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Who Owns The Most Bitcoin In The World

In the twenty-first century, the medium of exchange that people use for transactions has undergone tremendous changes. Today paper currency and coins are increasingly being replaced by newer forms of currency like cryptos. Cryptos like bitcoin are decentralized forms of currency that are supported by an underlying blockchain.

Bitcoins And Their Value


There are several reasons why cryptos  are increasingly becoming popular. They are decentralized; hence the tax compliance burden for owning large amounts of cryptocurrencies are much less than owning paper currency. Cryptos are also safe and convenient to use.

Hence many people are indulging in crypto trade and crypto-based investments. Trading in cryptos involves the buying and selling of cryptos to gain a profit out of the marginal increase in their price. If you, too, want to trade in cryptos, you can go to

Who Are The People Who Have The Most Number Of Bitcoins At Present

The Person Who Owns The Most Number Of Bitcoins


The name and the actual identity of the person or group of persons who invented bitcoin are doubtful. Many people believe that Satoshi Nakamoto is the inventor, and he is, at present, the largest owner of bitcoins. But no one knows who this individual is or which country he belongs to. Many people also doubt that cryptocurrency was discovered not by one person but by a group of computer experts.

The easiest way to earn a crypto is to mine it using algorithms. Mining these cryptos is a complex task and requires highly power-consuming computers. However, it is a characteristic feature of bitcoins that the difficulty of mining a coin and its value will decrease as more miners join the fray.

There are a limited number of bitcoins in the world, so as more people own those limited cryptos, the original inventor will be left with less and less of the original stock. Initially there were 21 million bitcoins and today most of them have been mined by computer experts. It is estimated that the original inventor still has 1 million coins. At present, this is the maximum number of coins that is owned by an individual.

Many people believe that an original inventor is a Japanese man who is in his mid-thirties or mid-forties. The mysterious inventor has only made random appearances at online forums, and people have gauged that his working patterns resemble the working pattern of the Japanese people. However, there are others who believe that the original inventor might be European, given the way in which he spells words in online forums.

As of now, nobody knows who originally invented bitcoins, and hence nobody knows which person or group of persons or country owns the most number of these coins.

The Company That Owns The Most Number Of Bitcoins


Although the exact identity of the largest hoarder of cryptocurrencies  is not certain yet, the largest companies to hold these cryptos are Micro Strategy Limited and Tesla.

MicroStrategy is a US-based company that works in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics etc. This company started buying cryptos in 2020 and has close to a million of them at present. The value of one bitcoin is around twenty thousand dollars or around eighteen thousand pounds, and hence this company’s net worth is close to three billion dollars.

MicroStrategy started buying cryptos after taking a loan, and they have a clear cut strategy to sell off these cryptos if their value falls below a certain threshold.

Tesla is a forerunner in advanced automobiles, they are a pioneer in next-generation batteries, and they have also made investments in solar power-based technologies like solar grid development. Tesla believes in futuristic technologies; hence its investment in a futuristic currency is nothing surprising.

Cryptos are known for their high energy demand, and Tesla believes in renewable energy. And it is quite natural that Tesla invests in bitcoins whose generation will require a large amount of energy(renewable) in the near future. Also, Tesla recently sold some of its bitcoins, so its current reserves are debatable.

The Country That Owns The Maximum Number Of Bitcoin


El Salvador accepted bitcoin as their legal currency. The country started acquiring bitcoins around 2020 and had built a reserve that was worth eighty-five million dollars by the year 2024. However, the country’s reserves suffered a loss in the middle of 2024, when the value of bitcoins saw a steady dip.

The government’s move of legalizing cryptos was aimed at increasing the economic potential of the country. It was expected that the legal status of bitcoins would attract many new and high profile investors to the country. But the decision to adopt bitcoins was severely criticized in global political circles, given the harmful environmental effect of generating cryptos.

Time and again, the volatility associated with the crypto market has put a question mark on El Salvador’s economic stability. The government, for its part, has tried to facilitate the adoption of the new currency by its citizens. The government has also announced the setting up of a geothermal energy plant in the country.

Geothermal energy is the energy that is obtained from the heat in the interior of the earth. Geothermal energy is renewable, like solar and wind energy. Generating geothermal energy does not burn fossil fuels like coal that harm the environment. Hence, the government in El Salvador may be planning to use the energy generated from its new geothermal plant to supply the energy needed to mine new bitcoins.



The demand and value of all cryptos, including bitcoins, are highly volatile. The price of these currencies varies based on their demand and supply. Hence, if you are interested in investing in these currencies, then it makes sense to know who are the largest owners of these currencies. If the largest owners suddenly sell their stocks, then the value of these currencies could fall rapidly.

Again, if some high-net-worth individual or company buys too many of these currencies, then their values are expected to spiral upwards in no time. Hence, a prudent investor or trader should always know who or which country owns the largest stocks of cryptos like bitcoins.