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Most people depend on Hollywood to experience some hot and horny erotic films but what remains unknown are the movies of countries like South Korea. South Korean erotica is in many ways more expressive in terms of story and artsier in terms of skills. Even if in a pure pornographic set you’ll find some relatable incidents and complexities that qualify to be more than just an adult film. Here is a list of some of the top 10 best South Korean adult movies that you can’t ever forget.

1. Obsessed (2014)

Obsessed (2014) Top 10 Erotic Korean Films

“Obsessed” is a South Korean adult film that tells the story of an army officer. The plot is based in the year 1969, after the Vietnam War. A veteran officer falls in love with the wife of his colleague and after some memorable events, they meet on secret rendezvous. But their affair soon revealed in broad daylight. Directed by Kim-Dae woo, this erotic film is widely popular in South Korea and had a box office collection of $3.6 million. The lead roles are played by Song Seung-heon as Colonel Kim Jin-pyeong and Lim Ji-yeon as Jong Ga-heun.

2. Purpose of Reunion (2015)

Purpose of Reunion (2015) Top 10 Erotic Korean Films

A reunion can be either memorable or awkward. “Purpose of Reunion” as the name says, is a movie based on the story of a reunion. The South Korean erotic film is directed by Jung Dae-man, an award-winning director. The film’s sole purpose is not only to portray the sexuality of a couple but to give an essence of romanticism within that unusual relationship. The smooth acting of Song Chang-Hyeon and Kim Eun-bi has made the movie a top-notch in the genre of South Korean erotica.

3. A Good Lawyer’s Wife (2003)

A Good Lawyer's Wife (2003) Top 10 Erotic Korean Films

“A Good Lawyer’s Wife” is a classic adult film that describes the story of a family with multiple complexities. A lawyer’s wife suffers from loneliness and gets involved in extramarital affairs while the other members of the family are also not in their perfect mental sanity. The writer and director of the movie Im Sang-soo is hugely praised for depicting such a story of the core desire every human being. Starring Moon So-ri, Hwang Jung-min, and Bong Tae-gyu, this movie was a box office success and received awards like Stockholm International Film festival best actress and was nominated for the Venice International film festival.

4. Love Clinic (2015)

Love Clinic (2015) Top 10 Erotic Korean Films

“Love Clinic” is very popular comedy erotica. The story is about a male gynecologist and a female urologist, who are both sexually deprived. It is very common that when both of them open the chamber on the same floor, there will be chemistry. The director Aaron Kim has a true sense of humor and he knows how to portray that through film. Oh Ji-ho has played the male lead whereas the female is played by Kang Ye-won.

5. The Scent (2012)

The Scent (2012) Top 10 Erotic Korean Films

Kim Hyeong-jun’s adult film “The Scent” revolves around adultery. As the film shows the life of a private investigator Kang Seon-woo, whose specialty on adultery cases. Kim has made the movie on a dark note with a glimpse of comedy in it. Park Hee-soon has done a legendary work in the film; being the lead role he pulled the movie by himself. Park Si-yeon has also done her job pretty well. The pornographic shots in the movie have captured the audience’s attention for the beautiful work of the camera. Though the film was not widely praised, it garnered a huge number of audiences.

6. The Handmaiden (2016)

The Handmaiden (2016) Top 10 Erotic Korean Films

“The Handmaiden” is psychological erotica, one of the best movies ever made in South Korea. The film is originally adapted from the novel “Fingersmith” and is based in the era of Japanese colonial rule over Korea. “The Handmaiden,” tells the story of several royal conspiracies and seductions throughout the three-part of the movie. The director Park Chan-wook’s portrayal of old Korea is a pleasing experience to watch for sure. Also, it has its own place as an adult film with numerous sex scenes showing the intensity and desperateness of love. “The Handmaiden” grossed over $38 million worldwide and is one of the best South Korean films.

Innocent Crush (2014)

Innocent Crush (2014) Top 10 Erotic Korean Films

A movie on love turned into an obsession. Joon Ki (Jang Hyuk) is a physical education teacher in a girls’ school. Despite having a pregnant wife, he ends up in an affair with one of his students. Their innocent form of crush turned into deep obsessive love. This dilemma of a family person is depicted in a crystal clear version in the movie. Kim Tai-kyun, the director made this exceptional movie in a simple tone for the movie to be acceptable by everyone. Though not pornographic but the sexual interactions are very bold and can be enjoyable for viewers.

Love Lesson (2013)

Love Lesson (2013) Top 10 Erotic Korean Films

What does a writer feel when he/she is going through a writer’s block? That’s the center tone of the movie. Hee-Soo a successful songwriter finds her inspiration in a new boy whom she teaches. With the story unfolding, the couple finds themselves in love. Although short, Love Lesson teaches a lot of lessons to people who find aesthetic beauty in cinema. There is no denial that Ko Kyoung-A, the director of the film, has done a wonderful job and movies like this should be made more frequently to revive to subtleties of human emotions.

Love at the End of the World (2015)

Love at the End of the World (2015) Top 10 Erotic Korean Films

“Sesangggeutui Sarang” or “Love at the End of the World” is a movie based on a family tale. A single mother falls for an attractive man and starts dating. On the other hand, the daughter feels lonely and develops feelings for the same man. In this plot, the director Kim In-Sik has made a solid movie that qualifies for both pornographic and drama.

Natalie (2010)

Natalie (2010) Top 10 Erotic Korean Films

The movie is about a famous sculptor Jun-hyuk and his magnum opus, a nude sculpture of a mysterious woman. Jun-hyuk and his model had a relationship, which he only took professionally. This behavior of Jun-hyuk hurt the woman and she disappeared forever. Korean movie has been appealing for years in terms of artistic endeavors; Natalie is no exception to that. The director Ju Kyung-jung and the lead actor Lee Sung-jae has taken the movie to whole another level with the sophisticated storytelling art.

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