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Physical intimacy and the desire to satisfy the bodily lust have been a subject to artistry and expressed various artforms. Movies are arguably the most accomplished form to express feelings and pleasurable moments. Like many other film industries, the Italians have also ventured into adult movies to create some beautiful content for the audience who craves it. In this list, you’ll get 10 best Italian erotica that’ll give you a real good time. 

1. Lady of the Night (1986)

Lady of the Night 1986 Italian Adult films

Well married life can be boring but Angelina, the lead character, only discovers that after facing a cruel experience. Director Piero Schivazappa has peculiarly worked with the movie to tell a story of going astray and coming back. But the question remains, is it possible to come back from the ever-dark roads? It’s true that Angelina had to pay for her reckless sexual life but in the end, could she really live the life that she had once rejected! To find the answers, you have to watch the movie, the director has left a lot to the audience to watch and decide.

2. All Ladies Do It (1992)

All Ladies Do It Italian Adult films

They say monogamy is a devotion and should be the lifelong duty to protect the monogamous nature. But people have often refused the idea to share the bodily pleasures only with one person, thus extramarital affairs have been going on for centuries. In “All Ladies Do It”, the director Tinto Brass displays a woman fed up with her husband joins with other people for physical satisfaction. This Italian erotica is quite distinct with a well-throughout plot and able actors. Claudia Koll is really sexy even in the poster, her backside can drag viewers to watch the full film. 

3. Monella (1998)

Monella Italian Adult films

Italian adult films are really intriguing! One after another social issues about sex and physical relationships. Again director Tinto Brass has made this juicy film about premarital sex and the beliefs surrounding it. A teenage girl naturally wants to feel the delighting experience of being penetrated, whereas strict beliefs forbid it before marriage. So will she be able to satisfy her lust and get ravaged by someone willing or she has to wait for countless days? That’s the fun of the movie. Another thing, Tinto is really obsessed with female hips, always puts it on the poster. The movie is also known as “Frivolous Lola”.

4. Cheeky! (2000)

Cheeky! (2000) Italian Adult films

Another hip-poster, guess whose movie is it- exactly Tinto Brass. This one is rather funny and comes in the genre of sex-comedy. How many times does a girlfriend need to cheat to make a list! That’s not only fun but makes me curious, has anyone done it before? “Cheeky” portrays a rather different story with a lighter theme. Plenty of naked scenes and hilarious moments makes this a must-watch A-rated film. 

5. Monamour (2006)

Monamour Italian Adult films

Nymphomania is very common in adult films but as always, the Italians like to put it from a different perspective. A typical housewife isn’t expected to express her sexual desires harshly and often neglected by her husband it can be deep-buried but sometimes the opposite happens. That’s what happened in this movie and the talented director Mr. Brass has eloquently handled it with twists and appealing sex. As far as erotica is concerned, it’s a top-quality film with enough context and logical explanation. Let’s ignore the ass fact of his posters, we obviously don’t want to hurt him.

6. Fallo! (2003)

Fallo! Italian Adult films

“Fallo!” or “Private” in English is a movie with six different stories in one place. All the six stories show a particular theme each and the style of portraying the stories one by one is very unique and somewhere connects to the larger common thing. This Italian erotica is in itself is a compilation of the typical adult films in nutshell. It’s a fun-to-watch movie with some great sexual stuff.  

7. The Dark Side of Love (1984)

The Dark Side of Love Italian Adult films

Some secrets are better untold. This should be the crux of the movie directed by Salvatore Samperi. An awkward relationship between a sister and brother makes their relationship a lot more complicated and somewhat abnormal. It might need some time to get used to this unconventional storyline, however, in the end, it’s a precious experience indeed. The viewers would love the intriguing plot with a gradual increase in intimacy and sexuality.  

8. The Man-Eater (1999)

The Man-Eater (film) Italian Adult films

It’s a story of a young playful mind who wants to explore everything before settling down. Aurelio Grimaldi’s creative mind has beautifully captured the lusty mind of a woman. The story has undoubtedly given birth to some debate over matters like ‘self-expression and its boundaries’. However, in all accounts, the film is super sexy and can be enjoyed thoroughly with just a viewer’s mind. And yes, the title really serves the purpose of the movie. 

9. The Voyeur (1994)

The Voyeur (1994 film) Italian Adult films

Life can be both weird and difficult for some people whereas some people enjoy every drop of it. “The Voyeur” is a film that sheds light upon this particular fact with an erotic undertone. An academic, unattached to intimate relationships finds himself in an uncomfortable situation. The overall theme of the movie is loosely taken from the novel “L’uomo che guarda”, the original Italian version of the same name. Those who love adult content will have a great experience from the film. 

10. A Bigger Splash (2015)

A Bigger Splash (2015 film) Italian Adult films

Unlike other films in this list, “A Bigger Splash” is not exactly a porno, it’s rather a part of the larger context. The Fifty Shades famous Dakota Johnson plays a fantastic role in this Italian movie other than her we have Tilda Swinton and the Belgian actor Matthias Schoenaerts. Somewhat ode but well-structured, the film is firmly watchable and some of the stuff really makes you think. Even if you consider yourself a newbie in the adult genre, this movie is great to start with.

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