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Finding the Best Acoustic Guitar: 5 Characteristics You Should Look For

As someone who loves music, you understand how important it is to have a great sounding-acoustic guitar. Whether you are just starting or have been playing for years, the quality of your instrument will directly impact your ability to enjoy playing and create beautiful music.

When shopping for an acoustic guitar, there are many factors to consider. With so many different brands and models on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start. However, keeping a few key characteristics in mind helps you narrow down your search and find the best acoustic guitar for your needs.

1. Tonewood and Sound Waves


Various materials affect how sound travels. For example, sound penetrates wood almost 13 times faster than air. It is, therefore, the perfect substance for musical instruments, where sensitivity is essential. Sound waves can’t move freely in a vacuum. They need to engage with molecules to generate what we know as a car engine, birdsong, or music.

The earliest musical instrument manufacturers looked for the best material and settled on using wood. You might already be familiar with the Stradivarius violin. The luthier Stradivari was focused more on quality and only particularly preferred to use spruce wood from Fiemme Valley in Trentino Province in Italy. Today, his violins are famous due to their unique sound.

Since it can effectively convey sound, wood is preferred in making acoustic guitars. Additionally, the tonal properties vary based on the type. While others generate more profound, warmer overtones, some create crisper sounds. It is known as tone-wood in guitar terminology. Particularly dense wood is renowned for the resonance of sounds that pass through it and tends to mold the tone of an instrument once finished.

You can find many great acoustic guitars online nowadays, which helps you shop around for the best one easily. If you are ready to purchase your acoustic guitar, you can learn more here.

2. Body Size of the Guitar


Learning or advancing can be difficult and sometimes impossible to fulfill if you aren’t comfortable with the musical instrument you practice. Thus, when buying a guitar, you should consider its body size and choose a size you are comfortable with.

Aside from the material used, the guitar’s body size can also influence the sound it produces, with various tone ranges being more or less noticeable. There are a few different sizes of acoustic guitars that you can pick from:

  • Grand Concert: These measure about 13″ in length overall. Ideal for musicians of smaller sizes.
  • Grand Auditorium: Larger, with a well-balanced sound and good volume.
  • Jumbo: More spacious than the Auditorium, excellent for country music.
  • Dreadnought: Stands at roughly 20″, which is the ideal height for bluegrass and related genres.
  • Travel/mini: varying in size but usually compact and helpful for travel.

3. The Price Tag

The price tag of the acoustic guitar is also an indication of whether the instrument is of good quality or not. Cheapest guitars will almost certainly never be of higher quality than expensive guitars. The quality of an instrument rises due to its intricate creation process, the chosen materials, and the modifications’ accuracy.

Although you can still find a decent guitar at a lower price, if you are particular in looking for the best quality, you shouldn’t overthink the price and focus more on the quality of the sound you are aiming for.

4. The Guitars Neck


The neck’s ease and playability should be considered when selecting an acoustic guitar. Explore as many guitars as possible to locate the neck profile that works for you. The most typical neck form for acoustic guitars is the Modified Low Oval Profile. It features a flatter top and a rounder bottom. It makes it cozy for acoustic musicians.

In terms of playstyle, broader necks are typically best suited for more strumming chords playing. In comparison, chords and strumming are more pleasant on necks with a narrower nut. Try choosing a style that can work for both if you are unsure of your preferences.

5. The Components of The Guitar


The components also influence the tone. The acoustic guitar comes in various structures, including solid wood, laminated wood, and a mix of the two.

Solid wood sounds significantly superior to laminated wood when comparing the two. However, the price is significantly greater because solid wood is more challenging to deal with. On the other hand, laminated wood is far more affordable and manageable, which is why it is primarily used in beginner guitars.

Many manufacturers blended the two as a way to strike a balance between the length of time required for construction, the cost, and the instrument’s sound. The necks of such guitars will be constructed using solid wood, and the body will be made of laminated wood.

Additional Tips on Buying the Best Acoustic Guitar


Aside from checking the guitar’s characteristics to ensure you’ll only get the best guitar fit for your preferences, there are other tips you can use to improve your overall experience in playing the guitar. Below are the additional tips you should remember when shopping for one.

Choose the Best Vendor

The best guitars come from the best vendors. Hence, you should consider where you will buy your instrument. First, choose a guitar made by a guitar manufacturer known for producing high-quality guitars.

In choosing the best manufacturer, you should properly select the retailer. In addition, they should have good customer service and be willing to help you decide which guitar to choose and which is the best.

Do Your Research

Researching is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the options available. You can do your research online or talk to a friend for a recommendation. Using someone’s experience as a deciding factor is also best since you will hear real stories from people who played a specific brand or model.

Checking out reviews online is also a great way to get an idea of what guitar to choose. However, make sure to discern which reviews are telling the truth.

Start Shopping for The Best Acoustic Guitar Now!

You might already know what characteristics to look for when choosing the best guitar. Therefore, you are ready to pick the best one and start playing your favorite song. So what are you waiting for? Start your guitar shopping now!