Who Is The Most Popular Music Artist On YouTube In 2024?

More than 2 billion active people visit YouTube every month now. For many people, it now represents their way of life. Millennials like to watch online video content on YouTube since it is so simple.

According to the number of followers and subscribers to their channels, we found the most popular music artists on YouTube who are dominating the social media platform with their trending music.



The female group BLACKPINK plays music in South Korea. Jisoo, Lisa, Jennie, and Rose are the other three members of the band. By YG Entertainment, this was the company’s first lady group. Their debut album was a two-song EP that peaked at No. 1 in the charts.

The amount of accomplishments by Blackpink is too numerous to be adequately expressed in words. It has been performing for years, but only recently has it surpassed all other music bands in terms of YouTube subscribers. Blackpink’s beginnings can be traced to a scheduled group debut in 2011. Sadly, YG Entertainment didn’t officially acknowledge that the band had been created and was ready to debut until 2016.

Nevertheless, Blackpink’s unheard-of triumph didn’t begin until the middle of 2017. A year later, Blackpink made headlines around the world when their song “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” went viral and received more than 82 million YouTube views on the first day of its release. With more than 78 million fans, Blackpink is currently the music artist on the platform with the most subscribers.

You can listen to their music via Fakaza.

2. BTS


The “biggest boy band on the planet,” BTS, is unquestionably at the height of its success, solidifying its status as a cultural icon. South Korean boy band Bangtan Boys has been around for twelve years.

The band, often known as BTS, is undoubtedly one of the most popular contemporary ensembles in South Korea and beyond. Contrary to Blackpink, BTS has gained popularity much more quickly; it took the band a while to become well-known on a global scale. The band currently has more than 71.5 million YouTube subscribers, and this number is constantly increasing.

BTS has come a long way from giving away free concert tickets to performing at packed stadiums. They not only influenced and led the way for their successors in the K-pop culture but also completely changed the way that popular music is made.

BTS has accomplished a feat that has inspired artists and people for years and will continue to do so by overcoming language difficulties, combating xenophobia, and surviving criticism throughout the years.

3. Justin Bieber


With a vast following of more than 70 million YouTube subscribers, the Canadian singer is among the top musicians to watch. All of this began when talent scout Scooter Braun discovered Bieber on YouTube when he was just 13 years old. The “Yummy” singer had already been using the streaming service for a while before becoming well-known.

They once produced films requesting assistance from creative fans for this project. Justin Bieber is now the artist on the platform with the most followers. His YouTube channel receives the most views of any one channel. Also, due to how attentive Justin is, his fan base is very active and encouraging.

4. Marshmello


You have been missing out on a lot of good music if you don’t know who Marshmello is. He is an electronic music producer and DJ. On YouTube, hundreds of millions of people have watched each of the music videos for his tracks.

In 2015, Marshmello started counting down the days till he would reach success. The musician then uploaded his debut track to SoundCloud, “Wavez.” He didn’t become popular right away, but song after song and his distinctive approach to electronic music caught Skrillex’s ear, and he helped Marshmello out by reposting his tracks.

Marshmello started collaborating with different superstars, such as Khalid, Selena Gomez, and Lil Peep, as the word-of-mouth strategy started to bear fruit. Over 55 people are now watching his YouTube channel.

5. Eminem


His lyrics and the film based on his ascent to popularity provide insight into his life. Even though he has recently received some less-than-stellar recognition, everyone loves Eminem’s songs. Since “Love The Way You Lie,” one of his collaborations with Rihanna, is the cause of his most popular video, which has received 2.1 billion views.

Eminem has been in the music business for a long time; he began in the late 1980s and hasn’t stopped since. While there is plenty to be said about Eminem and his achievements, Marshall Mathers has made enormous contributions to the music industry. He has more than 50 million subscribers on his YouTube account.

6. Ed Sheeran

Another brilliant performer with a sizable YouTube following is Ed Sheeran. His popularity and talent are evident from the many tracks and video renditions readily available on the platform. His songs typically describe the challenges and triumphs of love and life. People adore his music videos for doing the same thing.

Only in 2015 did Ed Sheeran launch his record label and a YouTube account. His channel has amassed more than 50 million subscribers to date.

7. Ariana Grande


By herself Ariana Grande-Butera established herself in the field. Ariana Grande has established herself as a household celebrity since beginning her career on Broadway and became famous through Nickelodeon programs.

The most streamed and subscribed female artist is Ariana Grande. With each new song she releases, her career is blooming, and she continues to make people happy. Additionally, Ariana Grande is quite engaged outside of her musical appearances.

She collaborates extensively with groups that promote equality for LGBTQ people and mental health, animals, and women’s rights. More than 50 million people subscribe to her YouTube channel.


The framework for listening to music on YouTube is amazing and unique. It enables users to make use of a large collection of songs and music videos. The most popular YouTube musicians are listed. They provide hours of excellent viral tunes and videos.