Top 20 Adult Erotic Hollywood Movies of All Time

No matter how frequently someone tells you that they have never watched an adult movie, it is a completely normal thing to do and almost everyone does it in the privacy of their own homes. Some of us are still virgins and we believe that watching an adult movie makes us feel relaxed and that we can learn from it.

People have different preferences and some love to see just a guy and a girl in action, while the others love it when different toys are used. There are plenty of interesting toys in films that you can see for the first time and that we can later incorporate into our own bedroom. This ranges from rings, balls, and vibrators, to various other toys For example, this toy will help you relax. Some other toys will get you to your peak.

But enough about that. Both men and women are visual beings and they can get horney just by watching a hot film.

We have come up with the top 20 best adult Hollywood movies so far that have been still watched by generations. Some are recent, some released in the early 2000s are still so refreshing and romantic like no other. These movies have shown the best intimacy the two souls feel for each other.

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Top 20 Adult Hollywood Movies That You Should Watch Before you Die!

1. Unfaithful (2002) – Watch Now

Unfaithful 10 Best Adult Hollywood movies

This 2002-film has a dangerous title and the plot is justified with it. It is the story of a married couple in which the wife appears to be disloyal with his husband being engaged sexually with another man. Directed by Adrian Lyne, this film has an extremely interesting plot of betrayal which is still alive in the minds of viewers even after 16 years of its release. Starring Diane Lane, Erik Sullivan, Richard Gere, and Oliver Martinez and others, this award-winning film is actually a thriller drama that is written being influenced by a French movie.

2. Irreversible (2002) – Watch Now

Irreversible (2002) 10-Best-Adult-Hollywood-movies

Some happenings in life are so unpleasant but at the same time, they are irreversible. Same as a lady who was sexually abused and beaten which heated her soul with the fire of revenge. Gaspar Noé is the writer and director of this masterpiece. Presenting Albert Dupontel, Monica Bellucci and others, this film received reviews from critics and because of the fact that it is still unforgettable, it is undoubtedly among the best adult Hollywood movies. The rape scene is much intense and will give you goosebumps once you watch it.

3. The Center of the World (2010) – Watch Now

The Center of the World 10 Best Adult Hollywood movies

Starring Molly Parker and Peter Sarsgaard as the main characters of the movie, this film is directed by Wayne Wang. Released in 2001, this film revolves around the depressing life of a man who paid a stripper to spend three nights with some rules and conditions. The question is if they both abide by the rules or something unexpected happened in those nights. To know it, you have to watch the movie and we are sure that after knowing a little about it now you are much curious to know what and how happened next.

4. Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) – Watch Now

Fifty Shades of Grey 10 Best Adult Hollywood movies

The most recent among all, “Fifty Shades of Grey” needs no introduction or elaboration as many of us might have watched it. But for those who still haven’t watched it, it’s a must-watch for them. It is the story of a fresh graduate involved in a sadomasochistic connection with a businessman. Their intimacy scenes are steamy, the audience still can’t get out of the magic this movie has created. Seeing the fragile nude body of Dakota Johnson with the handsome Jamie Dornan licking her nipples and kissing her everywhere is something we all want to experience.

5. Intimacy (2004) – Watch Now

Intimacy 10 Best Adult Hollywood movies

This British film has a self-explanatory title which is enough to attract people to become its audience. Featuring Kerry fox along with Mark Rylance, this movie is based on the sexual relationship of an unsuccessful musician who was in a sexual relationship with a lady but late he finds something unexpected about her which affected their relationship.

6. The Dreamers (2002) – Watch Now

The Dreamers 10 Best Adult Hollywood movies

This romantic drama was released in 2003 and still after 15 years, its replacement has not been found. The intimate relationship between an American student and 2 French siblings is the base of the plot. This novel-based movie’s screenplay is made by Gilbert Adair. The threesome romance has got the best scenes and background music that gives a special and deep feeling to the audience. This award-winning film is unique with different aspects along with the strong dialogues and cinematography. You can’t stop yourself thinking about it once you watch it. It’ll conquer the lands of your mind and soul.

7. Nobody Else But You (2012) – Watch Now

Nobody Else But You 10 Best Adult Hollywood movies

This multi-genre movie was released 7 years back, having the filmmaker Gérald Hustache-Mathieu. The mystery behind the suicide of a model girl as a rebirth of Marilyn Monroe influenced a crime novelist to investigate the story. The nudity, intense sexual intercourses and other intimate moments that we can ever expect from an adult film can be seen in “Nobody else but you.”

8. Sex and Lucia (2004) – Watch Now

Sex and Lucia 10 Best Adult Hollywood movies

Directed and written by Julio Medem, this film has featured Tristán Ulloa, Daniel Freire, Paz Vega, and Najwa Nimri. The movie was released in Spain and France in 2001 and 2002 respectively. It earned 7.6 million USD in the box office. The 2 hours 8 minutes film is a drama with much erotic content and as you can see the title, it is related to the sexual life of Lucia. The sexual intercourses shown are undoubtedly the hottest.

9. Come Undone (2010) – Watch Now

Come Undone (2010) 10 Best Adult Hollywood movies

This movie is an amazing presentation of the filmmaker and writer, Silvio Soldin. It is the story of a girl who switched her lover from a young guy to a married man with two children. The intense moments between the girl and her lovers are something that can only be watch and felt rather than being described in words. It is a must-watch movie and is still alive in the audience’s memories.

10. 9 Songs (2004) – Watch Now

9 Songs 10 Best Adult Hollywood movies

9 songs is a film that revolved around the sexual relationship between a girl student and a man scientist. The film received criticism as it was considered controversial because of its sexual content. The oral sex scenes blew away the mind of the viewers upon its original release. The talented cast had performed so well that the scenes seemed original as if it is happening in real. The title is based on the 9 songs sung by the 8 musical bands. The scenes create a harmony of romance and warmth that cannot be described in words.

11. Nymphomaniac vol.1 (2013) – Watch Now

Nymphomaniac vol.1 Adult Hollywood movies

In the list of erotic movies, Nymphomaniac vol.1 claims a firm position because of its bold yet artsy plot. The director Lars von Trier has taken the art of storytelling to a whole different level. The story starts when a middle-aged bachelor Seligman discovers Joe behind his apartment. Joe is a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac and has a dark history to reveal. The chemistry of Seligman and Joe builds up slowly as their conversation continues. Being a lengthy film the director decided to cut it into two volumes. If you want to experience the heart-touching story described artistically, this movie is the one for you.

12. Malèna (2000) – Watch Now

Malèna Adult hollywood movies

The 2000 erotic movie Malèna is somewhat offbeat in the trend of adult films. Directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, the film narrates a story of a woman who’s charming beauty brings tragedy upon her fate. The woman Malèna, played by Monica Bellucci, is the wife of an Italian soldier. As the plot is based on 1940, the year Italy took part in WWII, the movie depicts the wartime sufferings of a woman, who had lost her husband and physically assaulted, molested, raped by several men and women. The movie sheds light on how envy can drive anyone to mistreat a person and bring utter catastrophe upon her.

13. Killing Me Softly (2002) – Watch Now

Killing Me Softly Adult hollywood movies

A movie that deals with sex, suspense and thrill is a movie that every erotica lover watches. Originated from a novel of the same name, the story is about a girl named Alice played by Heather Graham. An American woman in London having a stable life with a job and a relationship suddenly finds herself with an unknown man. All of a sudden the charm of a stranger compels her to have sex with him. Alice started feeling a sense of passion for the stranger that she had never felt for her boyfriend. As a result, she ends up marrying the man Adam played by Joseph Fiennes. After that, some dark and gruesome events take place in their relationship that changes Alice’s life forever.

14. Eyes Wide Shut (1999) – Watch Now

Eyes Wide Shut Adult hollywood movies

In the movie Eyes Wide Shut, multiple incidents take place serially revolving around sex and physical intimacy. The director Stanley Kubrick made this film with utmost passion as it took 400 days of shooting which is a Guinness book record. Dr. Bill and Alice Harford of New York City is the center of the plot and every incident takes place around them. While Mr. and Mrs. Harford reveals their deep residing sexual fantasies to each other, Mr. Harford gets emotionally offended about knowing her wife’s lust towards military personnel.  This fact makes Bill do such things that can be labeled as being unfaithful to his wife. Later on, Bill understands his guilt and confesses everything to his wife.

15. Basic Instinct 2 (2006) – Watch Now

Basic Instinct 2 Adult hollywood movies

The murderous techniques of psychology can be a very disturbing fact if manipulated for the wrong reason. Basic Instinct 2 deals with a series of murders all related to Catherine Tramell, played by Sharon Stone, a bestselling American author. The story begins with an accident of Catherine and his boyfriend when Catherine was masturbating while driving resulting in an accident that took his boyfriend’s life. After that, she faces interrogation of Scotland Yard where she tricks a psychiatric and a series of murders starts taking place. Directed by Michael Caton-Jones, the movie is a must-watch for the erotica fans.

16. Lie with Me (2005) – Watch Now

Lie with Me Adult hollywood movies

As the title says, the protagonist of the movie, Leila is highly unsatisfied with her sexual life and finds something missing. She knows that she is quite good at playing the gorgeous baby ready to fuck, so she seduces a lot of men regularly. The director Clement Virgo has successfully portrayed a girl with an unquenchable thirst for sex getting saturated with a man, who seems to love her. Surprised by herself, she finds her committing to the man, who promised to never leave her.

17. Now & Later (2009) – Watch Now

Now & Later Adult hollywood movies

Sometimes an adult movie is not all about sex and physical intercourse. In the movie Now & Later, the director Philippe Diaz questions the very foundation of the American lifestyle. The protagonist Bill is a successful banker but his desire to want more and more drove him to the dark and was sentenced for 8 years of prison. While in bell Bill meets a Latino girl Angela, she taught him how to live in “Now” instead of chasing the future. This whole new type of perspective changed Bill’s thought process and he went ahead in his life with that.

18. Desire (2011) – Watch Now

Desire Adult hollywood movies

Desire is a French movie originally named Q. It deals with the grief of a 20-years-old girl whose father is recently passed away. Unable to bear the pain, the girl named Cecile chooses the path of sexual relationships with several men. She starts having sex with almost everyone whom she knows, but couldn’t fulfill her carnal desires. Later on, she finds another way to get-away-with her pain, which seems to be productive.

19. Cashback (2006) – Watch Now

Cashback Adult hollywood movies

The movie Cashback is more of a magical realism/psychological genre movie than erotica. In the movie Ben, the protagonist finds himself in insomnia after going through the painful process of breaking up with his girlfriend. The movie follows the daily happenings of Ben’s life and constructs upon the incidents where multiple flashbacks come into place. Ben experiences many positive changes in her life after he opts for a nightshift, which he took to manage his insomnia. It’s a great experience to see a movie that monitors a person’s feelings from such proximity.

20. Secretary (2002) – Watch Now

Secretary Adult hollywood movies

Secretary is a great specimen of dominant-submissive relationship movies. In the movie, Lee is a typist/secretary at an attorney’s office. The attorney Grey develops certain feelings for her which are not so official. They involve in BDSM activities, where Lee’s obedience surprises Grey. Later Grey fires her for some incidents but Lee visits her on the day of her wedding to express her love for him. Grey tested her obedience by giving her an insane task that she successfully accomplished. Thereafter they led a happily married life.