Photos of Michael Jackson with Most Famous People

Michael Jackson himself was a legend but that doesn’t mean that he used to keep himself isolated or distanced with pride. He was someone who had a large network of friends not just of his age or industry but had good relations with people from politics, businessmen, philanthropy as well.

Nelson Mandela

Michael jackson and Nelson Mandela
© ADIL BRADLOW/Getty Images

Nelson Mandela was one of the most prominent figures in history. He was against racism so was Michael. The king of pop often used to visit South Africa for his philanthropist work and often meeting with Mandela made their bond stronger. Michael once also said that he was proud to be a friend of Nelson.

Diana, Princess of Wales

Michael Jackson and Diana, Princess of Wales
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Princess Diana & Michael Jackson didn’t just meet but the world got a chance to get crazy overseeing the two beautiful souls together. This photo was taken when she visited Wembley Stadium along with Prince Charles during the bad tour where Jackson donated £150,000 to the charity established by the Prince.

Marcel Marceau

Michael jackson And Marcel Marceau
© AFP/Stringer/Getty Images

The famous French mime artist and actor, Marcel Marceau met Michael in 1995 in Beacon Theatre where they both shared some special moments during the rehearsals of HBO Special to be filmed and released in the initial days of December. Marcel was also seen meeting Michael later as well as they both shared a special friendship bond.

James Brown

Michael Jackson and James Brown
© M. CAULFIELD/Wireimage/Getty Images

This photo was taken when Michael met his inspiration James Brown at the 3rd BET Awards in 2003. James Brown was influential to many musical bands and singers. He has huge recognition in the field of funk music and will always be remembered for his unforgettable masterpieces.

Ronald Reagan

Michael Jackson and Ronald Reagan
© Reuters

Jackson had a historical meeting with Ronald Regan, the 40th president of the United States where he awarded him the “Presidential Public Safety Safety Communication Award” as he allowed “Beat It” for a social cause.


Madonna and Michael Jackson
© Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

The King and Queen’s memorable appearance in the 1991 Oscar Awards Show is something the world can never be forgotten. Twinning in white, the couple were seen together and made the evening even more beautiful.

George H.W. Bush

Michael Jackson and George H.W. Bush
David Valdez/

It was obvious that Michael had a strong influence on the political people as well as we saw him again with another US President George HW Bush in 1990 where he was awarded as the “Artist of the Decade” in his second visit to the White House after 1984.

Britney Spears

Michael Jackson and Britney Spears
© Frank Micelotta Archive/Getty Images

Here we have another lucky person on Earth, Britney Spears who got a golden opportunity to perform with the King on stage in 2001 during Michael’s 30th Anniversary Celebration. This picture was taken during their performance on “The way you make me feel” at Madison Square, New York.

Paul McCartney

Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney
© AFP/Getty Images

Paul McCartney is a strong name in the history of music who has shared his talent with other artists as well with some collaborations and one of his memorable duets was with Michael that is “Say Say Say”. Another one was “The man”, a single from Paul’s album while “The girl is mine” belongs to the best-selling Thriller. 

Elizabeth Taylor

Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor
© KEVIN MAZUR/Wireimage 

Jackson and Elizabeth’s friendship can’t be described in words but how they used to greet each other whenever they met, it seemed like it was the very first time because the excitement never faded. This memorable click is when Liz attended Jackson’s 30th Anniversary Celebration concert.

Justin Timberlake 

Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake
© Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Justin Timberlake had some magical moments when he performed with Michael during the MTV Awards show in 2001 with his band NSync. Timberlake also had a song duet with Jackson “Love Never Felt So Good” included in the Michael album. 

Freddie Mercury

Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury
© Neal Preston/CORBIS/Getty Images

Seeing the two legends of the times together has its own pleasure. Here we can see Jackson with Freddie as they both shared a mutual liking and admiration. Although Michael and Freddie couldn’t get a chance to work together, both of them have been admired by the world with massive respect.

Bill Clinton

Michael Jackson and Bill Clinton
© Amy Sancetta/AP Photo

Here we are seeing Bill Clinton, the 42nd US President shaking hands with Jackson in 1992 during Bill Clinton’s Inaugural Gala. Jackson performed “Heal the World” and “Gone too soon” during the event.

Donald Trump

Michael Jackson and Donald Trump
© Donna Connor/Getty Images

Many of us will be surprised to see the current US President with the King of Pop, smiling together and reflecting friendship with their genuine gestures. Jackson and Trump were frequently seen spending a good time with each other. 


Michael Jackson and Slash
© Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

This photo was taken during the live performance of Jackson with Slash, the famous musician, during the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards. This duo has a separate fan base and we always go crazy seeing them together on-stage.

Whitney Houston

Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston
© Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

On March 10, 1988, Whitney Houston was seen attending the 44th Annual Negro College Fund Awards with the King of Pop Michael Jackson. Other celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Liza Minelli also joined them there.

Prince Albert II

Michael Jackson and Prince Albert of Monaco
© Gerard Julien/AFP/Getty Images

This is another memorable photo where we can see Jackson with Prince Albert of Monaco during a dinner at the 5th World Music Awards. It was May 11, 1993, and Michael was in Monaco at that time. 

Sammy Davis, Jr.

Michael Jackson and Sammy Davis, Jr.
© AFP/Getty Images

Sammy Davis, Jr. was one of the most iconic celebrities of the century who was known as a comedian, activist, musician, and whatnot. This is one of the rarest photos of Michael with Sammy. A few days or months before his death, Michael along with some artists paid tribute to him. 


Michael Jackson and Beyonce
© Michael Caulfield Archive/Getty Images

Beyonce is one of the artists, strongly influenced by Michael Jackson and we can understand and empathize, how glad she must be feeling while presenting the Humanitarian Award to Jackson during the Radio Music Awards in 2003

Dick Clark 

Michael Jackson and Dick Clark
© Reuters

During the American Bandstand in 2002, after Jackson was done performing “Dangerous” on-stage and the audience was crazily shouting and applauding for him, he went to hug Dick Clark, the famous TV and radio personality.

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields and Michael Jackson
© John T. Barr/Getty Images

Brooke Shields was one of the most important women in Michael’s life and they were found frequently spending time with each other. This photo was taken at the 1993 A&M Records Party.

Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes and Michael jackson
© Vinnie Zuffante/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The American actor, Wesley Snipes was seen with Michael Jackson in “Bad” music video and this picture is taken during the shooting of the short film.