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Why Music Sounds So Good After You Use Cannabis?

Popular music genres are influenced by a plethora of different factors. It’s known that a high percentage of them have roots in funk, soul, and jazz. These three genres have set the foundation for what we have these days. However, there is one more factor that wasn’t revealed until much later. We are talking about cannabis consumption.

Today, this is a widely-known fact and no one is surprised by this. But, it wasn’t known for quite a long time, at least by the public. Nevertheless, many experts would say that cannabis consumption is a key factor for the quality of music since the seventies.

Not to mention that there are many documentaries where people who were present during the sessions where some of the most legendary albums can confirm these claims. So, there’s no doubt this is a significant factor.

Today, cannabis consumption is pretty versatile. For example, you can practice it by using vapes. If you want to take a look at some of these, visit Vape4Ever. Since the effects will be the same no matter what consumption method you use, choose those who don’t have a lot of side effects. Now, we would like to talk about how cannabis can inspire artists, and why music sounds good after its consumption.

Why is Music Important?


Every person who loves music knows that it can have a significant impact on someone’s mood. You can have a bad day, but only one song you love can change your perception completely. Outside the scientific community, little is known about how listening to music releases dopamine. We are talking about a brain chemical that improves the listener’s mood.

That’s why people love parties, celebrations, and any other sort of event, besides the usual socialization, of course. Music can help you get in the right mood, and you will certainly agree that being at your best during these events is a key element to having a good time. When you add cannabis to the mix, you can truly have a one-of-a-kind experience, which is unlikely to occur again in the same capacity.

Cannabis Removes Boundaries


Since we are talking about a substance that has psychoactive features, in this case, THC, we are talking about a chemical reaction, not a philosophical influence. There are a lot of studies where you can learn how this substance affects the human brain. Most notably, it enhances the parts of the brain crucial for auditory stimulation. That’s why both listeners and authors can feel the sub-context of the sounds.

As you know, different sounds are connected with a different mood. Not to mention that there are studies where it’s clear that talented musicians can affiliate sounds with colors, which provides an additional context. The process cannabis consumption enhances is called synaesthesia. Basically, the levels between visual and auditory senses are completely blurred. Meaning, they become connected.

The Most Important Factors


For you to have a complete understanding of how cannabis affects music, it’s important to understand what factors are the main drive-force between this alteration.

Attention and Focus


Anyone who has experience with cannabis consumption knows that one of the effects is that they are more focused on aspects they usually don’t pay attention to. Meaning, the listener will catch on to a plethora of details that weren’t considered relevant at first. That’s why many albums sound much different when you listen to them, let’s say when you’re sober.

Not to mention that these smaller details will appear much more cleaner and distinct. Back in 2002, a study was done where it was proven that people who have used cannabis while listening to music have a completely different response to what they hear. The study was done by recording brain activity. It was clear that different areas were involved in the whole process, which is usually not active in this case.

Positive Expectations


There are many ways cannabis can affect the consumer. The commonest one out there is having positive thoughts about everything that you experience during this process. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that many artists use cannabis to enhance their creative processes. Every artist knows that the creative process is hard work since there are numerous elements they need to pay attention to.

Sometimes, the block in this process will depend solely on whether the artist is in a good mood or not. We can say that cannabis is some sort of sure shoot that the artist will be in the right mood, crucial for a successful creative process. Not only that but having an in-depth insight into this process will ensure that even the smallest of details will be covered by a composer or a singer.

Memory Processing


Another factor we believe is unavoidable in this case is memory processing. The reason is quite simple. After using cannabis, an individual’s perception is completely changed, because of the alterations in memory processing. Since the perception will be different, there is always a chance that making changes to the original tune will add something entirely new, which will make the song much better and catchier.

Within the same process, you will remove all the memories that were a part of the short-term memory. Therefore, the composer can jump to another part of the song much faster. All in all, the composer will be much more involved in the whole process, especially by paying attention to every individual sound, which is always a plus. One sound can change the idea behind the whole tune. Every musician will agree to this claim.

The Bottom Line

Even though numerous studies had covered cannabis’ effects on people, there are still many things we don’t know. The reason is not that we don’t know a lot about this plant. Instead, it is a science that doesn’t know enough about the human brain’s functions.

However, there is no doubt that cannabis can make everything sound better, even music. Here, you can take a look at some of the clearest indicators about what you can expect during this process.