23 Unseen Sexy Photos of Lisa Vicari To Make Your Any Day Better

To all those Dark fans who literally adore Martha Neilsen, it’s good news, as we are going to take a look at the person behind the character. Lisa Vicari, the extraordinary German actress, has a lot going on at the moment. She has been consistently improving her skills ever since she was a child artist and now starring in the world’s one of the most popular Netflix original series. I must say, Lisa, is a true gem. 

She was born in 1997 in Munich. It was a surprise when she discovered her affinity not towards her family profession which was in the medical field but to acting. Lisa opted for a theatre course when she was a kid, that changed the course of her career as she focused more on acting.

Around that time, when she was 10 her first film came out. It was a short film named “Tunnelblicke”. Her next project was in a children’s movie named “Hanni & Nanni” in 2010. The film went well, she earned some recognition, and her career as a child artist began. In the very next year, Lisa was able to get a role in the sci-fi drama movie “Hell”. 

It was in 2017 when she managed to get her first leading role in a big-budget movie that came into hands. The film named “Luna” gave her a nomination for the Young German Cinema Award at the Munich Film Festival. After that, she came into the eyes of the huge Netflix series and her career completely changed.  

Lisa has earned her way to the top and now being one the top of some lists she is one first step of international fame. Now is the best time to get to know her more intimately and who knows you might develop a crush on her. Here is a handful of hot pics of Lisa Vicari, if you’re lucky enough there might be some semi-nudes too. So, have a good time.

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