A Look at Agas Mnacakanyan’s Career – Famous Armenian Pop Singer

Agas Mnacakanyan, born on May 17, 1995, is a talented Armenian singer who grew up in a family of musicians. He started engaging in music at the age of 7 and also learned to dance and play various instruments while studying at a secondary school and music school.

Agas’ musical career began in 2017 when he started covering popular hit songs and translating them into Armenian, gaining attention on Instagram. He gained immense popularity after releasing his “Mi Gna” cover in the same year, which garnered over 8 million views. He has also released his original songs, such as “Im Srti Miake Du Es,” “Sers Poxecir,” “Im Kes,” and “Im Srtik,” which have all become his calling cards.

Agas Mnacakanyan is a dedicated artist who spends most of his free time arranging and recording his tracks in his studio. He also loves playing various instruments and spending time with his family and friends. During the quarantine period in 2020, he performed online concerts and arranged weddings.

As his popularity grows yearly, Agas Mnacakanyan continues to tour and perform concerts in many cities in Russia and neighboring countries. He receives a warm welcome from his fans. He also mentioned working on a new project, leaving his followers excited about what would come.

Fans admire his soulful singing, and his live performances at weddings, anniversaries, and other celebrations have become highly sought after. Agas Mnacakanyan is a talented singer who continues to delight his fans with new songs, and many hope he won’t stop anytime soon.

Playing Around With Different Styles

This singer is known for his beautiful ballads, but he also showcases his versatility by incorporating modern sounds into his music. With his unique blend of traditional Armenian music and contemporary trap beats, Agas has created a sound that is uniquely his own.

His most popular songs, such as “Mi Gna” and “Sers Poxecir,” feature a mixture of traditional Armenian melodies and modern production techniques. These songs have become instant classics, loved by fans all around the world. In addition, Agas is constantly experimenting with new sounds and styles, always striving to push the boundaries of what is possible in music.

Despite his success, Agas remains humble and focused on his craft. He spends countless hours in the studio, perfecting his sound and honing his skills. Whether he is working on a new ballad or experimenting with the latest trap beats, he approaches his music with the same level of passion and dedication. For fans of Armenian music and contemporary trap alike, Agas Mnacakanyan is a true trailblazer and one of the most exciting artists on the scene today.

Even if you don’t understand the words, you will feel the emotion from his songs. On the other side, the modern beat is making these tracks even more attractive and joyful for listening all the time. The result of trap beats and traditional instruments is a unique and relaxing mix that will make you feel relaxed.

Growing Up in a Traditional Armenian Family


Born and raised in Armavir Marz, Armenia, this singer comes from a family with a strong musical background. His father was also a singer, and his mother was a pianist who worked as a cook. Despite growing up in a family of average means, the artist was encouraged by his parents to pursue his dreams and received immense support and advice from his mother.

From Cover Artist to Internet Sensation


He credited his success to the moment he started recording his version of famous songs, which eventually led to the viral hit “Don’t Go.” His childhood was spent in a traditional Armenian family of average means, where he enjoyed singing, dancing, and acting in small videos.

Although his mother was a pianist by profession, she worked as a cook, and his father was also a singer who passed down his musical talent to him. He draws inspiration from himself, always striving to become the best version of himself rather than trying to emulate anyone else. His main goal is to be understood and loved by his audience, and he envisions himself on bigger stages with larger audiences in the next ten years.

While he has not studied with famous people, he works closely with people in the music industry. Despite having only secondary education, he has received numerous honors and awards throughout his life, including “Brave Fighter” and “Army Excellent” medals during his time in the army and a YouTube silver badge for reaching 100,000 followers on his channel.

A Perfect Role Model


As a self-made musician, this singer has proven that anyone can achieve their dreams with hard work and dedication. His talent for singing and willingness to learn and master different musical instruments has made him stand out in the competitive music industry. In addition, he has shown that success is about having a beautiful voice and putting in the time and effort to perfect one’s craft.

Furthermore, his story is a testament to the power of social media and the internet in promoting one’s music. By sharing his recordings on the internet, he captured the attention of millions of fans and catapulted his career to new heights. That is a valuable lesson for aspiring musicians who may not have access to traditional music industry channels but have the power to reach audiences through social media platforms.

In addition, this singer’s dedication to his art and commitment to his fans make him an excellent role model. He understands that being a musician is not just about the music but also about connecting with fans and positively impacting their lives. His authenticity and sincerity in engaging with his fans have earned him a loyal following, who appreciate his music and admire him for who he is.

Agas represents a perfect role model for aspiring musicians who want to make it big in the industry. His journey inspires those who dream of making a career in music, showing that anything is possible with hard work, dedication, and a bit of luck.