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Top 6 Trending Gender Neutral Sex Toys in 2024

With advancements in technology, or should we say with advancement in creativity and adult toys companies, new sex toys have been introduced into the market. These sex toys can please just about anyone who lives on this planet.

Who wouldn’t love sex toys that are equipped with the ability to suck, vibrate, thrust, and satiate? These sex toys are hot sellers everywhere and can act as your pleasure buddies or spruce up your sexual interactions with your partner.

Although there are a plethora of sex toys that are categorized based on gender, in this article, we will not be discussing them. Instead, we will discover and explore some gender-neutral sex toys in 2024! Regardless of your body anatomy, these sex toys will deliver you pleasure wrapped up in cute and kinky little packages.

1. Satisfyer Endless Fun Vibrator


Now you might have heard of a vibrator that can make your vagina reach the climax or maybe a vibrator that can wrap around your penis and show you stars of pleasure. What if we told you that you could have an all-in-one package?

We are sure that your interest has been piqued by now. This fun vibrator’s head can seamlessly wrap around a penis or derive pleasure by pinching the nipples. Coming to the shaft part, it can also be used in the vagina or on the clitoris.

This vibrator boasts about 29 applications in total and proves to be true to its name. Enjoy endless and steamy fun and pleasure with the vibrator package!

2. Elastic Joy Versatile Multi-Vibrator

If you desire a perfect and mind-blowing orgasm, this multi-vibrator should definitely be a part of your sex toys ensemble. Being one of its kind, its elastic material enables this vibrator to bend, fold, and shape shift into your desired shape!

Owing to its flexibility, you can use this versatile vibrator as a cock ring or a g-spot stimulator! The list does not end here. This Elastic Joy Versatile Multi-Vibrator can also act as a massager and a lay-on vibrator!

Whether using this vibrator to make your foreplay erotic and intense or to reach orgasm, this sex toy should be your bedroom companion. With about 100 vibration combinations, three intensities, and seven rhythms to choose from, this vibrator is truly a versatile sex toy designed to give you carnal pleasure. If you want to intensify your sensations further, do not forget to pair this device with a water-based lubricant! With so many attractive and alluring sex toys on the market, if you are wondering about finding the right place to buy them, Cupid Boutique is the one for you!

3. Black Magic Pleasure Kit


This black velvet touch kit is an all-in-package wrapped in luxury and pleasure. After all, who said luxury and sexual pleasure could not go hand-in-hand? With a total of 4 toys in the kit, this kit is ideal for both clitoris and penis stimulations.

You can choose between the Pocket Rocket, a clitoris stimulator with a single speed, or a Classic Vibrator that is about seven inches! This vibrator also allows you to experience pleasure at varying degrees of speed!

This kit also has an ultra-stretchy erection ring that can enhance your erection and penile growth. In addition, this erection ring can keep you going for a long time! Do not forget the vibrating nub that can magnify your intercourse experience!

This kit is also water-resistant, which means you can climax as many times as you wish to without worrying about damaging the product! Long, endless, limitless sexual pleasure is yours with this kit!

4. Doc Johnson TRYST v2


Many arms for enhanced pleasure! Yes, that is right! This device has rounded shapes and multiple arms. These features allow it to act as both a vibrator and a cock ring! With flexibility being one of its advantages, this sex toy is capable of stimulating a penis, testicles, nipples, vagina, and clitoris!

If you desire a massage, simply use this device! This device offers you a total of seven massaging patterns to choose from. If you still do not believe us, try it out yourself!

5. Pico Bong Transformer

Does it look like a rope, or does it resemble headphones? If you ask us, it doesn’t really matter! What you need to ask is where do I use it, or rather where do I not use it, because this sex toy is as versatile as it gets.

Stimulation, vibration, and buzzing are some of its powers. This sex toy can function as a cock ring, a rabbit-styled vibrator, a massager, and a clitoris stimulator.  Did you know that your body has multiple erogenous spots? Well, if you want to explore all of those spots, take this Pico Bong Transformer on a ride with you!

You will definitely be amazed and satisfied with the results. Spoiler alert: the result involves a mind-boggling and explosive orgasm!

6. Enby


To exactly describe its shape, we could say that it looks like a whale’s tail or maybe a bicycle saddle. Oh well, perhaps the tail part may be a wild imagination, but there is nothing stopping you from having wild nights if you use this sex toy.

Being an excellent gender-neutral sex toy, you can use it for various purposes like grinding on it. You can also flex Enby’s wings and experience tickling sensations! If you ask us, we would suggest you tuck it into a harness and use it for pegging.

You can also hump it and modify its shape to pleasure you. We can keep going on, but we are sure that you will skip this part and simply choose to experiment with this sex toy in your bedroom!

Final Words

With these dynamic sex toys, you can up your pleasure quotient whether you are single or committed. These sex toys can be your sexual buddies or toys to enhance and magnify your foreplay and intercourse.

Spice up the sex nights and experience magical orgasms with these stimulating and gender-neutral toys. You will surely thank 2024 for bringing these sex toys to you! What are you waiting for? Get them now!