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9 Things You May Not Know Woocommerce Can Do

WooCommerce is used by more than 5 million websites available on the world wide web, and the plugin has close to 150 million downloads. This unique feature is beneficial for both retailers and users, and it makes purchases much easier, better, and simple.

If you’ve been using this plugin, and if you want to know more about it, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we are going to tell you about some things that you may not know WooCommerce can do, and we will share some interesting information about all of these features.

1. You can use it for bookings


The first plugin we are going to talk about lets your users book their tickets, hotels, restaurants, or any other appointments with ease, without leaving room for mistakes. When all things are done automatically, and when the users can choose where they want to sit, where they want to go, or when they want to arrive, everything can be set up without errors and things can be generated promptly and timely. If you have a WooCommerce business that deals with things like this, you definitely need this feature.

2. There are membership and subscription programs

Even though this may seem obvious, the subscription and membership programs were not available on WooCommerce not too long ago. Now, you can easily create plans for your loyal customers, you can let them subscribe to your newsletters and messages, and you can even create tiers and rewards for those who visit your brand the most. This way, you can give back to the loyal customers, and at the same time, you will give everyone a reason why they should choose your brand instead of some other store.

3. Auctions can be created


This is a neat feature that you may be interested in, and with the correct plugin, you can create auctions for special goods or specific items that cannot be sold in bulk. On the same note, you can choose what you put on an auction, what the starting price is, and you can see who bid how much. The bidders can also keep track of the auctions they’ve been a part of, and you can create timers and multiple auctions, and you can have full control over everything from one place.

4. Products can be added with ease


If you are looking for a neat feature then you should know that you can opt for the WooCommerce user add product module that will make your brand better and different from everyone else’s. When you enable the feature, your users can add new products and there are a lot of different descriptions and things can you can choose to be added or left out. You will have complete control over what’s happening, and with the add products WooCommerce – feature everyone will benefit.

If you want to find out how the WooCommerce user products module can help you out with this, and how to make your life much easier with this feature we recommend you to check

5. Separate images, thumbnails, descriptions, and categorization

One of the biggest challenges that brand owners have is creating proper descriptions and letting users find the goods they need with ease. With the right WooCommerce plugin, you can create first and foremost separate categorization of all the goods you offer.

You can add and edit thumbnails that will lead your clients to the items they want, and you can put separate images and descriptions of the products you have. You can group and edit them however you want, and you can choose if you want them to be displayed together or separately.

6. Products can be filtered by attributes or ratings


We want to provide the best of the best to our customers, and we want them to be able to find what they are looking for with ease. Did you know that with WooCommerce products can be filtered in many different ways so that clients can get to the items they need? The items can be filtered by size, color, type, and so on, and they can also be filtered by ratings. In addition to this, types of goods can be left out and the filter’s use can be maximized.

7. Products can be displayed or hidden

One of the biggest problems that retailers face is adding and removing products from their platform. We mentioned that with the a lot of your trouble can be avoided, but what happens when you run out of something and when you need to wait for a while to get the goods restocked?

You should know that you don’t need to remove the listings you already have, and you can just hide them, edit them, delete them, or choose to show them up again when you get the restock. You can make these edits as often as you want, free of charge.

8. You can create and use job listings


This field is constantly evolving and advancing, and more and more people are becoming a part of WooCommerce. With the right extension and plugin, you can easily create and use job listings, and you can collaborate with recruiters and talent who want to help you with your brand and who want to become part of this field. It is a great, free solution to your expansion, and you can choose if you want to go with the basic, free features, or if you want to pay for premium options.

9. Automatic quotes

Sometimes our customers want to purchase a large batch of our goods, and as we already know, the price for a single item and the wholesale prices are different. Getting contacted by a client, responding to them, hassling, haggling, and negotiating can take a lot of time.

When we add time-zone difference to this, we may end up talking to the customer for weeks or until the deal fails. Note that with the right plugin, you can speed this process up, create automatic quotes, or get notified when someone wants a better deal for a larger batch.

These are just a few of the many things that WooCommerce can do, so make sure you explore and delve deeper into the options you have. As a retailer, today’s possibilities are close to infinite, so don’t put yourself in a box and force yourself to use only the things you are used to. Explore different plugins and settings, and see how they help you take your store to the next level.