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What Is Hemp Used For?

The mention of the word it paints a picture of a user lost in a state of ecstasy and euphoria. This in itself is a faulted perspective as normally it contains a very low level of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the cannabinoid compound present in the cannabis plant. THC is the compound responsible for the euphoric and high feeling usually experienced by its users.

It on the other hand contains a fair deal of CBD (cannabidiol) which doesn’t have any mind-altering effects. This predominant cannabinoid compound offers a lot of nutritional, medicinal, industrial, and environmental benefits which would be deeply explored in this article.

Nothing can save hemp from the stigma usually attached to it by conservatives. Despite the enactment of sacrosanct laws allowing its usage, its acceptance is still very much contested. Even in the face of adequate research showing its efficacy, its usage is still kicked against by some.

However, Herbies has affirmed that the usefulness and efficacy of hemp transcend its societal acceptance or otherwise, if you need more information visit this website.

Hemp, the wonder-working herb


As indicated above, hemp is simply a species of the Cannabis plant that contains a low level of THC. This plant contains a THC level of less than (0.3%). Hence, incidences of psychoactivity do not occur during or after usage.

The  plant boasts of a variety of natural derivatives. These natural derivatives range from its leaves to its stems and seeds which are often called cannabis seeds. However, there exist several industrial modifications of these natural derivatives. They include:

  1. Hemp seeds (Cannabis seeds) and seed extracts
  1. Hemp oil
  1. Hemp fibers

It seeds are simply small brown-colored seeds obtained from the cannabis plant with a high nutritional density. It seeds serve as one of the source materials for the derivation of other products.

Hemp oil can be defined as oil gotten from plant constituents. Oil can be gotten from the leaves, stems, and seeds.  Perhaps, you might wonder about the difference between hemp oil and Hemp seeds oil.  The former is obtained from any part of the cannabis plant while the latter is solely and exclusively from the hemp seed.

You should note that hemp oil and seed are particularly used in the dietary and nutritional sphere.

Real-life applications and scenarios

Although hemp is often associated with its psychoactive properties, it’s very useful in a wide range of industries. They include:

1. Nutritional application


As a result of the presence of beneficial nutrients, it is not surprising to see recipes being infused with cannabis products. The hemp seed oil can be used as a salad dressing.

Also, the protein powder which is another derivative of the seed is one to look out for. This is because its efficacy cuts across baking to body-building. The protein powder is needed by bodybuilders to aid their bulking stage.

Hemp milk which is derived from crushing it seeds into liquid is also a healthy option to be explored. This option is good for those who want to take a break from dairy products or who are lactose intolerant. The people in the latter category may be those who want to explore lactose-free products other than the traditional skimmed milk.

Research has shown that seeds contain several beneficial fats. These fats have a connection with improved skin health, cardiovascular functions, and cognitive abilities.

2. Environmental benefits


It might come as a shock to many that plant has environmental perks. This plant can be regarded as an atmosphere cleanser as it purifies the atmosphere of Carbon dioxide.

It is even deemed a better stripper of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than trees.

The hemp plant is a gift to nature that keeps gifting. As a result of its nutritional richness, this plant gives back nutrients to the soil. Hence, farmers can plant hemp to enrich the soil. Little wonder they are termed soil-building plants.

3. Medical/ medicinal benefits


Hemp plants are highly medicinal. Hence, most doctors advise their patients to explore a variety of it modifications.

For instance, using CBD oil is highly beneficial in reducing chronic pain and anxiety. This is a result of the sooting sensation that permeates the body after topical usage. Also, they are effective in curing a broad spectrum of skin conditions. Skin conditions like acne and eczema can be easily cured using this herbal remedy.

Hemp seeds contain a fair amount of vital fats (Omega3-s and 6-s). These fats aren’t produced by the body hence we need to derive them from external forces.

According to Herbies, there is a significant link between these fats and improved cognitive functions. These fats are also pivotal for grooming healthy skin. The magnesium concentration of these seeds also reduces the risk of coronary diseases.

The Omega- 6s found in the hemp seed has been discovered to have an anti-inflammatory effect. This effect would prove itself useful in treating joint pains like Arthritis. Hence it is safe to say that this beneficial oil is an herbal substitute for Ibruprofen.

Research has shown that it seeds and oils have been able to treat the following conditions:

  • Warts
  • Cough
  • Asthma
  • Spinal cord injuries and a variety of other conditions.

4. Industrial applications


The fiber contained in the stalk of this plant possesses a lot of industrial uses. The fibers are usually separated from the stalk through a process called retting. These fibers are in turn now used to produce unique and classy textiles. It has also been used in the production of sails and ropes. This practice itself has some historical significance as its use dates back to 8000BC.

Using textile materials gotten from hemp has been regarded as better than using cotton. This is because hemp is a lightweight material. Hence, the material is easily breathable.

It has also extended its tentacles to the construction niche. Products called hempcrete which is a combination of limestone and hemp stalks are being used in building. The effect of this is that less carbon dioxide (CO2 ) is being emitted to the environment. Its efficacy in this regard prevents the greenhouse warming effects.

Wrapping up

The functionality and efficacy of the  plant can’t be constrained to a single industry. This is a result of its inherent benefits and its ability to be modified without tampering with its natural quality.

Many false narratives are being peddled to devalue the essence of the  plant but its usefulness speaks for it.