Why You Need a Plunge Pool

It is very important to be active throughout the year. We need to keep the body as active as possible so that it does not start to accumulate fat, sugar and forget to function under the influence of pressure, exercise, and effort. It is therefore necessary to find an activity that will keep him in constant shape. There are several activities that can be practiced in the fitness and wellness centers, but also at home during the lockdown.

So you can opt for classic fitness, Pilates, Zumba, Crossfit, and you can even opt for swimming, which instructors consider the best option for shaping the body and the muscles of the body. But how would you do it at home? You would do this at home if you set up a plunge pool, and this is a perfect opportunity for several reasons. First, to be physically active, secondly, summer is coming and it would be a great refreshment from the great heat and thirdly, it is wonderful for gatherings with friends and fun in it.

Plunge pools are built to be small and shallow for the purpose of wading, lounging and trying to cool off during those hot months, rather than using them for swimming or trying to exercise. Plunge pools are slowly becoming a popular trend in most homes as they are low cost when setting it up in your backyard, easier to maintain, very small, thus does not take up too much space and has drastically reduced water requirements.

Reasons why you need to have a plunge pool


Every time before buying something the first thing to do is look for reasons to buy the thing. But many times it is wrong. First of all, it is necessary to put the desire in the first place, and then to list all the things that make you have to buy something. For example, for this pool, first of all, the desire is important, and then the so-called benefits. Why buy a plunge pool? Primarily because it does not take up much space, because it is easy to maintain, it is enough for an average family, and it is enough for a party with a small group of people. Wondering what other reasons and benefits you should have for this pool? Let’s see…

As the summer season is slowly approaching in a few months, there is no better time to think about getting a plunge pool for your backyard. And with a plunge pool, there is no better way to cool off and beat the summer heat in Australia.

1. It offers you the perfect size

Are you looking for something with perfect dimensions that will fit perfectly in your backyard? We think this will definitely fit in better, even better than you expect. Backyards have been growing smaller and smaller, slowly killing the dream of having a pool in our backyards, but this dream can still be alive with plunge pools. As a result, plunge pools have become a popular trend for home owners, and the good news is, they come in different designs and shapes, from a choice of a rectangle to round pools, semi or in-ground; the choice is yours.

2. It is very quick to install


Many people get nervous because of the long installation of the devices and all kinds of settings that they will order, but this time it is not so. Why? Let’s see. It takes a much shorter time to have your plunge pool up and running, installation could take one to two days, but this depends on how organized your installer is and how efficient they are in the service they deliver. Most of the plunge pools are made of concrete, making it very easy for professionals to set them up.

3. This is a chlorine-free option

Chlorine has been a culprit to most skin irritation we experience after taking a deep in a pool, but with these plunge pools, gone are the days of using such harsh chemicals. Instead of chlorine, you get to use Crystal waters, a fantastic option if you have allergies or sensitive skin. It has been designed as a three-part chemical system that you add to your pool in alternating schedules; it has been made gentle for your skin and does not harm your equipment. As a result, the chemical makes your water feel nice and soft. So if you are considering choosing this option which is without chemicals, it is safe for you, for your skin and it is not unsafe at all if you accidentally swallow a little water. A safer option than all the others, isn’t it great?

4. You can use it any time of the year


Looking for a pool option that will allow you to use it all year round? Until now, these were just the indoor pools in the wellness and spa centers, but from now on you can make your own personal spa and enjoy any part of the year without any restrictions! Plunge pools have been viewed as a seasonal item that you get installed in your backyard. But this is about to change, all thanks to the technological advances that have taken place. We have to agree that technology has come a long way, and thanks to this, we can use our plunge pools at any time of the year. Just ensure you explore the different heating options that have been made available in the market. These have been made affordable and available, therefore keeping your pool heated will not be a hustle.

5. Finishing options will immediately complement your backyard

Depending on the available space in your backyard, a plunge pool can be designed and installed in several ways just to ensure it perfectly suits your current outdoor space. From a semi inground option to a plunge pool to the full in-ground, these will be installed in a way that will immediately complement your space.

Summer is almost here, and you still do not have a solution for summer cooling and water enjoyment in your yard. We think this perfect option would be good for you and your loved ones, so think carefully and do not wait.