7 Useful TikTok Features & Hacks You Need to Try ASAP

Tik Tok is the best platform to create content and post on it if you have the talent to entertain people. This social networking application connects many people and allows them to share anything they like in whatever way.

People with entertaining skills get many followers, likes, and shares. It is the best platform to make money. But not everyone is aware of its unique features that can help them gain many followers. As a first-time user, you need to know more about this platform before you make any content. Initially, you must download the application and start understanding its unique features.

Now, you need to download some stuff without a watermark, and then you can use We will discuss plenty of hacks that you can follow to reach millions of people and share your content with them. You should try them as soon as you join the platform.

1. Creating a Slideshow


A single picture is not enough to tell the complete story. The perfect idea is to combine multiple images in a slideshow instead of a collage. In this way, all the images will appear one by one, and hence, your followers can easily understand your content. You must arrange all the pictures in order to explain the story adequately.

There is a plus button available on the home to create a slide show for creating exciting videos. You need to keep tapping to upload any number of pictures. It is easy to add many things like effects, stickers, texts, and sound clips. You can make your content enjoyable by adding these features.

2. Doing the Voice Effects

If you think that a robot will narrate your story better, you can prefer doing voice effects. You need to do the same thing that you do while creating a video. There is a checkmark on the record screen, and you have to click it to move it to the editing side.

You have to choose voice effects and apply them to your original one. You will notice that a robot will narrate the authentic voice. The different sound effects will appear differently to the audience, and they will love watching your content.

3. Using the Greenscreen Effect


It is easy to transform the backdrop without using any professional video studio. You need to create a video and tap on the Effects section. There will be two options available in the Greenscreen. If you want to utilize a picture in the background, then you need to consider the green icon with a downward arrow and photo.

But if you want to utilize any video in the background, then you have to choose the green icon with a video. You can pick any image or video of your choice and start recording your content. You can also add different filters.

4. Adding Funny Transitions in Your Video

If you want to create attractive and funny videos for your followers, then you must add funny transitions. There are some built-in effects in this application that you can apply easily. There is an editing stage where you can connect one scene with another visually and smoothly.

Many people love to create content with this trick and prepare a blend of impressive videos. You can record multiple videos and add transitions to them. After that, you can join those videos and make them entertaining for people. Creating and editing clips may take time, but you will get the best output in the end.

5. Adding Closed Captions


With the help of captions, you can attract an audience and share your thoughts that you cannot share through visual content. Anyone having hearing issues can read your caption and understand your content. You can easily add text that appears on the bottom of the editing screen on the editing screen.

It is easy to set the duration for the text that should appear on the screen for a specific time. You can make changes in whatever way you want. Make sure that your audience likes your captions and understands what you are sharing through your visual content.

6. Appearing and Disappearing Text

It is a common technique that many TikTok users use while creating videos. But before you do so, you need to know how to add captions. You can appear and disappear the text whenever you want in the video.

There is a feature of set duration that you can use on every text that appears on the screen. You can set the time and display a few words on the screen whenever you want. The appearance and disappearance of text have a fantastic effect on your video and attract many followers. They see the visual content as well as read the text appearing on the screen.

7. Do the Duet with Another TikTok Video


If you like any video and want to do a duet, this application has a feature. Whenever you watch the video, you need to click on the Share button on the right side. You need to tap the Duet button to see the editing screen.

After that, you have to record your video and check the preview before posting it. If you think that the content you have recorded is okay, then you can post it for your followers. You can do the duet with trending videos and connect with celebrities as well.

The Bottom Line

There are some valuable features in the TikTok social media application to create engaging visual content. If you have the ability to entertain your followers, you must know all its features. You must try all the mentioned hacks to increase your content’s followers, likes, and shares.

Make sure that you post something that must entertain your audience. If your talent is not getting enough recognition, these hacks will help make things possible. Everyone will recognize you and know how hard you work on your videos. With the help of these hacks, your work will be identified easily.