoga and meditation sessions in peaceful outdoor locations, which add to the feeling of unity with nature and allow you to calmly be aware of yourself in the middle of the beautiful Maldives.

Use the fitness facilities properly at the resort which comprises a well-organized gym, aerobics classes, and other wellness programs. These facilities will assist you to a certain degree to keep wellness. The hospitality of Sheraton Maldives lies in the fact that wellness and relaxation are valued.

Visitors are invited to be part of a world where every aspect of their stay is a serene environment complemented by self-care, such that their overall well-being is attained.

In summary, the traveler will have a memorable time at Sheraton Maldives with its outstanding accommodations, rendezvous with food, best-in-class amenities, and environmental responsiveness.

Whether you want to let go of the stress, you are a daredevil, or you want to get acquainted with the indigenous culture, book a stay at Sheraton Maldives as it offers the relaxation, the fun, or the learning experience you look for in the dreamy and precious island.

Stepping away from the familiar leisure outside and the usual entertainment, you are instead treated to a wide variety of super-exclusive local wellness experiences that are available only in the Maldives.

While finding the next destination for your holiday, let Sheraton Maldives be your ultimate grotto and passageway to heaven.