Top 10 Most Adult Bollywood Movies With Nudity and Hot Scenes

Indian erotic cinema dates back to the nineties. In the last thirty years, it has flourished through the roof with great pictures, thoughtful direction, and sexually spirited scripts. The audience for these types of films is huge and that’s not only for sexuality but also for the artistry. The great news is that today sexuality is openly welcomed in famous movies and web series with reputed actors playing the roles.

Now is the time to pay respect to the forefather of modern-day adult films of India. Erotic films have been made throughout the country with equal or sometimes higher quality but we have kept our list in Bollywood for the larger audience. So here comes the top 10 erotic Indian movies.

1. Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love – Watch Now

Kama Sutra A Tale of Love Erotic india movies
“Kama Sutra” is by far the most popular A-rated movie to date however it’s not Bollywood. Produced by foreign production houses, ironically the movie was banned in India due to its explicit nudity. The director Mira Nair has constructed the storyline based upon the ancient Indian scripture “The Kama Sutra” and used it in a historical period drama. Rekha, one of the most famous actresses to date, acted in the film along with Indira Verma, Ramon Tikaram, and Naveen Andrews.

The film had only a budget of $3 Million but grossed worldwide a spectacular amount of $8.6 Million. It was shown in the Cannes Film Festival and some other film festivals.

2. Jism 2 – Watch Now

Jism 2 Erotic india movies
The 2012 Bollywood film is still a very popular one to watch. Starring Arunoday Singh, Sunny Leone, and Randeep Hooda, Jism told the story of intelligence operations and their honey traps using gorgeous women, indeed an interesting choice. The movie is directed by Puja Bhatt and written by Mahesh Bhatt, her father, and the Bollywood legend. The film carries the essence of the cult “Last Tango in Paris” as per the writer. The audience accepted the movie and made it a superhit and as fun fact “Jism 2” is the first Bollywood film to ever have a launch. Due to the sex scenes in the movie, it got an A certificate and earned 50 crores.

3. Hate Story – Watch Now

Hate Story (2012) Erotic india movies
Another superhit explicitly sexual film series is the Hate Story with its first release in 2012, the series has three more movies. Directed by Vivek Agnihotri, the film stars Nikhil Dwivedi, Gulshan Devaiya, and the talented actress from Bengal Paoli Dam. The film was critically appreciated and pan-Indian film lovers loved the idea of a movie led by a woman. Paoli Dam looks hot in the movie and her acting attracted the audience hugely. Produced by Vikram Bhatt, the movie grossed a total of 16 crores with a budget of only 9 crores.

4. Nasha – Watch Now

Nasha (2013) Erotic india movies
“Nasha” is the portrayal of an adolescent fantasy that we all share. This Bollywood adult movie is directed by Amit Saxena starring Punam Pandey and Shivam Patil playing the teacher and student. The film has used sex and nudity from a whole new perspective and has been successful to display the emotions of a teen to his teacher when seeing her with somebody else. Because of the relatable features, the film is very popular in India and earned 8 crore rupees from a budget of half the amount.

5. The Journey of Karma

The Journey of Karma Erotic india movies
Sometimes talent crumbles upon the feet of money and then happens what shouldn’t have happened. “The Journey of Karma” is a film of such category, a girl from a weak economic background tries to get money to study abroad but gets in the trap of an unwanted relationship. Starring Punam Pandey and Shakti Kapoor, the film is directed by Jagbir Dahiya. Though the movie neither got critics’ attention nor the public’s, it’s a good watch for enthusiastic erotic film lovers.

6. Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta

Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta Erotic india movies
“Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta” is a complicated portrayal of two couples having extramarital affairs between both the parties. Anger, Revenge, Sex is the three driving forces of the movie complimenting each other. Directed by Pravesh Bhardwaj, the movie stars Prashant Narayanan and Aruna Shields. The film is based in London and tells the story of Neera, Karan, Aswin, and Sakhi. The film had mixed views from critics and audience but such stories should always be welcomed to flourish in a small industry. Ustaad Shujaat Hussain Khan, a Grammy-nominated artist, has composed the music and scores for the movie.

7. Unfreedom – Watch Now

Unfreedom (2011) Erotic india movies
We are free from all the stereotypes and boundaries of conservatism, this is the idea of the movie “Unfreedom”. The movie released in North America was directed by Raj Amit Kumar the writer being Damon J Taylor. Due to its bold scenes and open nudity, it was never released in India apparently, however, it’s not confirmed. The cast includes the veteran Bengali actor Victor Bannerjee along with Adil Hussain and Preeti Gupta. “Unfreedom” is inspired by the great poet Faiz’s poem. The basic storyline shows the life of a bisexual Indian woman, who got kidnapped in the US by conservative Muslims.

8. B.A. Pass – Watch Now

B.A. Pass Erotic india movies
“B.A. Pass” is a huge movie in the category of Bollywood sexual films, because movies with such artistry are rare in the country. Directed by Ajay Bahl, the film stars Shilpa Shukla, Rajesh Sharma, and Dibyendu Bhattacharya. The movie depicts the story of a teen boy lured by the world of sexuality, lost his way to normal. The director’s bold movie to adapt to the French ‘noir’ genre in Bollywood was appreciated critically. Anyone who wants to see Indian hot movies, B.A. Pass will be a great film to start with.

9. Hunterrr – Watch Now

Hunterrr Erotic indian movies
The story of a sex addict in his mid-30s is what “Hunterrr” shows. The director Harshavardhan Kulkarni aptly shows the philosophy behind the practice of the lead character Mandar played by Gulshan Devaiah. Having been in numerous short-term sexual relationships, he doesn’t want to get married. As he didn’t realize earlier about his addiction to sex, it gets difficult for him to have to lead a normal life. The other two acting roles are well served by Radhika Apte and Sai Tamhankar.

10. Sins – Watch Now

Sins 2005 Erotic india movies
Even the one who serves the god can be held accused of committing deliberate sins. This isn’t a new story, this has been there forever. The movie “Sins” tells the story of a Catholic priest, who had an intimate relationship with a devotee. Due to the nudity shown in the movie, there are nationwide allegations as it hurt the Christian sentiment. However, the director Vinod Pande constructed the film upon the true story of a Kerala priest. Shiny Ahuja, Seema Rahmani, and Vinod Pande, the director himself, have acted in the film.

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