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How To Benefit From Playing The RAV Vast Tongue Drum

Many things in this world make people different and separate them. In other words, we all have our cultures, tradition, mentalities, and beliefs. However, there is one thing that bonds people all around the world. That one thing is – music.

Singing, playing, and dancing are performances that every person enjoys. Even though some people are making money from that activities and use them as a job, this can even be a hobby and relaxing activity that you enjoy in your free time. That especially counts when we talk about playing some instrument. We are witnesses that there are truly many different and unique instruments that people play. For that reason, it could be a challenging task for beginners to choose the one they want to try first. It is good to have many options on the table and see which one suits you the most. One of those options is playing the RAV Vast Drum.

As well as others, this is an instrument that can have a beneficial influence on the people. Other than that, this instrument can have various uses. Let’s introduce you to this special instrument first. In further text, you will find some of the advantages that it has. You never know, maybe this article will make you try playing it.

What is the RAV Vast Drum


The RAV Vast is a unique tongue drum instrument. For the accurately-tuned and easy learning features, this instrument is suitable for both beginners and professional musicians. Despite that, the setting of the RAV Vast drums is perfectly approachable. That is one more reason why this instrument is so easy to play. There are nine tongues tuned placed around the central Ding note.

Playing this instrument is based on tapping those tongues that create a unique melody. Logically, each of these tongues provides a different sound. When you are playing them properly, you can hear lovely harmonious music. For those who do not know, the range on notes is called the scale. RAV Vast drum instrument has 18 of them that ideally sound together.


There are various benefits that this instrument has to offer. In the list above, you will see some of the crucial ones.

1. The RAV Vast can become your new hobby and a way to enjoy your free time


There is much more you can do in your free time instead of visiting social media. Rather than that, you can spend your free time enjoying a new instrument. You will spend your free time more quality, and provide yourself some relaxation in soothing melody. The Benefits of playing this instrument as a hobby are various, such as helping you relieve the stress level, depression and increase your energy level.

You can even include your family of friends in playing together this instrument. The reason for this is that RAV Vast drum provides space for two payers. As you see, this is a perfect opportunity to connect with your partner, friend or family member in a new experience. As a result, your beloved ones and you will feel better because you created something wonderful together.

2. Playing this instrument can inspire you and awake your creativity

People are always looking for something new to add to their life. There are so many stresses around us that make us want to find something unique that will inspire us. If you are the person who belongs in this category, you can try playing the RAV VAST instrument. You can express the creativity you have and try something new that will entertain you.

You do not need to have any experience in the music field before playing this instrument. The biggest advantage of this instrument is that anything you play on it will make a lovely harmony sound. You will enjoy these notes so much that will boost your confidence and indulge you.

3. Positive impact on your organism


One of the most important benefits that playing this instrument offer is an impact on a person’s well-being. The beautiful music melody can influence people by improving their state, relieving stress level, depression. Other than this, playing some instrument has the ability to boost cognitive functions, improve memory and concentration level. As you see, there are many positive and therapeutic incomes on the person’s organism playing RAV Vast drum. You can provide yourself all of that in your home. Improve the quality of your life and overall health, and change your lifestyle.

4. Encourage healthy development of a child

If you are a parent who wants to improve the physical and mental development of the child, RAV Vast tongue drum can help you achieve that. Every parent wants to improve the quality of the child’s life and make him happier. When kids are young, it is suggestible to give them as much opportunity as you can. This way, you will motivate your kid and boost their ambitions and creativity. Also, in this way, you will see what talents your kid has.

Playing RAV Vast instrument can help your child boosting his concentration and improving learning abilities. Without investing many hours learning to play some other instrument, your kid will love this one. It is very easy to learn to play this instrument, so your child will start spending time more productively. If you are interested in providing your kid opportunity like this, you can visit It is a place where you can find out more valuable pieces of information.

5. You can become a professional musician


Many people have a dream of becoming a professional musician since they were kids. Even though we get older, our dreams usually stay. The problem with many people is that they do not know which instrument to try. However, if you still want to achieve your goal and try playing some instrument, this can be your opportunity. You can choose the instrument that is not so popular and change that. You can make it popular.

The first thing you should do is learn some basic music theory such as notes, rhythm, and harmony. If you already know that, you can get to the point of learning how to play this instrument. The RAV drum offers easy learning. There is always an option to check some tutorials and online lessons, so you can learn the instrument rules more easily. You never know, if you invest time and effort, you can be a professional musician soon.