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When Music’s Finest Make Movies Better

Throughout the history of cinema, music-makers have joined forces with movie-makers to create memorable movies. Some music accompanies a famous quote during an iconic scene, while a tune can also simply get stuck in the heads of viewers while they take in a new Hollywood release. Overall, music soundtracks are vitally important in the movie world.

A number of iconic movies have teamed up with some of music’s biggest names over the years, too. In fact, music soundtracks are adored on the whole, with people filling their Spotify playlists with them and a number of much-loved soundtracks continuing to entertain modern-day audiences despite certain productions being rather outdated. For example, Grease’s music is still listened to by millions of people everywhere. Grease isn’t the only highlight, though.

Pulp Fiction’s music is impossible to forget


If you’ve seen Pulp Fiction, then you’re probably aware of at least one track that helped make the movie what it is. A film many people pick as their favourite, Quentin Tarantino’s stone-cold classic is filled with killer tracks throughout. From Jungle Boogie by Kool And The Gang to Neil Diamond’s Girl You’ll Be A Woman, a series of top tracks contributed to this immense production and continue to be associated with the movie today. Overall, when assessing movies with the best ever music, Pulp Fiction is definitely up there.

Beastie Boys contributed to the success of Kids

When Kids was released in the mid-90s, Beastie Boys were at the top of their game. As such, bringing in the American hip hop group made a lot of sense, particularly given the premise of the movie. An American coming-of-age drama with powerful storylines throughout, particularly around HIV, Beastie Boys’ music was a perfect inclusion in this youth-focused masterpiece. Post-rock legends Sebadoh and Slint added another layer of intrigue to this powerful release.

Avril Lavigne wrote the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack


Although the Alice in Wonderland remake appeared to divide opinion overall, it still managed to win over millions of people. A movie that has a range of games dedicated to it, such as the Adventures Beyond Wonderland live casino game show, Avril Lavigne turned her attention away from skater boys and managed to create a powerful release for a movie that stars the likes of Johnny Depp. The darkness of the production can be felt in this perfectly gloomy track, as Avril Lavigne continued to showcase her immense song-writing ability. Put simply, the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack is perfect. With 38 million views on YouTube and counting, people evidently can’t seem to get enough of it.

Jimi Hendrix and The Byrds are featured in Easy Rider


In terms of featuring music royalty, Easy Rider absolutely nailed it. Released in 1969, the iconic movie is hard to ignore overall, but particularly for music fans. Top tracks are being played throughout the film, but when Jack Nicholson is picked up to the sounds of Jimi Hendrix and The Byrds, it’s impossible not to nod along. For many motorcyclists, the music in Easy Rider must never be forgotten, particularly as it encapsulated biking life in the best way possible as Nicholson and friends enjoyed being free on the open road.

Guardians of the Galaxy is filled with hits

Given the intense action that is typically on show in a Marvel film, the movies need to hit the mark with viewing audiences and add another element of chaos during a fighting scene, for example. In Guardians of the Galaxy, a series of top tracks helped make the movie a smash hit. From David Bowie to Marvin Gaye, a selection of musical legends are in this one.

The Role of Music in Setting the Mood and Atmosphere


Music plays a vital role in setting the mood and atmosphere in films, creating an emotional connection with the audience and enhancing the overall cinematic experience. Through carefully chosen melodies, rhythms, and instrumentation, music can effectively transport viewers to different times, places, and emotional states.

The right music can instantly establish the tone of a scene, whether it’s a suspenseful moment, a romantic encounter, or an action-packed sequence. For example, a haunting melody accompanied by eerie sound effects can create a sense of tension and foreboding, intensifying the suspense. Conversely, a gentle, melodic composition can evoke feelings of nostalgia or romance, enveloping viewers in a warm and sentimental ambiance.

In addition to conveying emotions, music can also help to define the cultural and historical context of a film. By incorporating specific musical styles, instruments, or traditional melodies, filmmakers can transport audiences to different eras or regions, adding depth and authenticity to the storytelling.

Nostalgic Tunes: Soundtracks that Transport Us to Another Time


Nostalgic tunes have a remarkable power to transport us to another time, evoking cherished memories and emotions from the past. Soundtracks that effectively capture the essence of a bygone era can create a profound sense of nostalgia, enveloping viewers in a world long gone but not forgotten. These soundtracks weave together melodies, lyrics, and musical styles that resonate with the collective memory, triggering a flood of sentimental emotions. Whether it’s the swinging tunes of the ’50s, the disco beats of the ’70s, or the grunge anthems of the ’90s, these soundtracks serve as sonic time machines, allowing us to relive moments and experiences through the magic of music. They connect us to our own personal histories and offer a glimpse into the cultural and social fabric of a specific era, making us yearn for times gone by and reminding us of the enduring power of music to transcend time.

Music and movies have a special relationship, one that has evolved over the years. Today, many of music’s greatest artists are taking on new roles as they create soundtracks for their favorite films. Whether you are looking to get in the mood with some upbeat tunes or simply want to enhance your movie-watching experience, these musical maestros can make all the difference in providing an unforgettable soundtrack to any great film. So next time you’re watching a movie, don’t forget about what music can do for it – listen out for those talented musicians who might just be making it even better.