Underwater Treasures: Try Out a Marine-Themed Slot Game

Avid fans of slot games now have a better reason to be happy! NeoGames released a highly anticipated game, Underwater Treasures, where you get a chance to win big prizes.

This 4×5 slot machine takes us deep into the ocean, where we get to swim with fish and explore hidden surprises in shells. In this review, we will take a dive and look into the features of this title!

Underwater Treasures Overview


Underwater Treasures is a unique slot because of its grid. The slot is 4×5 instead of the usual 5×3. The grid is an underwater background, and the slots are bubbles.

Instead of rotating or spinning, the bubbles burst, and their symbols fade. The faded symbols get replaced with new ones, and it is these symbols that award monetary wins.

You can play this title for free in the demo version, but you will not win real cash. If you want to win real money, you must also bet real cash. Yes, it is risky, but it’s worth it!

Game Features

Like other slot machines, there are features in this game that can increase your win rate and prizes. The features randomly trigger, giving you an opportunity to recover your losses in the previous rounds or get bigger winnings.

One important peculiarity of the game is the bonus. In this round, there are seven “tunnels,” and each tunnel has a multiplier, an X, or a checkmark:

The tunnels are:

  • 40x;
  • 20x;
  • X;
  • Up Arrow;
  • 25x;
  • 10x;
  • 15x

There are many creatures that swim around. You must wait for a creature to swim into space or inside the tunnel. If it does, that prize gets added to your total prize. On the other hand, if a creature swims into the arrow space or tunnel, you will be upgraded to the next level.

You can only have a total of three creatures to swim in the X space or tunnel. After that, you get paid the total, and then you exit the bonus game.

Here are some more game features:

  • Tickets – you can control the number of tickets you want to bet on, similar to the number of lines you can wager on in slot machines. They vary from 10 to 20;
  • Bet Size – you can also control the cost of each bet. The bet sizes are between $0.05 and $2 per ticket;
  • Autoplay – there is an auto-play button where you can tell the machine to play rounds 10, 25, 50, or 100 times without your active participation.

The game prizes depend on the symbols that appear. If many high-paying symbols appear at the same time, you win more money. We will discuss the game further in the next section.

Mechanics of the Game


The first step to playing Underwater Treasures is to set your bet size and ticket count. To do this, click on the menu key at the bottom right. If you wager $2 per ticket and you activate all 20 tickets, your total bet for that round is $40.

Next, click on the play button. Once you do this, the symbols inside the bubbles will fade and get replaced with new ones. After the new creatures appear, only the fish symbols will reward cash. What you have to watch out for is the shell, as it contains special prizes!

There are only five types of fish in the game. Then, there is the shell that can reward you with up to 1,000x your bet. The shell, like the fish, randomly appears in the grid.

What makes this slot machine variant great is you do not need to make a pay line. All you need is a fish, and you win whatever prize is tied to that particular symbol.

Now, there are five symbols at the top of the grid. These symbols are:

  • Octopus;
  • Stingray;
  • Turtle;
  • Jellyfish;
  • Sea horse.

Each symbol has a meter. For every symbol that appears on the grid that matches the animal, you fill up that meter. Once that meter fills, you win the accompanying prize.

The octopus’ meter has five slots. The stingray meter also has five. The turtle and jellyfish have four slots, and the seahorse has three. So, if you manage to fill the three slots of the seahorse, you win the prize. You must fill this meter in the same round. The game resets every round. If the meter does not get filled up, the content of each meter disappears.

Where to Play?

The Underwater Treasures slot game can be found in various online casinos, offering players a thrilling underwater adventure with a chance to uncover hidden treasures. Many reputable online casinos feature this exciting slot, and if it’s not available at a particular casino, it’s likely to be added soon due to its popularity.

Players interested in playing this slot machine should check out well-established online casinos, such as Vulkan Vegas casino, known for their wide selection of games. Additionally, they can search for the game through reputable casino review sites or visit the website of the game developer to find a list of online casinos where it’s available.

As always, it’s essential for players to gamble responsibly and within their means. Make sure to select licensed and regulated online casinos to ensure a safe and fair gaming experience. Enjoy the underwater adventure and the thrill of hunting for treasures responsibly!

Ready, Steady, Swim!


NeoGames company has truly revolutionized the whole slot niche with its Underwater Treasures. How many other slots do you know, where you do not have to spin reels and form pay lines but burst bubbles in the hope to find a fish or a shell? Probably not many. Experience the thrill and the new concept of this slot machine. Play it for free or with real cash—the choice is yours!