Helpful Guide In Selecting The Right Bed For A Good Night’s Sleep

A person should have enough sleep to function in their daily life properly. It is also crucial for your health to have the right amount of rest after a whole day. So it is reasonable to ensure that you get the quality sleep you deserve. Concerning this, your mattress is a primary factor in your sleeping quality.

The right bed can provide a significant change in your quality of sleep. So it would be best to carefully choose the right mattress if you are planning to buy a new one. If you are unsure and not familiar with shopping for beds, here is a definitive guide for an easier time looking for your new mattress.

Is it time to buy a new mattress?


Before anything else, if you owned a mattress before, you must first decide whether it is finally time to buy a new one. The beds can usually last for seven to ten years. Even so, there can be other factors that can make it last longer or shorter than the average years. Still, try to assess if your bed can still provide you the support and comfort that you need.

Concerning this, you should also know when is the right time to change a mattress. Do you still sleep well on this mattress? Do you wake up with body pains and aches? If you do, you should already probably consider getting a brand new bed.

Here are a few signs to look for to finally replace your bed: creaking, saggy and lumpy, the quality has changed. It feels softer or harder when you first purchase it. Also, if you get better sleep somewhere else aside from your bed, if you have noticed two to three signs on these, it would be best to start already looking for a few shops.

What type of bed would be the best?


Keep in mind that although seeking advice from your family and friends can help, what works for them, may not work for you. It is because their level of comfort is not similar to yours. What may be comfortable for them might be less comfortable for you. So instead, you can take all their suggestions in mind while discovering the different types of beds.

Mattresses have numerous types of beds. Each class offers a different level of support and comfort. They also vary in firmness and bounciness. One of the most well-known types of bed is the memory foam, innerspring bed, and gel mattress. Click here to read more about the best mattresses of 2024.

If you are looking for more solid support, innerspring is a considerable choice. However, due to its bouncy quality, it does not do well in controlling motion transfer. Sleeping with someone who tosses and turns at night might disturb the other person.

Meanwhile, memory foam is a good bed for decreasing motion transfers. It is excellent in providing comfort to sleepers. However, this bed tends to retain heat. If you are a hot sleeper, memory foam might be the wrong choice for you.

Gel mattresses are not far different from memory foam. It can also offer superb comfort to the sleeper by contouring the curves for a body-hugging feeling. The difference is that it is infused with cooling gel beads. The beads help provide an even far more comfortable sleep as it gives off a cooler feeling than the heat-retaining memory foam.

What is the most suitable mattress for me?


There are several factors that you need to consider in choosing the most suitable bed for you. As mentioned, no one bed would work for everyone. Since the level of support and comfort differs for everyone, you can start by assessing your sleeping position and body type.

Try to figure out which parts of your body will need more support when you sleep. When sleeping, you must maintain a proper sleeping posture. Your body must adequately align your neck and back when sleeping. Also, your ears, hip, and shoulders are supposed to be aligned when turning as well.

So if you sleep on your side, you are pressing on your hip and shoulder. This sleeping position can cause pain when you wake up. So, you will need to focus on mattresses that would comfort and outline these areas to prevent uncomfortable pain in the morning.

Moreover, it will help to examine your body type to determine the most suitable mattress for you. Comfort and support come arms in arms on the bed. It should not just comfort alone nor support only. A firm bed would only provide support and less to no comfort for people on the lighter side. It can instead cause strains on their back rather than a comfortable sleep.

Meanwhile, heavier people will also experience the same thing for softer beds. Yet, in their case, softer mattresses will only provide them too much comfort and no support at all. However, if you are experiencing any existing back or neck pains, it is crucial to visit a physician to check on your condition.

You can also seek their professional advice regarding what type of support your body will need. Since they are the professionals who know your well-being better than you do, they can offer advice on which qualities of the bed you should be more mindful of.

What is the perfect bed size for comfort?


Choosing the bed size depends on the number of people sleeping on the bed since the goal is to have a comfortable sleep. A full-size mattress is comfortable enough for a single adult. Couples who sleep together and do not mind not having enough space, who sleep while cuddling, can also choose this size.

Moreover, you should consider the size of your room. Ensure that you can still roam around your personal space so you can also live comfortably. Concerning this, the most bought size is the queen-size beds. It is big enough for a single person to toss and turn but not big enough for the average room.

What does the mattress warranty cover?


One of the most important things you should look into when you shop for a bed is the mattress warranty. A mattress warranty is where the company that sells the bed will refund, cover the replacement, and repair it under certain circumstances for a set period.

The period depends on the company itself, and usually, it is ten years or less. Mattress warranty usually covers physical defects of a product, mostly broken, bent, or burst coils for innerspring or hybrid mattresses.

The warranty also covers poor craftsmanship like seams breaking or coming undone. It would be best to ask the company or the shop for clarification when you buy a mattress, so you do not have to worry when you receive a faulty bed.


Above all, your preferences and comfort should be the primary thing that you should always consider. It would even help if you still considered getting a bed that is more suitable and is right for your body.

Figure out what kind of a bed would give you the best support by looking into the different types of mattresses. Since choosing a bed is a relatively important matter, you can take your time deciding what to get.