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How Can You Tell If CBD Oil Is Pure?

The popularity of CBD oil has been growing progressively over the past few years. There are many great benefits that this oil can offer. It is obtained from hemp, and it does not contain a high concentration of THC, so it does not cause known side effects. However, this industry still lacks many regulations to prevent the sale of counterfeits. There are currently many different brands of CBD oils on the market, which makes it significantly more difficult for customers to choose high-quality ones. Although it is difficult to distinguish between real CBD oils and fakes, it is not impossible. Here are some tips to help you determine if the CBD oil is pure.

1. The solvent used for extraction


It is very important which solvent was used to extract CBD oil from hemp. The choice of solvent for this process significantly affects the quality of the final product. For example, if toxic organic solvents, such as propane, butane, or hexane, are used to extract the oil, these solvents may not be completely removed from the oil. As a result, they can leave behind toxic substances that are taken into the body together with the oil and can lead to side effects on health.

In order to extract CBD oil, it is best to use supercritical carbon dioxide as a solvent. It is very stable, inert, and has no toxic properties. Besides, it extracts only the desired compounds from the plant material, which means that it does not leave harmful additives in the CBD oil. Whenever you buy CBD oil, check which solvent was used for its production. If it is supercritical carbon dioxide, you can be sure that the oil is of optimal quality.

2. Which type of hemp was used to make the oil

One of the most essential things that determine the quality of CBD oil is the quality of the plant material used for oil extraction. The oil you buy should be obtained from naturally grown hemp. Hemp is a plant that very easily absorbs various substances from the soil, both good and harmful ones. That is why it is crucial to use only oils that are obtained from plants grown on the soil that is often controlled for the presence of harmful substances. The oil should meet different criteria, which will ensure testing in accredited laboratories. During the testing process, laboratory workers determine the presence of bacteria, fungi, heavy metals, and various pollutants that could be harmful to health.

3. The price determines the quality to some extent


When buying CBD oil, you should also pay attention to the price, because the price to some extent determines the quality of the oil. This means that if you find an oil that is too cheap, it is very likely that its quality is low. This is because low-quality raw materials, inadequate solvents are used, or the oil contains a very low concentration of CBD, so you will need a much larger amount of oil to achieve the same effect. Of course, you should not choose the most expensive oil, but try to find the one where the quality justifies the price. At DailyCBDMag you can find reviews of the best oils on the market and choose someone whose price suits you and seems to be the best for you.

4. What reviews does the company that sells oil have?

One of the most important criteria when choosing a brand of CBD oil on websites such as, is what kind of reviews the company that sells oil has. Online customer reviews often cannot be removed, so they are a credible indicator of the quality of the oil and the company that produces it. If you notice a lot of negative comments, we suggest you bypass that company and choose one with better reviews. And if you notice that the comments are mostly positive and sincere, that can be a good sign and help you make the final choice. Another great idea is to call the company’s phone number, which is available online, and check if it is accurate and how employees will communicate with you. If you are satisfied with all the above segments, there is no reason why you would not give that company a chance and try its CBD oil.

5. Is it an isolate of CBD or full-spectrum CBD oil


Although CBD isolates are becoming increasingly popular, their efficacy is not nearly as good as that of full-spectrum CBD. Isolates contain only CBD, while the latter has many more natural substances that can act synergistically with CBD and achieve a much better effect. Some of these compounds are flavonoids and terpenes, which also have biological properties and have a beneficial effect on the body. In combination with them, CBD acts much more optimally on the body and leads to better results. Before buying CBD oil, always check whether it is an isolate, or contains other active substances that may be important. Don’t let your marketing tricks fool you and bite that CBD isolate is a better choice.

6. Is the CBD concentration indicated on the package?

One of the most important things to consider before buying CBD oil is whether the CBD concentration is indicated on the package. This information is of great importance because it shows how good the oil is, as well as what effects it will be able to achieve. If the company has chosen not to indicate the amount of CBD on the label, this should be suspicious to you, because it gives the impression that they are hiding something. A company that produces high-quality oils will certainly need to indicate the concentration in its product and boast about it. If this is not the case, we suggest that you avoid buying such oil.


More and more brands of CBD oils are appearing on the market, so it is becoming increasingly difficult for customers to distinguish high-quality oils from those that are not. Before buying CBD oil, always consider which solvent was used for extraction, the quality of the starting plant material, as well as the credibility of the company that produces CBD oil. The optimal price, the indicated concentration of CBD, and full-spectrum oil are also indicators that it is a high-quality CBD oil and that you will not make a mistake if you buy it.