6 Signs You Need To Hire A Better Moving Company

It’s stressful enough to move on its own. No one wants to deal with the additional stress of hiring shady movers that are out to defraud you or steal your valuables. However, with so many moving firms to choose from in Melbourne, separating the good from the bad can be difficult. If you’re having problems finding the proper fit, you’re not alone.

You’ve come to the perfect site if you want to make sure you don’t hire a terrible mover. We’ve listed six of the most common red flags when working with movers. Keep an eye out for these signals as you begin your hunt.

1. They’re far too inexpensive


Many consumers look around for bids and hire the cheapest moving company they can find. It is understandable because moving can be rather costly. If the company is too cheap, take it as a warning sign, not a sigh of relief.

Cheap movers frequently lack experience, professionalism, and, in some cases, a license. They will not be familiar with correct moving practices or have the necessary equipment to protect your furniture and valuables during loading, unloading, and, most importantly, while in transportation (which is when most damages occur).

Hire movers like Easy Peasy Removals who know what they’re doing to save yourself the headache. The money you believe you’ll save by hiring cheap movers will vanish quickly if they damage your possessions or your items are damaged, or if their incompetence causes them to take hours longer than a professional moving firm.

2. They are unable to respond to your inquiries

It’s critical to interview potential organizations after you’ve completed your research. During the interview, experienced and professional movers will demonstrate that they have the necessary training, education, and information to assist you in understanding the moving process.

Whether you’re relocating from Brighton to Hampton, they should be able to answer all your questions concerning the relocation, packaging, insurance, and more. Most scammers and bad movers, on the other hand, will lack that knowledge foundation and hence will be unable to provide comprehensive replies.

Ask a lot of questions with this in mind. Inquire about their qualifications and rules, including the process for filing claims for missing or damaged items. Please pay close attention to their responses. If you don’t like what you hear, move on.

3. You have a horrible feeling about something


A majority of us have excellent intuition or a sensation that something isn’t quite right. When evaluating movers, trust your gut impulses, even if it’s tough to define why you’re feeling that way. It’s crucial to trust your instincts and not dismiss your feelings. It will help you maintain control of the situation, and it could be the difference between your belongings arriving safely.

Inconsistent details are often the key to detecting terrible movers. For example, when the movers don’t wear matching uniforms or branded shirts, you may feel apprehensive. They could also be driving an unmarked truck. Lack of branding is a significant red flag because it usually means the firm you’re working with isn’t a registered or legal mover.

If any of these minor things make you feel uneasy, take action. Even though it may be inconvenient, it is far better to reschedule your move with a competent moving company at a later date than to risk your belongings with inexperienced movers.

4. Negative Online Reviews

So you’ve made the decision to hire a moving company to assist you with a move to Cardinia. What’s the best way to go about doing that and finding the correct firm? You obviously use the Internet’s power in this day and age! You can find evaluations on any service provider you think of these days using review platforms, so why not search for reviews for moving companies?

Positive consumer feedback is, of course, what you’re aiming for. Sure, some people publish negative internet reviews for no apparent reason or on petty grounds. Still, if a company routinely receives negative feedback, it’s one of the signals you’re dealing with lousy movers.

Nonetheless, don’t jump to any conclusions. And, in this case, we’re talking about not making a decision only based on a numerical grade or a poor star rating. Make sure to read about other people’s experiences with a firm before making a decision. That way, you’ll know not only whether their experiences apply to your scenario but also what to avoid in the future.

5. They have a sketchy demeanor


Let’s face it; there’s one thing that’s definitely critical when it comes to hiring someone to do work for you: personal contact. Sure, you can do a lot of research online and ask around, but nothing beats your personal impression at the end of the day. One of the most common methods to tell whether you’re working with terrible movers is to look for signals like these.

To summarize, don’t forget to interview your potential movers thoroughly. Ask them as many questions as you can think of regarding their employment and practices. Reputable, licensed movers would gladly answer any of your questions; after all, it is their livelihood.

Uneasy, hesitant replies, and dodgy behavior, on the other hand, are clear warning flags, so avoid relocating teams that demonstrate them. If you don’t hire them, you’ll almost certainly be avoiding shady movers.

6. Unrealistic estimates

So, now that you’ve spoken with a few different moving companies, what’s next? In general, you should look at the moving estimates they’ve provided you with. Remember, if you want to choose the best moving company, storage facility, or furniture movers, you need to always account for a backup plan.

However, how can a moving estimate assist you in spotting dodgy movers? When you look at the numerous services they provide and their costs, you may discover a significant disparity somewhere. Unreasonably low estimates compared to legitimate, reputable movers in Melbourne are one of the telltale signals you’re choosing the bad movers.


There are plenty of red flags that movers will wave in your face, but you have got to open your eyes to see them. Look for these indicators to help you choose a better moving company.