7 Plumbing Issues You Must Fix Immediately – 2024 Guide

Plumbing issues are the worst nightmare for all homeowners. The thing is that sometimes even the smallest leak can indicate that a much bigger problem will occur. That is why you should always be at the top of the task and solve the problem as soon as it happens. Of course, in extreme situations, you are forced to call professionals to handle the problem. But you should always try to eliminate the small issues, so you prevent big plumbing problems that are usually time and money demanding. Here are some of the plumbing problems you should never ignore.

1. Toilet water retention


Every time you flush the toilet, the water level should rise and then immediately return to a regular level. But sometimes you can notice water retention, which means the level of water stays too high for too long. If this happens once, you can try to use the plunger and check if that helps. The plunger alone can sometimes solve the problem, and you can happily forget that this ever happened. But in case the same issue happens over and over again, we recommend you call a professional to help you solve the situation. It is essential to eliminate the cause of water retention as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may end up with a flood in your toilet and massive damage that will cost the fortune to get fixed. So you should never ignore this small issue that can become something much bigger over time.

2. Your utility bills are much higher than usual

After some time living in the house, you get the idea of how high utility bills are. And once you get a utility bill that is significantly higher than all previous ones, that probably means you have a leak somewhere in the house. In case you can’t find its source anywhere in the house, we recommend going outside and checking if some of the faucets outside the house leak. If you can’t seem to find what is the cause, the best idea is to call a plumber to help you find the source of leakage. Keep in mind that if you continue ignoring this issue, you will probably get a few more large utility bills, and spend a lot more money on them than you have to.

3. Water pressure is too low


Another thing that can indicate a leak somewhere in the house is low water pressure. This issue is pretty common in many households, and sometimes it occurs due to problems in the local water supply network. But the cause can also be that there is a leak inside or outside your house. In some cases, fixing these problems can be very simple. For example, sometimes you only need to get a new faucet or a new shower head. And then, sometimes the only solution is to call the professionals to help you troubleshoot.

4. Hot water is the past for you

Who doesn’t like a hot shower at the end of a long day, or washing the dishes using warm water. When you start noticing you don’t have as much hot water as before, or that you don’t have it at all, it can be very frustrating. But it is also something you shouldn’t ignore. These types of problems usually occur due to water heater failure. And that means you should call the experts, such as Lucas plumbing and gas solutions, that can check your water heater and see what needs to be done. They offer 24/7 support, so you can call them anytime, ask them to visit your home, and check on possible problems.

5. The water has an unpleasant odor


As we all know, the water has no smell or taste. And only odorless water is good water. In case you notice the water coming out of your faucets has an unpleasant odor, you shouldn’t ignore this issue. Immediately call a plumber to come and check what is going on. The unpleasant odor can mean a lot of things. It can happen due to pipes, faucets, or even sewer lines, which you can easily recognize by the smell of rotten eggs. If the odor isn’t extremely bad, you can try to use lemon peels. Let them down the drain, and you can also squeeze some lemon juice. Do not drink the water or use it for cooking until you notice the odor is gone. If the situation doesn’t get any better even after doing this, call the plumber as soon as possible.

6. Faucet keeps leaking

The sound of a leaky faucet can be very frustrating, especially while you’re sleeping or trying to enjoy the moment of peace and silence. People usually tend to ignore this problem for way too long. And this is not the smartest idea for many reasons. First of all, a leaky faucet can waste a huge amount of water during the time. So if you’re delaying the replacement of a faucet or calling a plumber because you don’t want to spend too much money, you should be aware that, in the long run, a leaky faucet can cause much higher financial costs.

7. The water in the shower drains too slow


If the water in your shower takes forever to drains, it can be pretty frustrating waiting for several minutes every time you’re showering. On the other hand, ignoring this situation can lead to floods, which are a much bigger problem than slow water runoff. To prevent this, use drain liquid cleaner as a short-term solution. Then call a plumber to figure out what is the main problem and how to solve it, so you can shower like a normal person again.


In every single household plumbing problems occur from time to time. And these problems shouldn’t be ignored since they can lead to bigger issues which can be very time and money demanding. That is why we recommend calling an expert every time you have a plumbing problem. They will check what is going on, do the work, and provide you some useful advice that will help you prevent similar situations.