7 Best Rom-Coms for Binge-Watchers

Currently, many individuals are staying at home due to social distance. It is a fantastic opportunity to relive some classic romantic comedy. Luckily, streaming platforms allow viewers to stream the best movies ever made. Most movies on these platforms revolve around rom-com. You don’t even need to get out of your chair to fall in love with these tales all over again.

So, make some popcorn, grab a blanket, get comfortable and be prepared to laugh aloud. Do you need some assistance determining where to begin? Here is the list of the seven best rom-coms with a brief overview. discusses available streaming platforms in detail.

1. Palm Springs (2024)


Palm Spring, Hulu’s popular movie, revolves around Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti, two guests at a wedding, progressively uncovering that they are experiencing the same day again and again in summer and falling in love.

Even if the Groundhog Day scenario is becoming more frequent in films nowadays, Andy Samberg gives it fresh life. Palm Springs is well worth the whole 90 minutes since it is jam-packed with startling story twists from beginning to end.

2. What Men Want (2019)


Ali Davis plays a sports agent who passed up for an overdue promotion and struggles to make it in a profession where most of her coworkers are males. She chooses to consult a psychic after that dreadful day.

She obtained the power to hear every thought of every man she encountered at work and in her daily life. She utilizes this technology as a source of information to advance in her job and sign the next NBA superstar ahead of her male counterparts.

3. Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)


Bridget (Renée Zellweger), a thirty-something woman employee at a publishing firm, believes it’s time to take charge of her life. After resolving to give up her numerous vices, she keeps a notebook. She writes down her thoughts, anxieties, and travels.

She’s soon caught between the gazes of two men: bad-boy Daniel and somber Mark. Following that, there’s blue soup, street fighting, and the finest usage of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” in cinematic history.

4. Date Night (2010)


Phil and Claire Foster arrange a date night at a fancy restaurant in NYC, fearful that their marriage would break apart. Nevertheless, they decide to go to the crowded restaurant, even though they don’t have a reservation, hoping to finesse their way.

Paul decides on the spur of the moment to claim that they are the Tripplehorn’s, the missing diners. Everything seems great until two ominous men interrupt their dinner and demand that they return the stolen flash disc. Overall, this movie offers a lot of adventures and laughter.

5. Wedding Crashers (2005)


Anything with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn is certain to be humorous, and this film is no exception. Jeremy and John, both divorce mediators, spend whatever free time they have crashing wedding receptions.

When the Secretary of the Treasury announces his daughter’s wedding, you know the two will do all they can to be involved. The only issue? When John can’t take his gaze away from bridesmaid Claire and Jeremy meets Gloria, things start to go wrong.

6. Sleepless in Seattle


After Tom Hanks’ character’s wife passes away, his son comes into a radio program and persuades his father to tell him how much he misses his late wife. Meg Ryan’s character, a moved listener from across the nation, decides to send Tom Hanks a letter and ask him to meet her at the top of the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day.

While the youngster encourages his father to go for it, Hanks’ character is hesitant. Will they ever get together? Is it going to be genuine love? You can find this film on Amazon Prime, iTunes, and YouTube Movies. Also, check out famous actors who appeared in Adult movies.

7. She’s the Man

Viola decides to cover for her brother Sebastian by imitating him when he takes a covert vacation to London. She attends his boarding school and participates in soccer tryouts. Things get difficult, though, when she develops emotions for her roommate Duke.

Meanwhile, Duke is smitten with Olivia, “Sebastian.” To make “Sebastian” jealous, Olivia goes on a date with Duke, developing a love for Viola. Is that clear? Go to YouTube Movies, Amazon Prime, Google Play, iTunes, or Hulu to enjoy this movie.