How to Recognize Your Addiction

If you are an alcohol addict, you struggle with accepting it, and the first step is denial, which is understandable. The line is thin between regular drinking and an addict, and it usually takes time for you to realize that you’re addicted. You start by casually indulging in drinking with friends and family, and it becomes a habit that you can’t kick out and can’t live without. You become hooked that it ends up ruining your life.

It’s essential to accept that you have a problem and deal with it immediately by seeking help to prevent further falling deeply into alcoholism and ruining your life completely. Alcohol is good for entertainment; however, too much intake can mess your life. Here are some insights into recognizing your addiction.

Six Questions to ask yourself before entering the recovery

Are you so dependent on alcohol that you must use it daily? Are you so over-dependent that you can’t function without consuming it? Do you constantly crave drinks you need to consume several times a day? Then you are an addict and need to find help before it’s too late.

Can you hold your job and relationships? If you are always in trouble with your boss and colleagues and causing chaos at home, you need to check in at a recovery center like The Forge Recovery Center to help you cope and recover from alcoholism.

1. Excess Alcohol Consumption


Has your alcohol usage increased drastically? Do you take more than is enough to function? Do you have to consume it in large amounts without control, frequently? If you constantly consume more than you need and excessively, it’s a clear sign of a problem you need to find help at the recovery center.

Excessive consumption of alcohol can be harmful to your health. You need to manage the amount taken over some time; after all, you enjoy drinking and not to make you suffer in the long run.

2. Uncontrollable Alcohol Appetite

If you can’t control your love for it, you get irritated when you can’t find it. Have to have it now and go to great lengths to hurt your family’s feelings to satisfy your appetite. You stop everything in your life to find alcohol. Are your work and relationships neglected? That’s a sign that you have a problem.

Alcohol has limits, and you should manage your urge to consume it, failure to which you need to seek help. If you can’t manage your appetite, you get in trouble by keeping the wrong company and isolating yourself to satisfy your urge. Your family suffers psychologically and emotionally.

3. Financial Crisis


Are your finances sound? Do you spend your entire savings on alcohol? Do you sell your property and investments to satisfy your urge for it? Are you going to the extent of getting loans from friends to buy it? If your answer is yes to the questions, you need help.

It’s an obvious sign that all is not well; you can’t spend all your money on alcohol. When you are done with selling, then it moves to lying and stealing to satisfy the need. It can strain your relationship with your relatives. It’s not a good sign, as it shows that you are an addict and need help. You can get into a recovery center and seek professional help.

4. Over Dependent on Alcohol


Nothing interests you anymore; your eating and sleeping habits have changed once you depend on it to solve all your work-related, marital, and social problems. Nothing excites anymore, and you lose focus of your life.

Your attitude is on a downward spiral, and nothing is important but alcohol. You mistreat everyone around you without caring. Your sex life is affected, and the family front suffers. Children feel neglected; there is no love and comfort at home.

It’s time to find help. Alcohol can’t solve any of your everyday problems; it worsens them instead. The chaos you create at home while drunk makes it difficult for everyone to have peace.

5. Your Life on Hold


Alcohol can set you back financially and emotionally. If you spend your entire time and energy on its consumption, you stop being productive in society. You can’t hold a job or take care of your family. You seek it no matter the time and forget to take care of yourself. The basic things like personal hygiene don’t matter to you anymore.

Your appearance disgusts people around you. Your mood swings are uncontrollable; you only care about yourself and nothing else but your consumption. Your interest in exciting activities that you once enjoyed diminishes with your friends and family.

You will lose friends and family, become lonely and sad. Help at this point will be handy before you turn for the worse. You need to check into a recovery facility to seek help because this will take a toll on your health and kill you.

6. You Can’t Stop Taking Alcohol


Under normal circumstances, you need to handle your bottle well; if you are the type that doesn’t know when to stop and keep drinking without self-control, which is essential, and when it gets to a point where you can’t, then you need to find help.

When it gets to this point, you can do everything. Stealing can be an option, which will be a sure way of getting into trouble with the law. You don’t want to get into jail because of alcohol; seek help to better your life.

In conclusion, alcohol has destroyed many lives and families; it’s essential to recognize that you need help and seek it. Most times, addicts never realize this or are in denial, and it’ll take their close relations to help them deal with it.

Find help from the professionals at the recovery centers; it’s never too late to turn your life around. You can change for the better; accepting that you need help will fasten the healing process because you can check into recovery with a lousy attitude and leave with no significant progress.