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10 Simple Ideas to Surprise Your Loved One on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you’re out of gift ideas? You want to get something that will completely sweep them of their feet and show them how much you care? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

We’re going to give you some quick inspiration to make them your forever valentine this February the 14th.

So, without any further ado, let’s get right into it, shall we?

1. Surprise them as soon as they wake up


It’s often said that the morning is the most important part of the day. While it might seem cliché, providing your loved one with the entire “breakfast in bed” experience is more than enough to keep them smiling for the rest of the day.

So, get up a bit earlier, make their favorite meal, and surprise them with an unforgettable morning! You can get as creative as you want. Go gift shopping the day before and hide the present until they wake up to surprise them the second they open their eyes. This goes without saying, but don’t forget to kiss them good morning so you both start your day right!

2. Get them a photo album

You probably have thousands of photos with your significant other in your phone gallery. Still, mobile phones get lost, broken, and replaced, so there’s nothing to guarantee the safety of your dearest memories. That’s why placing all of these precious moments in a photo album provides you with an excellent Valentine’s Day gift idea! Make sure to write some sweet notes on the back of the photos, and consider getting a customized album cover for the best possible results.

You can also frame a couple of your favorite photos to keep as a constant reminder of the love you share with this special person of yours. Yes, it’s a simple idea, but it’s something that everyone would love to get!

3. Let them choose their own gift


Surprise your loved ones by taking them to their favorite store and letting them choose their Valentine’s Day gift themselves! While it may sound “lazy”, it’s a great way to treat your loved one with something they’ve already wanted. Don’t stop there, though. Take them to lunch at their favorite restaurant, and spend the day doing things you know they love.

This idea is perfect for new couples who’re still unsure of each other’s exact preferences, but it can work for long-term partners too! The point is in spending the entire day together and enjoying each other’s company to the max.

4. Write a love letter

Who says that romance is dead? While yes, we don’t need to write letters to communicate with each other nowadays, putting your words of love on paper still has that special romantic effect.

Make sure to pour all of your feelings into the letter. Tell them precisely why they’re so special to you, and you’ll certainly make them remember that day for the years to come!

5. Revisit those special places


Perhaps it’s the restaurant where you had your first date, or maybe the park where you professed your love to them: every couple has some special spots that remind them of each other. Well, why not go back to these places and relive some of your favorite moments yet again? It’s a perfectly romantic idea that could make this Valentine’s Day completely unforgettable.

If it’s too early in your relationship to have those “nostalgic” feelings, don’t worry! It simply means you should start creating more of those precious memories you’d love to return to someday.

6. Specialized Valentine’s gifts

Now, getting them something simple such as perfume or a box of their favorite chocolates is a perfectly viable option, albeit somewhat boring. Instead of that, you could get creative and gift them some Valentine-specific but customized items to make them love you even more.

For example, and as mentioned at, you could gift them a customized Q&A journal for two people that you can fill together. You can find many similar sweet gift ideas online, so keep on searching until you find the perfect one!

7. Go on a road trip!


If you and your partner enjoy traveling, Valentine’s Day might be the perfect occasion to do so! Hop into your car and drive to somewhere you both want to go and spend a romantic day together (away from your day-to-day worries). Plan an outdoor picnic if the weather allows it, visit the nearby theme park, enjoy a day at a museum, or explore a foreign city together: the possibilities are endless!

Make sure to plan this ahead, though. Both you and your partner should have nothing else scheduled on February the 14th for this to work.

8. Gift them a spa day

Is there any better way to spend Valentine’s Day than by relaxing with your significant other at the local spa? Probably not! If both of you have been under stress lately (like most of us are), this is also a perfect way to get your mind off things for a little bit. Everyone can benefit from a spa-day, so go schedule those appointments before it’s too late!

9. Sticky notes


You could leave some small love letters all around the house using regular sticky notes. These types of simple romantic gestures will keep your partner smiling throughout the entire day.

Keep your mini-letters short and sweet, and use some decorative paper to make them even more appealing. You could also cut them into different shapes and paint them different colors to appeal specifically to your significant other.

10. Learn a new skill together

If you and your partner enjoy learning new things (who doesn’t?), you could take it to the next level and hire a professional to teach you something you’ve both never tried before! It could be painting, dancing or cooking: anything as long as it’s exciting and new. It’s a win-win: you’ll learn something new while having a day to remember with your favorite person!