6 Impressive Stories Behind Hollywood Celebrities’ Engagement Rings

When you think about it, there is a lot of things people admire when it comes to popular celebrity couples. From the million-dollar mansions that look like they came straight from a fairy tale to some incredible red carpet appearances, all the way to large and expensive engagement rings that seem to get bigger and more expensive every single year, to know more about Moissanite engagement rings click here.

If you’re interested in learning more about the most impressive stories behind Hollywood celebrities’ engagement rings, you’re lucky, mostly because this is exactly what we’ll discuss in this article today. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the list of some of the best stories behind the most famous proposal jewelry pieces in Hollywood:

1. “Zoë Kravitz”


Price: Between $1 to $5 million

I don’t know about you, but, almost every woman out there has a wide range of jewelry pieces stored on their Instagram profile. The same can probably be said about Zoë, who actually saw and completely went crazy over a band she saw on an Instagram profile titled “The One I Love NYC”.

Zoë then decided to send it to a close friend, who then forwarded the image to Zoë’s boyfriend Karl. He, of course, decided to purchase the Georgian trio of rose-cut diamonds band, backed by foil and set in silver-topped gold. This is a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece and it’s pretty safe to say that he was lucky he managed to buy it before anyone else did.

2. “Elizabeth Taylor”


Price: $1.5 million

The story of Elizabeth Taylor’s engagement band is a little bit different than the rest of the stories, mostly because she wasn’t given a ring. When the well-known and beloved actress Elizabeth decided to marry her 5th husband Richard Burton, he actually popped the question by presenting her with an 18.6-carat emerald pendant necklace.

They, unfortunately, ended up getting a divorce, however, they did end up getting back together shortly after. Once they did, Richard gave her a huge 33-carat Krupp diamond, which she decided to turn into a ring. She wore the piece everywhere, which is why it appeared in a few of her movies and after she has passed away, it was given the title “Elizabeth Taylor Diamond”.

3. “Grace Kelly”


Price: $4.3 million

We all know the story about Grace Kelly marrying Prince Rainier of Monaco, but did you know that he proposed to Grace in 1956 by giving her a diamond and ruby eternity band? Yup, at the moment, he didn’t give her anything suitable for a future princess, however, while she was filming one of her movies, she did debut her second proposal band, a 10-carat sparkler by Cartier.

There are various rumors revolving around her second ring, one of them being that it was planned for her to wear a prop for that particular role, but, the Prince did offer to purchase the real one, one that she could keep if she wanted to. Although most of us cannot afford this type of jewelry, there are similar – and less expensive – options, such as the ones featured on JewelleryTalk.

4. “Emily Ratajkowksi”


Price: $50.000 to $90.000

First of all, Emily’s marriage ceremony wasn’t as special as some other celebrities on this list, mostly because she opted for getting married in the city hall in one really amazing Zara suit. At the time, she only wore a gold band that she received for her wedding and for a reason – she and her husband were designing her engagement band at the time, which is why she debuted it in 2018.o

In an interview, she stated that she wanted two stones instead of ones, and because they wanted it to match her wedding ring, they decided to set it in white gold and a yellow band. Originally, it featured ruby and a diamond, however, later on, she opted for taking out the ruby and placing two princess- and pair-cut diamonds.

5. “Meghan Markle”


Price: $350.000

Although Meghan is now the Duchess of Sussex, she was once a Hollywood star, which is why she’s featured on this list. Similar to Kate Middleton’s proposal band, Meghan’s was also inspired by Princess Diana. As told by Prince Harry in an interview, every single detail revolving around the band was carefully considered and decided upon.

The stone in the middle was obtained from Botswana – a place Harry calls his second home – while the stones around it were taken from the personal collection of Princess Diana. The stones were set in yellow gold, however, in 2019, Meghan decided to redesign it and place it on a micro-pave band – something that a lot of people frowned upon.

6. “Olivia Wilde”


Price: Unknown

All Olivia and her then-husband know about her beautiful engagement ring is that it originates from Paris and that it first appeared in 1921. Olivia has stated in several interviews that she is mesmerized by the history of the piece, mostly because she loves imagining and trying to figure out the exact story of who owned it before her and what places it has seen before. The piece is quite old, so it’s a bit difficult to track its origin and price.

Her now ex-husband Jason said that he decided to purchase the round-cut diamond ring surrounded by an emerald halo because it reminded him of Olivia’s eyes. Although most people consider it to be a non-traditional proposal band, it’s still incredibly mesmerizing and beautiful.


Most people can only imagine owning rings like the ones we mentioned above, but for most Hollywood celebrities, it seems to be completely normal. From the $4.3 million dollar ring, Elizabeth Taylor wore to the less expensive – $350.000 – Meghan Markle’s Diana-inspired ring, it’s pretty safe to say that all of these rings are incredibly versatile and mesmerizing.

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