Top 15 Hottest Female Pop Singers (Updated 2024)

The nightingales of industry not only charm the admirers with their voice but also have the body to lure you in the most pleasurable sweet dreams you would be trying to have for decades. With most stunning looks they appeal to the audience in every way possible, begging to be fantasized.

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They all know that it’s show business the only way to capture the market is to provide what audience is seeking the most from exposing their blossoms on the stage to hanging nude to a wrecking ball they have done it all. People like them and you all must be desperate to know what would be the next extreme step they will be taking to climb the next step of success.

Hold your horses tight these amazingly hot women have a lot to offer the show is still on and they are trying their best to grab the awards from each other’s grasp. These are the Top 15 hottest female singers of 2024.

1. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Hottest pop singer

We all know she can’t keep her hands to herself in need of some desperate attention and love our little Salena is not so little anymore. After a long going love altercation with Bieber, he finally moved on with Hailey Baldwin leaving this little birdie alone. She has been spotted with several others including Weekend and Marshmello, dated 11 people so far, still unable to find one true love of her life. The owner of the marvelous hot structure of 35-26-35, her breasts are grown quite handsomely growing at the exact rate of her ass. She is active on every social platform and had the most followers on Instagram. The position of maximum fans on Insta is acquired by Cristiano Ronaldo now leaving Gomez on second.

2. Dua Lipa

Dua lipa Top hottest pop singers

The English-Albanian singer cum model Dua Lipa can be called “all sorts of flavor in a nutshell”. She worked as a model for a period then she came in singing. Warner Bros. signed her as a lead pop singer and she proved them right as from day one she crossed the expectations. Songs like “Don’t Start Now”, “New Rules” and “Be the One” became overwhelmingly popular in the USA, UK, and Australia. Her single “One Kiss” won her several awards along with two Grammy awards.

3. Camila Cabello

Selena Gomez Hottest female pop singer

Havana star Camila Cabello is a provocating hot sausage in the industry not only that her wonderful voice is a mousetrap and she’s the cheese on top of that. She will melt in your mouth with a sweet and salty taste. Standing tall at 5ft. 2 inches this Cuban fire is just 21-year-old her stats measures 34-25-34in. She is currently dating Mathew Hussey even though her sexual orientation is not clear and she could be bisexual or lesbian but till the time she is dating men we can’t say what’s coming next.

4. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Hottest female pop singer

25-year old Ariana Grande looks as if she is still in her teens. She can be spotted on Instagram posting pictures of her with friends and boyfriends which keeps changing at a continuous pace. Currently dating Pete Davidson after ending her two-year relationship with Mac Miller. She loves to try different hair colors and her left cheek has a dimple attracting more male attention. Straight in her sexual orientation the body stats of Ariana 32-24-32in which are just handful as compared to others but with her High-pitched voice and sweet smile she makes sure she gets enough of what she desired.

5. Demi Lavato

Demi Lavato Hottest female pop singer

Born on August 20, 1992 diva bombshell Demi Lovato in the big name in the industry, with a slim posture and growing stats which currently measure 34-27-36 inches. She has been in a relationship with 12 people so far, her current boyfriend Henry Levy came into the picture in 2018. Before him, Demi dated Kehlani which didn’t work out well for both of them. Moving on with their lives they both are happy and enjoying the luxuries of their lives. She is Bisexual and dated Ruby Rose in 2010. Her dating career started when she confronted about her relationship with Trace Cyrus in 2009 when she was just 17.

6. Halsey

Halsey Top hottest pop singers

Ashley Nicolette Frangipane or Halsey as we know her is another result of social media. She lived in homeless shelters after getting ejected by her family due to many reasons. She also had chosen prostitution as a way of being alive. Her hard works paid off, when her albums i.e. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, Badlands, Manic constantly hit the Billboard chart. Halsey has been actively participating in suicide prevention awareness and sexual assault victim advocacy. Her songs depict the life she has gone through.

7. Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie Hottest female pop singer

This English beauty holds a lot of secrets. Bisexual Anne-Marie has not dated anyone in public but her admirers are eager to know what’s cooking behind the curtain. Maybe, she doesn’t need a man to protect her. Training herself since the age of nine in Martial arts. Practicing Shotokan originated in Japan this art is formed by mixing several martial arts form. So beware before you get messy with her. Due to her rouge traits, she loves the legends like Eminem, 50 Cent. She is a dominator with her Ice blonde hair. she’s the Khaleesi of her clan with her teat at 33in with a cup size of 38C her rear go all the way around to 38inch.

8. Katy Perry

katy perry Hottest female pop singer

Loved by us all, Queen of seduction, famous for being outstanding, always ahead, up to a notch Katy Perry know how it’s done. Meaning business at her every move in the industry, she loves to chill out and spent time with her family. This sexy female pop singer is all cool about people knowing her life, she has millions following her you can come along anytime. Measuring 36-25-35, her curious eyes are always searching at a go. Moving forward searching for something, she can fixate you in her gaze filling you with fantasies and gratification. Perry dating 3 at the moment we are still not sure who should be actually happy being with her or maybe they all are! Just saying.

9. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Hottest female pop singer

Nice! Just by looking at her your mouth will water or it will dry out there’s no way in between. Taylor Swift believes in the survival of the fittest, comfortable with her body, Taylor Swift will make you do things you can never imagine. She sued a DJ who she alleged to groping her ass under her skirt which fuelled giving out a lot of smoke to the industry. Known by 13 different nicknames, one of her nicknames is The Poet laureate of Puberty. She likes 69 don’t make any wild guesses; it’s her body weight and guess she likes to maintain it that ways. Standing tall at 5ft 9.1/4inches. Her dating list goes up to 22 at the age of 29. We think she will settle down soon, dating Joe Alwyn graduated from the University of Bristol in 2012 after which he joined the school of speech and drama. Famous for her red lips, Taylor Swift may have found someone who can take her tantrums. But you never know, It’s Taylor Swift we are talking about.

10. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Hottest female pop singer

She let people touch her vaginal area over her dress in a live concert. The good girl has gone bad Miley was seen sticking her naked body to a wrecking ball expressing her emotions through the song Miley told the world how much she was hurt. After Liam and Miley broke up in 2013, breaking her from the inside, the Disney star Hannah Montana cried for the first time on the silver screen shaking the industry to the core. She started dating again but this time it was not the same sweet Miley we knew, changing herself to be bold and taking control of things, dating Patrick Arnold Shriver Schwarzenegger which came out to be an interesting gig in the industry. They broke up soon and Miley felt there are no good guys left switching her mode she dated Stella Maxwell.

11. Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha Top hottest pop singers

Bebe Rexha is mainly a songwriter and has co-written many songs like Eminem’s “The Monster” that won the Grammy. Though she has sung plenty of songs like “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You”, “I’m Gonna Show You Crazy”. Bebe has also collaborated with singers like Selena Gomez, Martin Garrix and Nick Jonas. She joined the choir in High School where she learned that her voice is a coloratura soprano.

12. Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter Top hottest pop singers

Sabrina Carpenter, the American singer, and actress started her career with a cameo in the crime series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”. Her significant performance was in a Disney Series “Girl meets World” from 2014-2017. She also has featured in many movies like “Horns (2013)”, “The Hate U Give (2018)”. She started singing with her single “Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying”. Her debut album is Eyes Wide Open 2015.

13. Cardi b

Cardi b Hottest female pop singer

Making the money move, Cardi b walked the walks the way up with her head held high in the industry. Calling her famous hot singers rival bitch, showing that she is the hottest in the industry. No doubt she is expensive stating that she doesn’t dance anymore. Born in the Bronx, her father was a cab driver and her mother worked as a cashier. With a voluptuous body frame weighing 62 kg, this hot mess stands tall at 5ft 6inches. On records Cardi started dating in 2017 offset the Migos’rapper spotted sharing the same jet ski at Puerto Rico. Bisexual, her Hot body stats of 39-27-36 showing how she likes to keep her boobs bigger than her rump.

14. Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves Hottest female pop singer

Kacey likes it smooth, her music can be felt through the heart and she makes sure you enjoy every string of her guitar. Her star sign is Leo and she is 30, born on August 21, 1988, in Golden, Texas, The United States of America. Musgraves not only sings but also love to write some of the best harmonies you would have ever heard. She found her love back in 2014 when Misa Arriaga, her band guitarist and she started dating. It’s been straight 5 years they have been together. Before that, they stayed friends for years maybe that’s the reason they are still together. Straight in her sexual orientation, Kacey has not shown any traits of being Bisexual or Lesbian. So far the things are going smoothly just like her songs. All we can do is wish them luck for a better future.

15. Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor Top hottest pop singers

Meghan Trainor, the American singer-songwriter started singing from the age of 6, when she visited the church with her father. Her songs are inspired by the late 50s, 60s essence and it can be felt in her songs. Meghan’s “Lips Are Movin” topped the Billboard 100 chart. Her Title (2015) again topped the Billboard with a Tripple Platinum. She won the Grammy award once and ASCAP Pop Music Awards four times. Fun fact is she used to have blue eyes but they turned to green, which is turned green now, Pretty weird!

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