What Can You Buy With Cryptocurrencies?

With so much focus on the money-making aspects of digital currency, it is easy to overlook that cryptocurrency can be used to purchase goods and services. However, those using crypto for online purchases may be unsure where their currency can be used.

There is a growing list of vendors and providers who offer services for cryptocurrency. The ever-increasing appeal of the currency has spurred many businesses into working with crypto as a way to broaden their audiences.

Fortunately, the adoption of digital currency isn’t limited to investors, as many businesses now allow customers to use cryptocurrency for online purchases. If you’re hoping to buy crypto with cc broad match for purchasing goods and services online, many options are available.

Major Online Businesses That Accept Cryptocurrency as Payment

The confidence in cryptocurrency has meant that it is now a viable way of accepting payments, and several major online platforms accept digital currency, including the following.


Etsy is a creative platform that allows users to purchase unique goods. It also allows users to purchase items using digital currency. However, its availability can be limited as some shop owners may not offer the option, so research is needed beforehand. While the option to allow cryptocurrency is at the shop owner’s discretion, the platform may make this mandatory in the future.



Microsoft was one of the first tech companies to accept digital currency as payment. Bitcoin was first accepted in 2014 and can still be used to purchase Microsoft services, including Office, Game Pass, and Xbox Live. Microsoft controls a range of everyday products and games, so their acceptance of cryptocurrency helps drive up sales.


Gyft is an innovative platform that allows users to buy and sell gift cards for many retailers, including iTunes and Starbucks. Bitcoin can be used for payments with no additional fees.



Online protection and privacy are important factors for staying safe online, and the demand for reliable VPN has increased recently. Fortunately, those wanting to safeguard their details can use Bitcoin to pay for VPN subscriptions.


The popular online gaming platform offers paid subscriptions, and those wanting to use Bitcoin for payments can do so with ease. The feature was initially removed in March 2019 but was reintroduced three months later.

Virgin Galactic


Although not everyone will have enough digital currency for space travel, those who want to travel afar can pay the airfare with Bitcoin. Considering the vast potential of cryptocurrency to generate large sums of money, space travel isn’t as far-fetched a concept as initial consideration might suggest.


Namecheap is an online platform that offers domain names and other online services, and the option to pay by Bitcoin was introduced in 2013.

Online Small and Medium Businesses That Accept Cryptocurrency


It is not only the major companies that have embraced digital currency as a payment option. Many small and medium businesses have also recognized the benefits of accepting crypto as a payment option.


Despite there being plenty of great deals available online regarding travel, trying to find a travel website that accepts digital currency can be challenging. Fortunately, there are options available, including Bitcoin. Travel is a travel site that provides accommodation and attractions.

Alternative Airlines


Alternative Airlines is an online platform that allows users to book flights using several cryptocurrencies. The service allows for a degree of protected payments thanks to the security of the blockchain but also enables air travel with more convenience than other forms of currency. A decentralized currency can operate smoothly in multiple countries with minimal disruption. produces many games for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Those interested in updating their game library can use cryptocurrency to make payments.



Those wanting to safeguard themselves when making personal connections online can make payments using digital currency. Badoo is a dating and social site that takes cryptocurrency as a payment method for premium services while ensuring anonymity.

The businesses listed offer a mere overview of the option available to those wanting to buy crypto with cc broad match, but payment using digital currency is expected to become commonplace in the future.

More Vendors Will Accept Crypto in the Future

A recent survey undertaken by VISA has shown that a quarter of small businesses in nine countries plan to accept digital currency as a payment method by 2024. The survey also highlights that 13% of consumers expect crypto payment to become commonplace within the nine countries.

These countries included within the survey include Singapore, the United States, Canada, and Brazil. The popularity of cryptocurrency will continue to be embraced, despite some of the recent concerns regarding regulation in some parts of the world.

Finding the Best Platform for Purchasing Digital Currency


Although it’s vital to ensure a business accepts crypto as a payment method, it is also essential to find the proper exchange when purchasing digital currency.

Coincheck is a platform that can offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies and a faultless user experience that ensures the purchase of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other digital currency is straightforward.

Each crypto platform has strengths and weaknesses to consider. Some are better than others for user interfaces, and others have a better chance of purchasing large sums.

Research is necessary to ensure that the correct site is chosen for individual needs. A digital wallet will also need to be created for users to get the right choices.

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrency is a powerful force that can purchase many goods, software, and services. It is clear that the currency has evolved to become mainstream.

There is a growing shift towards companies that are allowing cryptocurrency as a valid payment method. This growth is generating more interest in the crypto industry and ultimately pushing cryptocurrency further into the spotlight.

More products and services across the internet will likely become purchasable by cryptocurrency. As the world of commerce gradually transitions towards online payment portals, cryptocurrency has a more developing place.