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What Swimming Pool Shape Should You Get for Your Backyard

Everyone loves swimming on a hot day, but not everyone has the luxury of having a pool in their backyard. But, you’re close, aren’t you?

You’re thinking about getting one for your home, but are still undecided on which shape to choose, are we right? Well, if we are right – this article is for you!

We’re about to give you some tips on how to choose the perfect shape for your needs, as well as some recommendations based on our experience. Let’s begin.

Things to Consider First

First things first, before we get to discussing different forms and figures, we have to get one thing out of the way, and that’s how you settle on one.

Sure, you could open up a catalogue and randomly pick a shape, after all, it’s just a pool we’re talking about. Either one will be decent for a few strokes, some sunbathing and whatnot. But, will it really work? No, we don’t think so.

You have to consider a few things first.

1. Size


First up – we have to talk about size.

The size of the pool, of your home, of your backyard – all of these things come into play when choosing a shape.

There’s no use in getting something that’s too large or small for your backyard. It’ll just look out of place and you won’t be able to use it as much as you want.

2. Depth

The depth is also something you need to take into account – especially if you have children.

A pool that’s too deep might not be suitable for small children, while a shallow one won’t be ideal if you’re looking to do some laps.

3. Landscape


Also, how does a pool ties into your overall aesthetics? Do you want it to be a focal point or more of a background element? Is your yard full of greenery or you’re more of a minimal, concrete and tiles kind of guy? Because, we’ll tell you – not every frame compliments every style.

4. Lifestyle

Finally, it’s what you want from it. Do you want to throw pool parties? Do you just want to lounge by it? Maybe swim a few laps each morning and get that cardio in? All of this matters.

The Different Types

Now, for the fun part – which shapes can you choose from?

Now, it’s not that we can’t handle our way around pools, but we’re not experts. So, we talked to experts over at and asked them – what are different types of pools and how crazy can you get in terms of shape.

And, well, let’s hear what we’ve found out.

  • Rectangular


This is probably the most popular type of pool. Why? Because it’s versatile, it can be used for swimming laps or simply as a relaxing oasis in your backyard.

Plus, if you have a rectangular ’round the back – you can get creative with the design and add all sorts of features to it, like waterfalls or fountains.

  • L-Shaped

If you want one that has it all – an L-shaped pool is what you need. It’s perfect for swimming laps, but it also has a shallow end where kids can play and have fun.

Plus, once again, you can get creative with the design and really make it your own.

  • Kidney


A kidney-shaped pool is perfect if you’re looking for something that’s both stylish and practical. It has a shallow end, which is perfect for kids and a deep end for swimming laps.

  • Round

Not a crowd favorite, but still a solid shape. You can’t really go wrong with a classic round pool. The main benefit of having this one is that it takes up less space than other forms, so it’s perfect for small properties.

  • Oval

Oval’s a bit more popular than round, but still not as common as some of the other shapes.

Oval ones are a great middle-ground between rectangular and freeform pools, as they offer more flexibility than rectangular, but still aren’t as goofy as free-forms.

  • Free-Form or Custom-Shaped

Finally, this is where your creativity can shine.

Free-forms can be any shape you want – from a simple kidney bean to an intricate lagoon. The main advantage of having a free-form pool is that you can design it to perfectly fit your backyard.

Custom-shaped ones are similar to free-form pools, but as the name suggests, they’re custom-made to your exact specifications. This means you can get exactly the style and shape you want, without any compromises.

The Perfect Pool Shape For Your Yard


So, which one’s right for your yard? Well, we have some thoughts, or better yet, recommendations.

Minimal Yard – Round, Oval & Rectangular

If you have a yard with minimal landscaping, then any of the three shapes – round, oval or rectangular – will work well. They’re all classic forms that will fit in nicely with your backyard and complement its already-simple aesthetic.

Formal Yard – Rectangular or Oval

If you have a more formal yard, then a rectangular or oval pool would be a great choice. They’re both classic figures that will give your yard a more sophisticated look.

Natural Yard – Freeform or Custom-Shaped


If your yard is filled with trees, bushes and other natural features, then a freeform or custom-shaped pool would be the perfect addition. They’ll help your yard retain its natural beauty while still providing you with a place to cool off.

You’ll be able to create a lagoon-like pool that perfectly blends in with its surroundings and takes you on vacation every time you go out for a dip.

Wild Yard – Freeform

And finally, if you have a truly wild yard – one that’s overgrown and unruly – then a freeform pool is the only way to go. With its natural figure, it will help your yard look less chaotic and more put-together.

Final Thoughts

So, what’s the verdict? What shape should you get for your backyard pool? Well, it depends on your yard and a few other factors.

Hopefully, we’ve managed to give you a few ideas to get you started. And if not, then just go with a shape that you like – after all, it’s your pool!