What Is Pochette And How Do You Wear A Pochette Bag?

Different bags need to be worn differently to bring out their actual style and look to the fore. Here, we will tell you about the art of wearing pochette bags to make them look visually appealing and functional at the same time. However, we understand that not many may be aware of these styles of bags. At the end of this article, you will not only know how to wear pochette bags, but also the nature of these bags. Once you know what pochette bags are, and what they are used for, we are sure you will rock your look whenever you carry them anywhere.

What are pochette bags?

Phones are becoming bigger, while purses are getting smaller in today’s world. The fashion industry has agreed that less is more ever since celebrities started rocking the small purse look on the red carpet of big events. With the ’90s and Y2K fashion trends resurfacing, it’s no wonder that the pochette, the ultimate “it” bag of the decade, is returned.

A pochette, which literally translates to bag or envelope in French, is a tiny and slim shoulder purse that appears to be sweeping influencers and runways alike. However, the term has become synonymous with Louis Vuitton’s pochette bag, which is the pinnacle of the small shoulder bag. The pochette is not only lovely, but also adaptable. It may be worn informally with mom jeans and oversized jean jackets, or more formally with a silk slip dress. One of the bag’s best features is its capacity to be worn in different sections or all together – it can be de-constructed without compromising style, and each component looks great – individually and together.

A brief history of the pochette bags


You will be surprised to know that the history of the pochette bags can be traced back to as early as the Middle Age. In those olden days, men and women used to carry small bags or purses (mostly made of silk) with them to carry their valuable belongings. However, unlike today, they used to hide these bags under their coats.

However, a few years after the Middle Age, these small purses were mostly used by women in countries like France. They used to carry small & stylish bags along with them. These bags would contain basic items like cosmetics. It was only in the 1920s that the pochette bags became an undisputable part of women’s fashion. During this time, these bags were a symbol of luxury, as they were mostly the proud possessions of movie stars, royal women and women who held high positions in society.

As the years rolled by, luxury brands like Louis Vuitton started making pochette bags for these rich women. These women inspired a lot of others to carry these small purse-like bags with them, to hold their essential items. As a result, today, pochette bags are not just reserved for the rich, and they are worn in many styles like the following:



The Multi-Pochette Accessories Bag by Louis Vuitton is one of the most popular in the pochette category of bags. It comes with a three-in-one design of miniature bags. These pochettes typically feature a wide strap, high-quality hardware, and a cowhide-leather accent with the unique monogrammed design carrying the logo of the brand.

The crossbody is the go-to style, when it comes to wearing pochette bags. To achieve a classy and fashionable yet subtle look, you can pair this bag with a cocktail or evening gown. It also looks great with smart jeans and a beautiful shirt for a more relaxed approach. In any case,  pochette bags, especially the ones from luxury brands,  help to create an elegant look, without too much effort.

Belt bag

Wearing the pochette as a belt bag is convenient and stylish, and it looks amazing. It is the ultimate in-trend casual companion for you. If you are looking for a more casual approach, you carry the pochette with a lovely pair of jeans. The belt bag is ideal for a hectic day out in the town, when you need quick access to your belongings.

On a chain

This small bag’s appeal isn’t going away anytime soon. These bags are still on the list of “must-haves” of fashionistas. Influencers and celebrities are trying different and creative ways to wear pochette bags to create interesting styles. Carrying the mini pochette on a chain makes the bag look like a small clutch, which is a perfect accessory for a night out with friends. You can make the most of this stylish bag, by wearing it on an off-shoulder top or a sophisticated gown.

Bag on a bag


If You Check Here,you will find the pochette already comes with many accessories, but a little more can do no harm! Let us say, you are going on a trip, and you need extra space in your bag to store your essentials. All you need to do is pair this bag with a tote or a sling bag to make it look like a small bag party, and a functional one at that! Pairing it with another bag for a beach trip or a night’s stay or a trek is always a good idea. You can fit your basic needs in this bag, and put your extras in another one. And just like that, you have come up with a stylish, chic and purposeful solution within minutes!

Slings to go

You can wear the pochette as a sling, too. The most popular multi-accessory pochette bag by Louis Vuitton has made it to the trends, without even trying to do so, as it looks beautiful as a sling bag. When it comes to sling bags, they are easy to wear and carry. So, you can loosen up the belt a little bit and use it to hang it up to your shoulder. This will look amazing on a pair of jeans and a simple summer dress. It will also go well with a bomber or leather jacket. This bag can pair well with most outfits, making the outfit and the bag both effortless.