Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Chesterfield Sofa?

With the popularity of Chesterfield couches, it’s difficult not to be tempted to buy one. And we understand your point of view. It is a classic piece that would nicely complement the overall look of the room’s interior.

However, for those who were just recently introduced to this type of furniture, it could be pretty daunting on your part to filter the legitimate stores and websites that offer the same product. Yet, companies like, Ikea and Wayfair exist to provide high quality chesterfield furniture online.

If you want to know where and how to pick the best place to buy a Chesterfield sofa, read on to know more.

What could a great company offer to me?

It’s okay if you have doubts regarding the company’s services. After all, you just want to make the most use of your time and money while ensuring a secure transaction.

So, allow us an opportunity to present you with various reasons why you should give them the benefit of the doubt.

Reason #1: All the products are made to order


This means that the company would only start crafting your order once your transaction has been processed.

In this way, you could be assured that the item has no damage due to being stuck for a long time in the store’s basement. Moreover, this also helps companies reduce waste by only producing what they need instead of estimating sales for a specific month.

Reason #2: They have a wide selection of sofas

The company is proud of its wide selection of Chesterfield sofas, starting from the sofas and suites up to the coffee tables. They offer a great variety of these products to the point that you wouldn’t know which one to choose as they all boast the same quality.

For instance, you could opt for a collection to showcase a traditional look that features rolled arms and low backs yet still compliment a classic or modern environment. After that, you have the choice to pick among the four-seater, three-seaters, two-seater, armchair, wingback chair, or wingback chair recliner in various sizes that fit your needs.

Suppose you like a taller, more comprehensive, and even higher couch than the conventional ones being sold. In such a situation, you can hop on to another collection, which has the same specifications as the original Chesterfield couch but has an extra area for its rounded arms.

Reason #3: You could customize the design and size


Aside from the offered collections of the company, determine if they offer customization most especially a feature for disabled people.

For example, includes custom pieces for disabled clients. To do so, you have to pick the furniture design first by choosing among the four-seater sofa, three-seater sofa, two-seater sofa, or armchair. Then select the covering from their collection of more than 100 premium leathers, such as the antique, Lena, birch, concrete, Selvaggio, and Rimini.

Antique leathers are your pick if you would like to imitate the traditional appearance of Chesterfield sofas since they have an antique top coat, along with a fine, corrected grain leather that typically looks “used” in certain areas as a way to highlight the underneath color and achieve that aged look.

Meanwhile, the Lena leather could be a great option if you’re after a deluxe pigmented, half-grained leather, where the surface has been buffed slightly for a uniform appearance.

Despite this procedure, the leather can still retain its smooth and soft finish with its natural character. Your Lena leather choices are divided into autumn leaf, dark green, chocolate, brandy, dove, black, garnet, malt, espresso, oriental blue, purple, white, oriental red, magnolia, and pewter.

Next, you would need to inform the company of your preferred color for your wood stain. For example, is it light oak, mahogany, or dark oak? If you’re unsure of what to choose, leave that section blank, and staff would be assigned to assist you by recommending a suitable choice for your order.

Last but not least, the studs’ color would be chosen. And in this section, you have the option to try the bullseyes, chrome, brass, copper, old gold speckled, or the oxidized.

Again, if you don’t know what you’re looking for in this area, someone from the team would contact you to offer further assistance.

Reason #4: An online showroom is available

The showroom is meant to let the customers glimpse the company’s artistry as they make their order. Every great furniture company is proud to display their furniture. Their store hours are indicated on their site and if you want to physically visit the showroom, there will be an ‘book an appointment’ button or you can directly go to their customer service to set a schedule.

Reason #5: A worldwide shipping is possible


The company has a mission to supply quality products to anyone that needs their services. So, they’ve made it a possibility to reach and deliver to anyone regardless of their location.

However, as a customer, you should be aware that the lead time for your order could vary depending on the number of received orders. There’s a chance that you would receive the sofa within two weeks after placing an order, or it could take up to 10 weeks for it to be delivered.

We strongly advise you to consult a team member before paying the deposit to avoid any misunderstandings and disappointments on your part. Once the staff has explained the situation, you could then decide if you’ll push through the purchasing process or leave it to find another supplier that you think could satisfy your expectations in terms of delivery time.

Reason #6: Quality is their priority

The company hasn’t withstood the challenges of time just to offer a mediocre quality. An excellent company knows that in every furniture, style isn’t the selling point, but the quality of the materials used in the product.

One thing to determine if a company is serious about ensuring high quality furniture is their partnership with many fabric suppliers to guarantee that only a high-grade fabric would be utilized for their products.

Also, some permit you to provide your fabric for your order. Although this is optional, there is no one stopping you from dropping by their store or sending them a package of your chosen fabric through the mail.

And best of all, each piece of furniture you buy has a 1-year defect warranty with a 10-year frame warranty if something went wrong when delivered to you or after using it for a while.