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5 Things You Need to Know About Music Distribution

If you also love streaming new tracks released every day and week, twenty-four hours must be an insufficient time for you. We live in an era where fresh records are added to streaming services every hour, making it challenging for music lovers to keep track of the original artists and their art.

Since it is tough for music lovers to find enough daily hours to listen to new artists, which makes us wonder how artists around the globe do that. Do you know how music artists get their records on platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Shazam, and the rest? No? Well, in this article, we will tell you everything about it.

Music distribution is the way through which artists can present their work in front of an audience. It acts as a link between a record label and its consumers by placing it on different platforms for everyone to listen to. If you want to learn more about it, here are some facts to surprise you!

1. Distribution is Far Different From Publishing


The working of a music distributor is far different from that of a publisher. The main operation of a publisher is collecting royalties instead of songwriters, besides ensuring that their written art is always protected. However, the work of a distributor is nowhere near that of a publisher.

A music distributor looks for record labels and independent artists, providing their work to virtual platforms. They must ensure the royalties generated via sales and streams are collected and accounted for at all times.

If you are a budding artist, you must understand that having links with a distributor is of utmost importance to presenting your work to the audience.

2. Distribution Supports and Promotes a Release


Once you step into the music industry, you learn that only a reliable and reputable distributor will offer you the tools to promote your work. They will also provide you with additional support, products, and services. Distribution has become a crucial part of an artist’s promotion strategy, helping them connect with a broader audience in all kinds of places.

3. Distribution Presents Your Art in Several Stores

Every music artist must understand the importance of having their work available in as many stores as possible. One cannot understate this fact, especially in the modern industry where the competition is rising. The more audience you have, the better you will perform and make. It is a great push to work diligently and harder.

Today, streaming has become the chief way of consuming music, pointing to the fact that the royalties generated from them are far less than downloads. So, an artist needs to have as many income streams as possible.

4. Music Distribution Also Helps Pay Out Royalties


You ‌already know that whenever an artist makes streams or downloads from their work, they also make money in the form of royalties. It is where a distributor enters ‌the scene by bridging the gap between transmitting these royalties from the streaming platform to the copyright holder after taking a commission cut for their services.

Hiring such services helps make the royalty payout process streamlined and well accounted for. If you also wish to release your work on varied platforms to bring a significant change in the mindset of people, you must try a free distribution platform before tying up with one. helps bring your sound to the world by taking care of the business, so you can focus on creating.

5. Distributor Makes it Easy for Fans to Find Music


As discussed earlier, today people have access to varied pieces on different platforms. Every hour, a new track from artists around the globe is released. People have convenient access to new and free music without any worries. But, do you understand how that is possible?

It is only with the help of a music distributor that people can listen to budding artists with merely a tap. Because of these reasons, an average listener is less likely to go out of their way to find new artists and music on specific platforms. That’s where distributors come into play, making it convenient for your potential audience to locate your work.

If you are an independent artist, a distributor can help you get a lot of work completed, and that too, conveniently. You can avail of several other services at these one-stop shops, including play-listing, marketing, and protecting copyright. A distributor can help you secure the work from the dangers while marketing it to a broader audience.

In simpler words, instead of paying multiple companies for related services, you can get the job done from one music distributor. All you need to do is to conduct in-depth research before tying up with them.

Chief Qualities to Look for in a Music Distributor


With the help of a distributor, an artist can get onto multiple platforms to connect to a broader audience. However, finding an ideal distributor is not a piece of cake. You must consider numerous things and qualities before finalizing one. It has become even tough because of the presence of many people out there, doing the same job.

If you also wish to find the one suiting your requirements as an artist, here are some qualities to look for in them:

  • Learn about the operation of the distributor in terms of payment. It includes finding out if they work on a percentage basis or charge you a subscription fee.
  • Learn about all the services offered by them, in detail. When you know about their services, you will know when to take their help and when to rely on yourself.
  • Learn about how to get in touch with them during times of need. Find out if it is possible for you to contact them over the phone, if yes, then when in case of emergencies.
  • Learn about ‌the hidden costs for additional services, like updating the release dates and taking the content down.

Before signing up for a distributor, these are some of the most crucial points to take into account. However, the list may go on depending on your requirements.

Parting Words

We hope this blog helps you understand the role of distribution in the music industry, especially for independent and budding artists. Since a distributor represents your work on different stores and platforms, you must not underestimate the importance of customer service. It is essential to ensure that you can connect with your distributor in times of need and without any inconvenience.

The next time you look into music distribution, we hope you take a look at this blog and clear up the key areas and services.