Why You Need Air Duct Cleaning Services

When did you last inspect your air ducts and do duct cleaning? The answer is probably rarely. As long as your system works fine, it is totally normal to forget about it since it is placed behind the walls. Pretty common to ignore anything that is out of sight. However, the HVAC system needs to be checked and maintained frequently to avoid recirculating dust and other debris inside your home.

It is worth noting that duct cleaning is not a simple DIY project involving a scrubbing brush and soapy water. Because air duct dirt and contain toxic contaminants, professionals are well suited for doing the job. They have special equipment for the work. The heating exchangers, cooling coils, grills, diffusers, and registers are all cleaned. Click for more.

1. Importance of Duct Cleaning


Duct cleaning is not only about removing the visible dirt from your HVAC system. It comes with so many other benefits that cannot be overlooked. While the process gets rid of the contaminants, here are some of the advantages worth mentioning:

  • Better Air Quality

Pollutants in the air are major causes of illnesses. Cleaning the duct system comes with the merit of getting rid of these pollutants, making the air clean and safe. Since dirt particles are light, they keep circulating throughout the house. They can be carried in and out of a dirty duct system.

Cleaning eases the burden in your air duct system, reducing the pollutants volume in the air. It is a long term solution for families struggling with keeping their indoor air clean.

  • Energy Saving and Increased HVAC Performance

Air pollutants not only affect your HVAC system but also your heating and cooling system too. During circulation, these particles settle on any surface that is exposed to them. Some of the significant ones include inside a furnace, air conditioner, air handler, or heat pump. The build-up also has a considerable contribution to mold growth.

One of the recommended solutions is changing the air filters. However, since most people do not apply this solution, the dirt particles are not confined.

When you clean your air ducts, you minimize the settling of dirt particles on your cooling and heating system. As a result, you prolong the life and performance of your HVAC system. Since it will be running at its optimum capacity, it reduces the running time and energy consumption.

  • HVAC Protection

The inside parts of your HVAC system wear and tear easily when if debris settles there. It interferes with their performance making them breakdown more often. Protecting your system from such debris means few breakdowns and fewer financial requirements, which leads to huge savings.

  • Cleaner Home

When the interiors of your air duct are clean, it means they are more efficient. They will trap more dirt, preventing it from settling on different surfaces. This keeps your home cleaner for long.

  • Money Savings

It doesn’t matter what your investment is; most of us love to save money where we can. Show me a person who doesn’t, and I’ll show you a liar. Now, you must be wondering how hiring a duct cleaning company can save you money? Well, this service sure is expensive, but only upfront. If you look at the matter in the long run, you’ll be making savings on every corner. The whole point of these products is to make the airflow easier through your home. With a more comfortable flow, it takes less energy to pump air in and out. With less power consumed, you will be spending less, as the system that is clogged tend to create more expenses. Once you clean the system you’ll notice the first saving with a new energy bill. 

The moment you notice that your HVAC system isn’t running with full power, you should know that the time is right for professional help. With their assistance, you can look forward to paying less for energy in the future. If you ignore this issue, your bills are only going to get bigger. Don’t turn your back on massive savings like this one. 

  • Remove Hidden Odors 

No one loves funny smells. Homes with lousy HVAC systems tend to have them in abundance. These smells aren’t pleasant, and your house will feel as being dirty due to polluted air. All of your friends are going to think that you are not keeping the place clean enough due to hidden smells. Most owners and we hope you are one of them will try to identify the source of the smell with urgency. Even if you manage to do this on your own, you won’t be able to handle the whole problem on your own. In some cases, you won’t even be able to find the source. Those smells that are coming from the air duct are the worst ones to handle as you can never be too sure where is the origin. 

In order to remove these smells, you’ll need special equipment. This type of equipment can’t be found in your home at the reach of your hand. But, those who do this for a living have it, and they can solve your issue. If you don’t know what you are doing you can make the smell reach all corners of your home. 

2. What’s lurking inside an HVAC?


When we talk about air contaminants, it’s not only about the dust particles. Instead, other light-matter is considered part of the pollutants. It can come from the surrounding homes or your old stuff. Such contaminants include:

  • Dead skin cells. They also attract insects such as mites, bringing double problems
  • Dust in voluminous quantities
  • Dust mites. They also contribute to the multiplication of viruses and bacteria
  • Mildew, bacteria, fungi, viruses, mold, and germs
  • Smoke from cigarettes and other tobacco products
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC) often used for duct cleaning and building
  • Insect and bug feces
  • Dander and pet hair
  • How to Tell if the Air Cleaning is Needed

We earlier said that the air ducts are found behind the walls. This positioning makes it challenging to check for the accumulation of dirt and other debris. The best way to deal with it is by scheduling a regular cleaning. A professional cleaning company can help in assessing your entire system per visit.

  • The best routine is having your duct system cleaned after every 5-10 years. This is according to the recommendations given by the National Air of Duct Cleaners Association. 
  • Ensure your ducts are cleaned if you had a re-modeling project, have a newly built home or buy an existing home. 
  • Consider duct cleaning if you notice a lot of dust in your home despite cleaning it often
  • When a professional find mold growth in your air conditioning, consider duct cleaning for a permanent solution

Final Thoughts

Every home is unique. Because of this, the problems may differ too. Depending on conditions, you need to determine do you need professional help. Be sure to estimate the situation the right way. In case you need professional help, there’s no time to waste. The situation can only get worse before it gets better. Don’t be hesitant to make the right decision. Above you have everything you should know and that could help you take steps in the right direction. Trust us, there’s no replacement for clean air.