5 Reasons Why Snus Is the Best Alternative to Cigarettes

Bad habits in life are some of the most difficult things to get rid of no matter how hard we try. There are a select few types of products in the world that people are drawn to and even addicted to. No matter how bad they are for our general health and many increase the risk for certain diseases, humans continue to consume them on a regular basis.

Arguably the most widespread of these is smoking cigarettes. A cigarette, or any other similar tobacco product for that matter, is hardly a novelty product. It has been around for centuries and people have been smoking it in different ways. Things however seem to be at an all-time worst in modern society as more and more people get hooked to smoking at an early age and never quit.

Quitting smoking is infamous for being very difficult to pull off. Even if you are tired of spending money on something that is actually slowly killing you, and even if you want to stop smelling of burned tobacco wherever you go, it is not at all easy. Smokers usually struggle for years before they fully quit, and even when they do, they often find a substitute that is equally bad, or worse. Luckily, there are certain alternatives for smoking that can help you break your ties to this bad habit and allow you to get your life back.

In this article, we will be talking about one such alternative and explore the reasons why it is the best solution for anyone looking to reduce the amount of cigarettes they smoke and eventually quit completely. The alternative in question is called snus and it is taking the world of smoking and inhaling products by storm. Read on to find out more, and if you want to order some high-quality snus products, be sure to have a look here.

What is Snus?


Although you may be hearing about it for the first time right here and now, snus is actually a Swedish tobacco product that has been around since the 18th century. It is a type of dry snuff, a type of tobacco that is not smoked but rather inhaled through the nose. However, you do not do this with snus.

How you consume it is by placing it between the gums and the upper lip. It is an “under the lip” product that gives out its effects over time. The more saliva there is, the quicker the release and absorption of nicotine.

It has a bad name in some areas of the world, especially parts of the European Union where it is actually illegal to sell it. It is allowed in North America, as well as most of Asia, South America, and Africa. In Sweden, where it originated, as well as Norway, it is among the most popular tobacco products available.

Why Is It Better than Cigarettes?

So what makes this product the best alternative for regular cigarettes and is it really able to help you quit traditional smoking? Read on the following reasons why the answers to these questions are positive.

1. Less Risk of Cancers


Smoking is infamous for its high risk of developing numerous cancers including stomach, lung, mouth, and pancreatic cancers. While all tobacco products share this trait, cigarettes are by far the worst. Snus is not nearly as damaging and is actually a risk-reducing alternative to usual smoking.

The risk of lung cancer is barely there since there is no combustion, inhalation and smoke involved. The same goes for the mouth since there is less exposure to nicotine and other ingredients. The respiratory track does not suffer when snus is used since it is absorbed through the gums and the inner lip.

2. Less Risk for Cardiovascular Diseases

Similar to the reduction in the chances to develop cancers, the cardiovascular system also suffers much less, if at all. You are not using your body to breathe in the smoke. There is no inhaling and exhaling involved, which means the heart does not struggle to keep up and work harder than it needs to.

Your breathing will never be disrupted if you switch to snus and you will not be one of the hundreds of millions of people who develop serious heart diseases and die as a result of smoking cigarettes.

3. No Diabetes Risk


Smoking is tightly connected to diabetes, as between 30% and 40% of all smokers have a higher chance to develop type 2 diabetes. Around 15% of all smokers are diabetic in the USA. This happens because nicotine lessens the effectiveness of insulin, and in high doses this is dramatically increased.

Less tobacco and therefore less nicotine is consumed when using snus instead of cigarettes. If you are at a risk of developing diabetes, or if you have genetic predispositions, swap cigarettes for snus as quickly as possible. While snus may also contribute to diabetes, the risks are much less than cigarettes just like with other above mentioned health problems.

4. Oral Hygiene and Health

It is no secret that cigarettes smell and that the smoke can bother not only the non-smokers but the smokers too. Nobody wants their entire home, especially textile-like furniture and clothes, to smell of cigarettes. Worst of all, the fingers, the mouth, and the heart tend to absorb the smell of cigarettes as you are literally surrounded by an aura of bad smell.

This is not the case with snus as there is no burning and smoking. Nothing will smell and nobody will even know that you are using it. No tobacco products are healthy for the mouth, nor hygienic for that matter. But if you want to reduce the obvious telltale signs of a smoker and be cleaner and better smelling in the process, do make a switch.

5. No Second-Hand Smoking


If you care about others as much as about yourself, you will not want them to be second-hand smokers just because you are smoking. To prevent your non-smoking friends and family from cigarette smoke exposure and to become more fun to be around, try using snus since there is no risk of second-hand smoking involved.