The 4 Steps of How to Use Red Light Therapy as a Beginner at Home – Find The Steps Here!

Are you trying to see how you can improve the appearance and longevity of your skin? If you find that your skin is looking gray, dull, and age-worn, then consider using a new therapy method to help bring the youth and brightness back to your skin!

How does one not want a young and youthful appearance? Instead of worrying about how you will look in a few years, trying to get rid of wrinkles, and using unsafe measures to get rid of age lines – like botox or fillers – use a safe and much more effective method on your face that is long-lasting for your overall skin health.

We recommend using red light therapy – but what is this? Since this skin-healing method is less used than other options, such as facials, fillers, Botox, surgeries, and other heating methods, you may find you can find less information about this therapeutic method.

But doing the research ahead of time can show that this might be the best option for you to help reduce age spots on your skin and make you feel 100% confident in your looks once more!

See more the details of red light therapy – how to use this method, the benefits of this therapy modality, and why you should use it instead of other options.

What is red light therapy? Find out all you need to know here!


First off – everyone must be thinking what is red light therapy? This type of therapy modality is a new technique that uses low levels of light to help treat any current skin conditions in the patient. Many patients will turn to the treatment to get their spots, wrinkles, age lines, scars, pimples, acne scars, and recurring wounds that come back over time.

If they have tried other methods to no avail, turning to this treatment is a common next step that many patients will take. But when did this treatment come onto the scene? If you’ve never heard of this type of method, you might actually be surprised to find out that it actually originated back in the 1990s and has been around for over 30 years!

However, during this time, the treatment was solely used in the testing state and was found to help with the regrowth of plant cells – showing how this type of therapy method helps with rejuvenation!

This treatment was then studied for use in humans after the effectiveness in the regrowth of plant cells. Since the treatment used low and non-toxic levels of wavelengths and light therapy, it could be potentially a good way to help those who were suffering from skin conditions or muscle atrophy.

The most common catalysts to using this treatment are for those we are unhappy with are their aesthetic appearance and their cosmetic looks, such as wrinkles, age spots, acne scars, wounds, psoriasis, and stretch marks.

The steps of red light therapy


If you are confused as to how this therapy method works, then read this – the treatment works by helping boost the mitochondria in your body. Mitochondria is known as the powerhouse of the cell – this is the part of the cell where all of the energy is stored. Energy in your body is key – this is the part of your immune system and all of your body’s processes that can create ATP to help your body operate at a high level.

Without mitochondria and ATP, we would not be able to do anything in our bodies – and we should shut down. By increasing the number of mitochondria and boosting the number of ATP in our body, this treatment can increase the productivity of ATP and also increase the number of ATP we have in our body!

More energy means more good things happen in our bodies! This way, ATP can actually operate more effectively, More frequently, and repair any damage that we are carrying around in our cells and our body. However, keep in mind that his theory modality is very different from what you would find with laser therapies.

Don’t get these two therapy modalities confused – unlike laser therapy that damages the outer layer of the skin to eventually lead to regrowth, the treatment does not do any direct damage to the skin. Instead, it just focuses on the regeneration of cells and avoids causing the need for tissue repair on your face or your skin.

How do you use red light therapy?


It is commonly used in societies today to help with cosmetic skin conditions, insecurities that people have about their skin, and complications that have been caused by other conditions – such as the side effects of chemotherapy on your skin.

The most common condition that people will use the treatment for includes wound healing, alopecia, carpal tunnel syndrome, psoriasis, skin wrinkles, stretch marks, hair growth, arthritis, stiffness, sun damage, inflammation, scars, acne scars, osteoarthritis, and cold sores.

Steps of how to use red light therapy


Before you can use the therapy method on your skin, you need to go through the tips on how to prep your skin so you can avoid any long-term damage to your skin while using the low levels of wavelength and light.

  • The first step of preparing for this type of therapy is sticking with your typical routine – if you frequently wash your face every night, continue doing so. Continue with your typical skincare routine – washing, cleaning, moisturizing – before your appointment at the treatment center.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or eating out in the sun for long periods before your appointment
  • Clean your skin before the appointment to get off any makeup or sunscreen that has oils or chemicals
  • Use moisturizer and serums after the appointment to help with the therapy process


Using red light therapy is a controversial – but effective – method of repairing skin elasticity and repairing your skin cells. By helping increase the production of mitochondria and ATP in your body, you can improve the appearance of scars, wounds, and age lines!