8 Ruthless Knockouts that Shook the World of Boxing

Knockouts are hands down the most exciting outcomes we relish in boxing. We love that thrill when a boxer launches that super punch that leaves his opponents sprawling on the canvas. It is epic!

Boxing enthusiasts and even punters using top bookmakers apps like Indibet relish these moments. Punters are known to install the Indibet app, staking on knockout outcomes when top boxers like Usyk, Wilder, Anthony Joshua, and Tyson Fury take to the ring.

But do you know some of the most brutal knockouts boxing has ever seen?

Mike Tyson Vs Michael Spinks


The fight between Mike Tyson and Michael Spinks recorded one of the most brutal knockouts in history. Hosted in the Conventional Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey, U.S. on the 27 June 1988, this fight had the WBA, IBF, WBA, and the Ring heavyweight titles on the line.

Mike Tyson and Michael Spinks were great boxers who used the orthodox stance and stood as undefeated boxers with no losses. Mike Tyson recorded 34 wins and no losses while holding three belts from three major sanctioning organizations (IBF, WBA, and WBC). 

On the other hand, Michael Spinks recorded 31 wins and no losses while standing as the Ring heavyweight champion and 2-division world champion.

Mike Tyson won the fight by knocking Michael Spinks out in the first round, which lasted 91 seconds.

Vincent Pettway Vs Simon Brown


The famous fight between Vincent Pettway and Simon Brown is one that we can’t afford to skip. Hosted in US Air Arena, Landover, Maryland, USA, in 1995, the fight between the light-middleweight boxers quickly became a topic of discussion.

Okay, let’s skip to the last part. So in the sixth round is where all the vicious blows were thrown, and the knockout happened. It happened that Pettway threw a powerful punch at Brown, which disrupted his nervous system for a while. Brown landed straight like a tree with his back to the canvas. And then he began throwing weak punches in the air, which can be disturbing to some people to watch. In history, this has been recorded as one of the most brutal knockouts in boxing.

Muhammad Ali Vs George Foreman

Muhammad Ali Vs George Foreman

The Muhammad Ali Vs George Foreman fight was one of the talks of the 20th Century. It was hosted in Stade Tata Raphaël, Kinshasa, Zaire, Republic of Congo, in 1974 and had the Ring heavyweight, WBA, and WBC titles on the line.

At that time, Foreman had recorded no losses and had 40 wins. On the other hand, Ali has recorded 44 wins and 2 losses. They both used the orthodox stance and were heavyweight champions. 

Skipping to the juicy part, we think the match was called The Rumble in The Jungle for a reason. Foreman was seen dominating the match by pushing Ali to the ropes. Ali rested and rested on the ropes while he let Foreman punch his arms and body. 

Eventually, in the eighth round, they both got tired, but we saw Ali summon strength from the unknown and land a few powerful blows on Foreman’s face, which landed him on the floor.

Juan Manuel Vs Manny Pacquiao

The popular fight between Juan Manuel and Manny Pacquiao is one of the most brutal knockouts you will ever watch. This fight was held at the MGM Ground in Las Vegas in 2012 between the welterweight boxers.

Right into the heat of the match, in the 5th round, we saw Pacquiao dominating the fight and Manuel taking most of the damage despite throwing a few blows back. To crown it all, Pacquiao landed a strong punch on Manuel’s nose which made Manuel spill blood.

In the next round, Pacquiao was in the same spirit—dominating the fight and pushing Manuel to the ropes. While Manuel’s back was on the ropes, Pacquiao threw a powerful punch which Manuel manager to dodge, and landed a powerful punch on Pacquiao’s chin, which landed him on the ground and knocked him out for about two minutes.

Darnell Wilson Vs Emmanuel Nwodo


Every now and then, a KO comes along that leaves your jaw on the floor. That’s exactly what happened when Darnell Wilson and Emmanuel Nwodo stepped into the ring back in 2007 on Staten Island, New York. 

Both Wilson and Nwodo were known for their power, so it was no surprise that the fight started off with some serious punches being thrown. But things really took a turn in the 4th round when Wilson unleashed a left hook that connected with Nwodo’s chin.

The impact of that punch was absolutely devastating. Nwodo went down like a sack of potatoes, completely unconscious. It was one of those knockouts where you just knew the fight was over the second the punch landed.

Julian Jackson vs. Herol Graham

Back in 1990, at the Torrequebrada Hotel and Casino in Benalmadena, Andalucía, Spain, the arena was flooded with a roaring crowd. Julian Jackson and Herol Graham faced off in a highly anticipated match that was a clash of two very different styles. 

Julian Jackson, known for his heavy hands and knockout power, was up against Herol Graham, a skilled southpaw with impressive footwork and defense.

The first few rounds were a back-and-forth battle, with Graham using his slick movement to avoid Jackson’s big punches and landing some shots. But as the fight wore on, Jackson began to find his range and started to connect with some heavy blows.

Then, in the fourth round, it happened. Jackson landed a monstrous right hand that sent Graham crashing to the canvas. The impact was so brutal that Graham’s head bounced off the mat, and he was unconscious before he hit the ground.

Ray Mercer vs. Tommy Morrison


At the Convention Center in Atlantic City in 1991, these two heavyweights stepped into the ring to face off in what was expected to be a slugfest. Mercer, a former Olympic gold medalist, was known for his power and toughness, while Morrison was a rising star with a devastating left hook.

The fight was intense from the opening bell, with both fighters trading heavy shots and trying to impose their will on the other. But in the fifth round, Mercer landed a punch that would change the course of the fight.

He threw a right hand that connected flush with Morrison’s jaw, sending him crashing to the canvas in a heap.

David Tua vs. John Ruiz

These two heavyweights went toe-to-toe back in 1996 in what was supposed to be a closely contested match. Ruiz, the WBA heavyweight champion at the time, was known for his toughness and durability, while Tua was a hard-hitting knockout artist from New Zealand.

The fight started with both fighters trading shots, but it quickly became clear that Tua was looking for a big knockout punch. And in the first round, he found it.

Tua unleashed a devastating left hook that caught Ruiz flush on the chin and sent him tumbling to the canvas. 

Conclusively, let’s remember these knockouts for what they were: incredible displays of power and athleticism but also cautionary tales about the risks and responsibilities of being a boxer.