Is It Okay to Trade Crypto on Weekends?

Digital assets include things like digital currency, sometimes referred to as cryptocurrency. It controls the development of its versions and safe payments using cryptography. The autonomous structure of cryptocurrencies constrains the degree to which states and their financial firms can meddle. The earliest and best-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was developed in 2009. Three hundred sixty-five days a year, the Biticodes cryptocurrency exchange is operational. Weekends might still affect the market.

Although many people look forward to Saturday night as a respite from the weekday, it appears to be the most important time for bitcoin traders to purchase and sell the most well-known cryptocurrencies and has much-needed news about cryptocurrencies, so give it a look if you want to know more.

Let’s examine how trading in digital currencies is impacted by weekends.

The Crypto Market’s “Sunday Effect”


The “Sunday effect” is a phrase frequently used in expert investors’ conversations, according to This phenomenon is the regular Sunday price decline of coins that results in a frenzy of selling requests. According to papers, there are significant price movements over the weekend and holidays in the bitcoin market and other cryptocurrencies.

This is because there is typically less action on weekends. Furthermore, significant occurrences at this time may affect prices more significantly. Let’s briefly review how bitcoin prices have historically seen significant sell-offs over the weekend and how this has impacted events.

What Causes Contribute To The Weekend Collapse of the Cryptocurrency Market?

Let us look at some factors that add up to cryptocurrency crashing on weekends.

Margin trading

Trading on excess is one of the major causes that can lead to a value drop on the weekends. Margin trading is a style of trading in which users borrow funds from brokers to buy cryptocurrency. The deal then uses this amount as security.

Long-term traders will liquidate more assets as prices decline to recoup their losses. Since other people may also decide to sell their crypto assets, this sell-off might push cryptocurrency marketplace values down.


Additionally, margin needs are frequently more significant on weekends at markets. As a result, dealers will likely need to provide more significant collateral for their trades. Additionally, it may result in forced sales. Consequently, the greater the price decrease,

Liquidity is low

Low liquidity is another issue that may contribute to weekend price drops in digital currencies. A virtual currency’s liquidity refers to its capacity to be purchased or sold without impacting its price.

The market for digital currencies is open 365 days a year. On the other hand, trade activity typically declines on weekends and federal holidays. Because of this, there will be less need for virtual currencies, resulting in lower prices.

Market participants, who are in charge of supplying liquidity to the marketplace, may benefit from a lack of liquidity by offering lower prices for virtual currency sales. This may result in future price declines.

Headlines and Announcements

News and happenings are vital variables that might impact the value of digital currencies. Information on the marketplace is frequently scarce on weekends due to the lack of information on this relatively new investment category. As traders seek to analyze the news and make selling choices, this can cause significant price changes.


For instance, if a coin receives good news on a Saturday, its price may soar on Sunday as traders purchase the coin in expectation of potential price gains. On the other hand, if there is bad news regarding cryptocurrencies on a Sunday, values may fall on Monday as people sell the currency to limit their losses.

Keeping up with the most recent news is crucial because weekend headlines and happenings can potentially influence the price of digital currencies.

Asia Has the Most Crypto Transactions

Although the bitcoin sector is accessible around-the-clock, trading volume typically declines on weekends. It’s because Asia is home to a large number of cryptocurrency platforms. There, the time zone is, at the very least, four and twelve hours ahead of Europe and the US. Aside from that, Asian banks open while everyone else is still enjoying their weekend.

Rates are more likely to change over the weekends because there is less trading participation. This does not, nevertheless, imply that weekends are invariably when digital currency prices decline. Prices may still rise if there is good news or an occasion that takes place over the weekend.

Weekends See Fewer Market Manipulations

Since they are a comparatively new asset category, laws and understanding of cryptocurrencies are still lacking. Because of the lack of control, there may be more pricing tampering throughout the workweek. But before the weekend, most significant owners will sell their bitcoins and other crypto assets. As a result, bitcoin values drop precipitously during the weekend due to market deception.

Bitcoin ETFs


Introducing cryptocurrency ETFs is among the most significant things to impact crypto transactions. Exchange-traded funds called “crypto ETFs” monitor the value of cryptocurrency. In December 2017, the first cryptocurrency ETF was introduced, and a number of others have followed.

The introduction of crypto ETFs has an uneven effect on the value of digital currencies. On the one hand, the ETFs render it more uncomplicated for traders to purchase digital currencies. As a result, there has been a rise in the need and value for cryptocurrencies. On the other side, other analysts contend that the ETFs increase the volatility of the price of digital currencies. This is since the ETFs’ trading prices can vary from those of the fundamental virtual currency.

The rising volatility may be viewed as good or bad based on your investing approach.


Although the market for digital currencies is available around-the-clock, there are still several elements that may impact prices on the weekends. Due to lower market activity and significant developments on weekends, instability frequently rises throughout this time.


You may lessen the chance that a weekend price movement will catch you off guard by keeping up with the most recent information and employing digital money monitoring software.