How To Keep Your Cat Healthy: 5 Effective Tips!

How many of you prefer to keep cats as pets? Statista’s 2018 records show that there are 471 million dogs and 373 million cats kept as pets worldwide. This means that a cat is the second-most popular type of pet among people.

It is a known fact that the feline friend rules the house. They don’t adjust but they ask you to adjust. Cats are very particular about their choices and want things their way. However, to keep these cats healthy, you need to follow a healthy regime.

Take a look at these 5 tips to keep your cats healthy!

1. Brush daily


Like humans need brushing, it is equally essential for cats too. Brushing daily helps to remove the hairballs from developing in the digestive tract of your cat. If they don’t brush, the bacteria from their teeth can enter their blood leading to many different diseases. In a day, cats spend a lot of time grooming themselves in order to look attractive.

They do not realize they’re removing loose hair that can enter their body and create problems. Cats love pampering. They’ll try to imitate everything that they see. This habit of theirs can be helpful to you. Try to associate brushing with a happy vibe like brushing before every meal and see the cats follow the routine.

However, cats cannot brush by themselves and at times, they wouldn’t even let their owners brush it for them. In such cases, schedule appointments with your vet to keep the feline’s teeth in good condition.

If you notice that your cat seems to be shedding more than normal please visit here to understand why and what can be done.

2. Enough litter boxes


Litter boxes have to be kept just EVERYWHERE. Cats like things organized including the place for their litter boxes. Along with this, they do not even share their boxes. So, always remember to keep an extra box. Suppose you have five cats, then you need six litter boxes.

You need to be cautious about where you place these litter boxes. You might want them to relieve themselves out of the house but they wouldn’t like it that way. Cats are in a vulnerable position when they want to lighten themselves. Hence, spread these boxes in a manner that it is easily available from any corner of the house.

Ensure that these boxes are cleaned daily. Cats do not like it dirty. If the urine and feces have dried up, it can also make your cat ill. Also, try to remove it yourself so that you can get an idea if there’s any blood in the urine or abnormal frequency that you should report to the doctor. You can easily get these litter boxes from PETstock.

3. Peeing outside the box?


Accidents happen. But if your cat has suddenly ditched the litter boxes and started urinating in the house, I understand the reason for your frustration. But for the cats, it is different.

When such things happen, the foremost thing to do is to check that the litter boxes are cleaned. If they are, don’t waste time and take the cat to a vet. Your cat might be dealing with an illness. The major reason behind such actions can be urinary tract infection.

4. Train them to use a scratch post


Cats have a habit of scratching things. It helps them to make their claws sharp so it is easier for them to climb trees or catch their prey. Scratching also helps the cats to mark their territory to avoid trespassing. It also strengthens the muscles of the cat’s legs and paws and allows them to stretch their backs.

You wouldn’t like the furniture in the house to be damaged by the scratching of the cats. Neither will you like to find cat hair everywhere. For such problems, train them to use a scratch post. This will be their defined place for scratching. So, they can stretch muscles here and maintain their claws in good condition.

When a cat does regular scratching, it removes the old layers from the claws of the cat. To begin with, you need to keep this scratch post in a room of people. Use catnips to attract cats. Once the cat has learned how to use it, then you can shift it to an isolated place and skip catnips.

5. Spay or neuter your cat


Spaying or neutering your cat is highly recommended to prevent reproductive diseases. Such diseases are very common in both, male and female cats. For females, it can save the cat from uterine infections, ovarian cancer, or breast tumor.

Similarly, male cats can be prevented from testicular cancers and prostate problems. If the surgeries are done earlier, your male cat wouldn’t want to roam around to mark his territory. This means they cannot reproduce.

You might think this is unfair to cats but you’re actually saving them from many feline health problems like feline leukemia or feline immunodeficiency virus. This is equivalent to HIV in cats. Also, you might want your cat to reproduce but every year the number of ‘homeless’ cats is increasing. You wouldn’t want your cat’s family to become a part of the unwanted community.

Further, remember that female cats can get pregnant even when they are four months old. So, you have to get them neutered sooner.

Bonus: Allow them to show you love!


Cats demonstrate affection in different ways. – right from head bumping to kneading you with his or her paws. On days when your little furry friend plans to do that, accept it with love. Sometimes they also want to reward you with a successful hunt – so just welcome that half-chewed mouse with pride and love!

Over to you…

Apart from all these healthy habits, cats also need healthy food. Provide them with sufficient water to maintain the balance of the body. Clip its nails regularly and instill grooming habits within the cat. They need cat shampoos and soaps to bathe.

You can also get a pet carrier when you travel but your cat doesn’t support your decision of travelling. Get them vaccinated on time and choose friendly vets for their treatment so that your cats are comfortable with them. In case you find any unusual behavior, contact your vet immediately.