Is The Return To Player Important In Slots Online?

Slots are simple games that anyone can play. There is a trend that has seen them get a little more complex than they used to be. However, if this is the case, then these games can always be spun in demo mode until the mechanics of the slot are worked out. Most of the complexities now come in bonus rounds, as games inventors try something a little different to spice up free spins. Western based slots like Money Train and Dead or Alive are good examples of this – play slots no deposit required today. Check here to find amazing slot games.

Despite more complex games, some gamblers like to pick an appealing slots banner, load up the games and dive right in with real money bets. Obviously, with this attitude you can still win, if you are fortunate enough to land a lucky spin.

Cautious Gambling


There are many gamblers who have a completely different attitude to gambling though. Some call it cautious gambling whilst others call it strategic gambling. Some punters rely on the RTP of slots heavily and this is also known as the Return To Player percentage score. All licensed casinos must display this score on all their games, so punters can examine them if they wish to do so.

RTP Explained

Even though most slots work on the same principal, not all slots actually behave the same. This is why the industry is awash with terms such as high volatility and low volatility games. These terms are actually describing the gaming experience of certain slots. The RTP or Return To player Percentage score actually influences how slots play out. High RTP score games have low volatility, whilst low RTP score games are highly volatile.

The RTP also gives some indication of how much of your slot wagering you will get back as wins, in a percentage sum.  This doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to get this percentage back, but it gives you a rough estimate of what you can expect from certain games, if you spin them for long periods of time. Check here for a detailed understanding of the slots with RTP.

If a slot RTP score comes in at 95% and you wager £100 on the game. You can expect to get £95 back. This is still down on your wagering but you have to factor in things like the house edge. Despite this sum, you could end up with even less, but if you hit bonuses, then you could in fact finish with a lot more back and even turn in a profit. The longer you play a game the closer you get to witness its true RTP score. The game has to be exceptional though, as thousands and sometimes-even millions, of spins are needed to achieve this.

As a gambler, if you have experience in placing online bets and gambling in casinos for quite some time now, we assume that you already know what the term Return to Player (RTP) means and must have heard about it frequently. So, now let us know the calculation involved behind the scene to compute the RTP amount.

Calculation of the amount returned to players in Slots


The process with the help of which RTP in an online slot is calculated is quite complex. If the slot has numerous playlines involved and numerous elements integrated, developers will have to think of a simpler solution, one that returns the correct answer after considering all the variables involved.

Moreover, the online casino slots are developed in such a way that they return the entire money invested by the player. That being said, if a player puts in 80% of the money in an online slot that has RTP, it will pay back the entire 80% of the money to the player for more information you can visit

A few beliefs and facts about RTP

People have numerous beliefs about the return to players in the market. Before wrapping this article, let us know the truths behind some of these myths.

The RTP is not at all relevant for one session

This fact is partly true and partly a myth. While anything can happen in any one session slot, and it is unlikely for the player to reach the actual RTP of the game, this information is not that important.

No denying the fact that a slot that has 86% of RTP is favorable than the one with 70% of RTP. However, you will either lose or win, but when you win, the money paid on the slot with higher RTP will be more than the other one and vice versa. Hence, it is recommended that you should consider slots that have high RTP.

Online Casinos can modify the return to players on their end


It is a complete myth. The RTP cannot be manipulated on any slot played. This is because the slots offered to the players are not owned by the casinos. They only rent the slots for offering them to the players, from the developers, and so manipulation of the slots or the RTP is not in their control. They don’t have the required access to change the RTP of the slots. However, you will find that a few providers offer slots with different RTP variations, however they cannot manipulate the game anyhow.

The actual RTP paid is affected by jackpots

This fact is again partly true and is a myth partly. For instance, if a slot has advertised to provide an RTP of 84%, the entire RTP is not offered to the players. Only a part of the amount is returned to the player. It solely means that unless the jackpot is won by the player, the slots paid will have an RTP, which will be less than what you are expecting or was advertised initially.

Final Thoughts

The RTP score is important information and many punters solely choose the games they want to play from this alone. Many believe that playing slots with high RTP scores gives them the best chance of winning at online slots casinos. The RTP not only allows you to pick the more generous games,  but it also tells you which ones should be left well alone.