How to Speed Up Your Essay Writing Process – 2024 Guide

Education is among the most important things in the life of every person. Without it, we cannot be productive members of society, we cannot know things about the world we live in, and we cannot build relationships with other people.

Basically, education is our gateway into the world. The more you know, the richer you are. During our time at school, be it primary, middle, high school, or college, there are numerous projects that require us to do things on our own.

Oftentimes, students are overwhelmed with plenty of academic assignments that have tight deadlines. They can write essays on their own or just apply for a service like and get everything done without unnecessary stress. Professional academic assistance is the best solution for one’s well-being in situations like this.

These often come as homework, seminar papers, and other types of work that are to be done in your own time, away from the classroom. This is how you get to prove your knowledge and understanding of the curriculum and how you prepare for graded assignments.

Writing assignments


Among the most widely spread type of assignments to do at home are essays. Writing is crucial, it has helped our kind move away from the stone age and brought about advancements like never before. There is no language without writing, nor is there art and information. Being able to put things into writing is a basic life skill that all of us require.

For these and many reasons, every student has countless essays to write during their education. Some have more of them, others have fewer, but nobody can escape writing dozens of essays on all sorts of topics. Because they are so widely spread and because teachers and professors put so much emphasis on them, they are generally a heated topic for most students.

Essay writing is time-consuming, it requires a lot of research, and even when you meet the word count you are never sure if you have done a good job. Essays are infamous among students because they also deal with topics that are not that interesting to write about.

They ask for the writer’s opinion and elaboration of concepts, phenomena, and ideas that most students never thought about before. But can all of this be easier and can the whole writing process be faster? The answer to both of those questions is yes, it can, but only if you know what to do. Read on to learn how to speed up your essay writing process and click here if you need additional help.

Understand what is being asked of you


Essay writing usually implies elaboration on an idea, providing your views on a certain thing, or looking at something from different points of view. There is always something the student needs to do and it is usually more specific and narrow than everyone thinks.

Keeping to the point and doing only the thing that the teacher asks of you is how you will always do things quicker. No need to beat around the bush and write too much. If you are struggling to figure out what the core of the assignment is about and what is being asked of you, ask the teacher to make it clearer.

Identifying the key among the instructions will prevent you from writing all over the place and losing valuable time. Getting lost in your own writing is something that eventually happens to everyone, great and experienced writers, as well as students, simply looking to complete a task for credit.

Learn about and understand the content


It is tough to write about something you know almost nothing about. Nobody is good at talking about a topic they have little to no interest in, even the greatest of writers. This is why essays usually take longer to complete. First, you have to know a thing or two about the subject matter and only then can you give your thoughts on it.

So before you start the writing process, read about the topic and inform yourself about it. It does not have to be exactly the source material you have. The wider the better. You can take a day to read about it, then sleep on it, and start writing the next day. Take time for the ideas in your head to develop.

Otherwise, you will never be able to finish it properly. Developing your understanding of the topic decreases the time it takes to actually write it. Essays are about thinking, not just physically writing.

Plan things out


Whenever a writer plans out the structure of their work, they are able to write it much faster. This is again related to thinking about the essay before you start writing it. What is going to be your approach? Do you agree or disagree with the topic? What about the style of writing, the structure of the essay itself?

Mapping the document and envisioning what it is going to look like once you finish it can be of great help and reduce the overall time it takes you to write it. Establish the major points of your essay, gather the supporting details, and think about the aspects that you do not really have to use. If you try to multitask and do all of this while writing, it will prolong the process.

Decisions dictate your writing phase. Once you have it all figured out, the writing is only a mechanical thing that needs to happen before you have the final product. Think of it as following the plan that you already made.

Be realistic with the total amount of time


The worst thing you can do to yourself when you have an essay to write is to stress about how much time you actually need. Pressuring yourself and thinking you have to finish it within asset time limit will almost always result in doing it for longer than you thought it would.

Take a step back and start planning it slowly. Do the research, think about the structure, and make a plan. Give your mind a few days to develop ideas and do not stress about the speed of the writing process.

Once you have things figured out, it will be quite easy to finish. You will barely even feel it. Setting impossible deadlines and dreading the moment that you have to start is always counterproductive when writing is concerned.